Zimbabwe has a history of world class achievements in polo. Today, South Africa is ranked number one in polo and Zimbabwe is second

Zimbabwe, horses and the game of polo

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday Long before independence, we knew a lot about donkeys and nothing about horses. We got to know about a sport called polo during the Olympics on television.
In the early 1940s, Makerere College was a centre of knowledge, with students coming from African countries as well as European countries. Makerere was known as the “Harvard of Africa”

The legacy of African universities

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday “Do you have universities in Africa?” asked a relative of my friend during a dinner party when I was on a recent visit to Australia. I did not respond immediately. My Austra...
The abuse of drugs like marijuana among youths is alarming

Global problem of illicit drugs

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday Last Friday night, I was in Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. It was 7:15pm with my friend Alison walking along Lennox Street, going to dinner.
Most Zimbabweans in the Diaspora have a home where they belong to back here in the country, where they originated from

Locals in Diaspora, the meaning of home

Dr Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday Greetings from Perth, Western Australia. I have made a stop-over here to see my niece Varaidzo, and then I will proceed to Melbourne where many of my close family members...

The quest to reclaim Matopos

Dr Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday “Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” — Chinua Achebe, renowned Nigerian author. 
Some mentally-ill people suffer in silence without any support from drugs, and are often subjected to stigma and discrimination

The stigma of mental illness

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday Last Saturday afternoon I was at Harare Hospital Psychiatric Unit. I went there with Susan, a doctor friend of mine from Australia, who was visiting and she wanted to meet D...
Perhaps it’s time we keep the villages as holiday houses and places to teach children about life in the past

Returning to the village for life skills

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday On the way to the village last week, we took two 15-year-old girls and one 18-year old. They sat in the back seat of the car together, quietly watching the countryside.

Lost art of the love letter

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday LOVE letters had a romantic charm that brought feelings of warmth and joy to the heart. They gave us an opportunity to express emotions of the heart. You would see a man or ...