National ICT policy review starts

THIS week started on a good note for the information communication technology sector following announcement of the commencement of the consultation process for a new ICT policy.

The best web browser for 2012

WE have been running a poll on our Technomag Facebook page and Twitter to help us select the most popular web browser among Zimbabweans and we got interesting feedback.

Choosing the best web browser

ZIMBABWEANS have had to leap over trenches dug by workmen contracted by various companies as they embark on fibre optic upgrades to attain wire speed network connectivity. 
Such efforts can ...

Fix your own overheating laptop

Just the feeling of opening up electronic devices sends shivers down the spine of many people.
It is very normal to have some reservations towards such activities but after giving it a try...

Effects of overheating laptops

We recently dwelt on issues of overheating laptops mainly, how the cooling system works and separated the virus related effects from the overheating problems. Too many times people panic or misd...

Salvaging a liquid-damaged laptop

Spilling liquids on your laptop, computer keyboard or devices is more detrimental than the effects of liquid in our electronics devices.
Accidents do happen, and will always do. One of the...

Laptops: Dealing with overheating

Tonderai Rutsito TechSpot
DESKTOPS as the name suggests are meant for desks while laptops are meant for laps. While this is technically correct, manufacturers are still batt...