Mr mangoma

Zimbabwe: Where mea culpa buys leadership

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE They say when you want to know a man’s in-between economy, just follow his wife’s bitter mouth. I thought the week was loaded enough, thought that the week would yiel...
Julius Malema

South Africa: Land, statues and Malema

Pusch Commey Correspondent WITH the arrival of a youthful political force in the name of Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), who have made the land ownership issue a central theme of the...
Temba Mliswa

Zanu-PF: Rules, not Gurus

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE Temba Mliswa thinks he should cut links with Mai Mujuru. He alleges she has failed to defend “the people” when these were being expelled from the party, Zanu-PF
Mmusi Maimane

William Punch: My accursed heritage

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE I AM reading an autobiography of Francis Robert Thompson, better known in our history as “Matebili” Thompson. You notice I avoided “by”. It is an autobiography in the...
King Zwelithini

South Africa: Wading into hard hat area

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE I am intrigued by Tsvangirai’s own strange sense of an electoral boycott. He refuses to participate in by-elections lest his hard-up party confirms its terminal decli...

Zimbabwe: Doing as England, America did

He always puts me to shame each time he writes, this Ghanaian. I am talking about Baffour Ankomah. As always, his latest Beefs pass for a gem. Adorned with well-chosen quotes from our African icons, ...
Joice Mujuru

Mujuru: Haunted by own questions

THE OTHER SIDE by Nathaniel Manheru The national political pot sweats and effervesces. The faggots beneath burn wild and incandescent, heating up the medley soup inside which leaps wild, jumping past...
Didymus Mutasa

Zimbabwe: Beware of White Referee

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE I AM reading a book under the Oppenheimer series, a book on Thomas Leask’s diary entries covering his travels in Botswana and Zimbabwe, travels undertaken between 186...

Mugabe: Under Western Eyes

Nathaniel Manheru President Mugabe turned 91 last Saturday. He publicly celebrates his birthday today, a good seven days after. I join him, editorially that is. Not so much to feast on his age.