Our shambolic justice system

Our justice system is riddled with inconsistencies and some outright injustices. Something must be done. A 22-year-old man, Robert Mangau, was recently sentenced to a lengthy 10 years in prison. He h...

In defence of Cuthbert Dube

Amai Jukwa Context is important. We were living in generous times. Incompetent town clerks were pocketing handsome salaries and CEOs of bankrupt broadcasters were well fed.
Resettled farmers are in need of capital to retool their farms for better productivity

An alternative model for Land Reform

Political Mondays with Amai Jukwa ECONOMISTS are in agreement that funding for agriculture will remain limited as long as farmers do not have transferable title to land — a prerequisite if such land ...

Simba Makoni can save the MDC

His remarkably candid and well-choreographed letter demanding Morgan Tsvangirai step down punched above his personal courage. It is likely that powerful allies, who are yet to show their hand, are en...

Goodbye Deborah, Goodbye Bruce

I am reliably informed that the eager beaver British Ambassador, Deborah Bronnert, will soon be leaving us. I am inconsolable. The same is rumoured of her American colleague, Ambassador Bruce Wharton

The problem of our land reform

Amai Jukwa Any policy conversation on land must begin by accepting that land belongs to the people. This is a sacrosanct principle. One could claim custody perhaps but certainly not ownership in the ...
Martin Gumbura

A few musings on Gumbura . . .

Political Mondays with Amai Jukwa This week I write with specific reference to the Gumbura case that is currently before the courts. The media has reported the case with a breathtaking credulity. Whi...

Khama must stop misbehaving

IAN Khama, the bachelor President of Botswana, irritates me a great deal. Not for the obvious reasons. He has been a vocal critic of the Zimbabwean Government and a somewhat hostile neighbour.

A strange love for Mandela

Amai Jukwa and Garikai Chengu In this piece we make the case that Mandela was essentially used by white capital and that the fawning adoration expressed by white people is insincere and self-serving....
Thabo Mbeki

Mbeki spills the British beans

I am hardly surprised by Thabo Mbeki’s recent revelations about an attempted British military intervention in Zimbabwe. What Mugabe did to the white farmers angered the white establishment.

A council of thieves

My impression of the MDC has always been that of ideological lightweights, a people not grounded in any solid belief system. It is a dangerous thing when those who aspire to leadership are open to pe...
The human COST . . . This woman broke into tears after a bulldozer tore into her house

Chombo must halt demolitions

I AM entirely in agreement with the view that Blair toilets and shacks have no place in our urban areas. In my own neighbourhood, an apostolic sect has erected a pit latrine in the local park.

Zesa needs lateral thinkers

The problems we face as regards energy security are trivial. The real problem is that of unimaginative policy makers. We are told that the various interventions in place to plug our energy deficit wi...

Africans must blame themselves

IT has become fashionable to accuse African governments of an assortment of inadequacies. Perhaps these accusations are not without basis. Some African leaders are largely unimaginative, failing to d...