Death should be a unifier

Hildegarde The Arena LEGENDARY English playwright William Shakespeare in the tragic play Macbeth says, “Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it br...
Dr Hikwa

Go well Hikwa, you did us proud!

The Arena Hildegarde Dr Hikwa’s desire to take the library as we know it to the people saw one of the most amazing projects come out of library land in Zimbabwe. He was among the people that came up ...
The late Bob Marley

Zim to Jamaica: UK’s hypocrisy exposed

The Arena Hildegarde “All the crimes of slavery were being committed in the name of the Crown. The Queen is the head of state of the UK Government. The Government was complicit in all the crimes that...
Joice Mujuru

The media, Mujuru ‘sensational claims’

Hildegarde The Arena APART from satisfying readers’ information demands, one aspect that made my job very exciting in yesteryears was the book selection process, what we technically called collection...

Of Dangote, People First, Syrian migrants

The Arena with Hildegarde “AND, this week’s winner is Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote-e-e!” This son of Africa and his money bags has mesmerised all and sundry in Zimbabwe, and the media can never tire of th...
Tendai Biti

Opposition and the blame syndrome

The Arena With Hildegarde If Prophet Makandiwa, the ZRP and Zanu-PF are responsible for the cancellation of the holding of the congress, can we also conclude that the Renewal Team wanted to undermine...

No more tears for Oscar Pistorius!

The Arena With Hildegarde GEORGE Orwell, in his classic, “Animal Farm” writes: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Once again, the Oscar Pistorius murder case is mak...
Cecil the Lion

Cecil, the lion: Things not adding up

The Arena With Hildegarde IT takes a village to raise a child. It has taken the global village whose residents are mostly wildlife enthusiasts to mourn the death of Cecil the Zimbabwean lion’s illega...
DEFINING HANDSHAKE . . . “I think same sex couples should be able to get married,” US President Barack Obama believes, and it is this belief that is likely to illuminate his hyped visit to Kenya

When a son returns lauding homosexuality

The Arena With Hildegarde THE biblical parable of the lost son (Luke 15:11-31) will be replayed later this week as Kenya welcomes United States of America President Barack Hussein Obama to his father...

Spare us theatrics, sensationalism

Hildergarde The Arena ZIMBABWEANS who grew up in the rural areas know that when the harvest was good, it was time to celebrate and families would take turns to host “jakwara” parties.
Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete has said it is the people who should choose their leader, President Mugabe’s constant refrain

Term limits, succession, double standards

Hildegarde The Arena AT the height of the Charleston church shooting tragedy last month, US President Barack Obama lost his cool during a podcast interview and did the unthinkable: using the ‘N-word’...
BLESSING OR MENACE. . . Social platforms like WhatsApp are increasingly becoming a heartache,as most people take wholesome whatever messages they receive through such fora without verifying their authenticity, jeopardising not only their lives but those of others as well

Be wary of the source of rumour

The Arena Hildegarde Today, someone might think that they are making a sick joke about an accident killing a number of people, but that sick joke might graduate to something more sinister.