In colonial Rhodesia, there were separate schools, hospitals, restaurants, toilets, hotels, buses, leisure centres, playgrounds and suburbs for whites and blacks

Mimicking the white man in the village

Dr Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday This man in the village next to ours shook people’s hands using a stick. His hand did not touch another person’s hand. No. His hand could only hold one end of the stick. ...
We cannot blame children for being fat, but we can increase education on the values of good food and exercise

The challenges of obesity

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday I USED to be skinny, dark and generally not seen as beautiful. I could handle the dark skin aspect of myself, but my self-esteem always reached rock bottom when I looked at ...
This file photo shows people taking photographs at an accident scene. The dangers of social media do not lie in social media itself. No. These problems lie in the way we use and misuse social media

The good, the bad uses of social media

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday “Did you see the video featuring one African President’s daughter in Rwanda or was it Kenya, Congo or Tanzania? It’s a bad video my friend. It is bad,” says my cousin Reuben...
As the hills celebrate new leaves, Zimbabweans wait for the first rains called Bumharutsva.

Zimbabwe and the beauty of Spring

Dr Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday Every year, when September comes to Zimbabwe, the trees welcome new leaves. You see the buds at the end of the mutondo branches. Then slowly, the buds open. Fresh, soft o...

Diaspora people, money and the broken trust

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday “After this trip, we will not come back to Zimbabwe again,” said the man who was visiting my cousin Reuben. He sounded emotional and angry. Piri and I stood at the door of R...
Most of these new churches have week-long conferences, or camps away from home. The woman is, therefore, free to camp and enjoy a certain freedom that she never had before

Men, women and their emasculation in Church

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday “AKANGODA kuti, hazvisi izvo, mudzimai anomurova neverse remuBible obva ati zii,” said Jemba, our neighbour and the one who works in our homestead garden. By this, he meant ...
These days, as we move to the city and adopt new wealth and new ways of worship, that sense of respect for tradition sometimes fails to work

Kurova guva: A disappearing tradition

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday During the dry season, like now, it has always been a tradition to practice the kurova guva ceremonies. This ceremony to bring back the spirit of the dead person is done one...

A nostalgic yearning of the village past

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday “WHY do you always write about the village as if life was so beautiful back then?” asked the guy who had recently arrived from the UK. This question was presented to me as w...
Young fathers are now spending more time with their children and even                      changing nappies

The changing role of men in parenting

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday A young couple accompanied by two children came through the arrival gate at Harare International Airport last week. They parked their luggage trolley next to us.
If we make books available through building bookshelves in our houses, place books on the shelves and switch off the television, our children might stop watching movies and grab a copy each

Reclaiming culture of reading

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday “Hamugute kutenga mabooks here? Tengai doro,” said my cousin Piri, meaning, don’t you ever get tired of buying books? Buy some beer.
“An arranged marriage can work between two people because you are not marrying the woman, you are marrying the whole family. We marry for different reasons”

Celebrating love in an arranged marriage

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday Our neighbour Jemba plans to marry a woman he met for the first time last week. The meeting was arranged by his niece, Mai Sinikiwe, who lives in the Resettlement areas near...