Spare us theatrics, sensationalism

Hildergarde The Arena ZIMBABWEANS who grew up in the rural areas know that when the harvest was good, it was time to celebrate and families would take turns to host “jakwara” parties.
Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete has said it is the people who should choose their leader, President Mugabe’s constant refrain

Term limits, succession, double standards

Hildegarde The Arena AT the height of the Charleston church shooting tragedy last month, US President Barack Obama lost his cool during a podcast interview and did the unthinkable: using the ‘N-word’...
BLESSING OR MENACE. . . Social platforms like WhatsApp are increasingly becoming a heartache,as most people take wholesome whatever messages they receive through such fora without verifying their authenticity, jeopardising not only their lives but those of others as well

Be wary of the source of rumour

The Arena Hildegarde Today, someone might think that they are making a sick joke about an accident killing a number of people, but that sick joke might graduate to something more sinister.
US President Barack Obama shakes hands with Cuban President Raul Castro at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela in South Africa on December 10, 2013. — NBC

Handshakes that define moments in history

The Arena With Hildergade “The handshake is one of the highest forms of symbolic currency with the power to unite, divide, seal deals, and broker peace. It is a simple gesture that can be more inform...
President Mugabe

Making the meaningless meaningful

Hildegarde The Arena A nation that is seeking solutions to economic problems can ill afford to waste valuable time on party squabbles. Unity and singleness of purpose will add value to the peace that...
Julius Malema

The truth behind AMH Malema fiasco

Hildegarde The Arena THIS week’s instalment is a pot-pourri of sorts from the political jungle. Politics is a dirty game, but so too the mystery that emanates from it. As Neil Armstrong says, “myster...

War on drugs: Is execution the answer?

Hildegarde The Arena THE Sadc Extraordinary Summit brought with it the usual hullabaloo of protests. This writer’s first impression after looking at the quality of posters held by the MDC-T protester...

Bring back the Shine to our City

Hildegarde The Arena When urban agriculture was given the green light, it was after years of running battles between council and residents who felt that they could cultivate on idle council land in o...

Looking for the living among the living

Hildegarde The Arena ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe, Russian leader Vladmir Putin, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong Un and former Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz share some ...