THE THREE WITCHES . . . Witchcraft is a thorny issue in most societies the world over, as is depicted in William Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth”. In Africa, death, like sickness, is perceived to be linked to a supernatural third force

Death and the fear of witchcraft

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday Our cousin Laiza no longer comes back to the village because she says there are too many witches roaming around the gravesites at night looking for those who died recently.
GARDEN  OF EDEN . . . The forest is an open orchard for the rural folk and especially the young to pick wild fruit of the dry season

Pfumvudza, the Zim spring of rebirth

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday The lovers stood by the village road side. They were slightly hidden by the new leaves of the spring pfumvudza bushes. She wore a transparent red blouse and you could easily...
In the village it is believed that a thief is a thief and if the law does not punish him, one day the ancestors will

The thief who came from our village

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday The chief village thief sat among elders at the wedding in Mbare on Saturday. I recognised him immediately. How could anyone who passed through Mbare Musika, the main market...

Drinking alcohol responsibly

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday THE first time I got drunk, I was five or maybe six- years-old. I cannot remember exactly how old I was because I was drunk from real nice warm village beer that was mixed w...

Travel, memories of home

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday “Where are you from? Let me guess, you are from Ghana!” I shake my head. The elderly white man scratches his balding head a bit and looks at me from top to bottom. I am all ...
Christianity has made most people shy away from performing traditional rituals

Following the tradition of our people

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday Out of five of my aunts, vana mainini vangu, the uncles singled out Mainini Mildred because she is the only one who has not turned away from our traditions and still honours...
Cecil, the lion whose slaughter created a furore across the globe

Mourning beloved Cecil

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday “CECIL is dead,” announced my niece Shamiso. My cousin Piri quickly placed her beer bottle on the table and switched off the blurring noise on television. She sat up and sai...

Diaspora, wall pictures

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday “ALL our seven children live in England. We have no one left here. This one is our first born. He is teaching maths in England. This one here is our second born. She is a nu...
THE PHANTOM MENACE. . . Do ghosts really exist or they are just fantasies of the supernatural anchored in our imagination?

Village ghosts and the mind

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday “I SAW a ghost,” said my cousin Piri as she climbed back into the car, frantically closing the door and telling me to drive off quickly. I obeyed the order and drove fast al...
There are many widows in Afican communities that midlife aged man can marry instead of 12-year-olds

Looking for village love

OUR neighbour Jemba, the one who is always hunting, is looking for a wife. He is tired of living alone. He left the village many years ago to work at a Safari lodge in Hwange as a waiter. While over ...
A scene captured from the video clip showing a spoilt Zimbabwean child that has gone viral on WhatsApp

The lost Diaspora child

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday Gone are the days when we lived in the village and any adult could discipline us. When we were growing up in the village, my mother hardly ever used the stick on us.