Zimbabwe: Doing as England, America did

He always puts me to shame each time he writes, this Ghanaian. I am talking about Baffour Ankomah. As always, his latest Beefs pass for a gem. Adorned with well-chosen quotes from our African icons, ...
Joice Mujuru

Mujuru: Haunted by own questions

THE OTHER SIDE by Nathaniel Manheru The national political pot sweats and effervesces. The faggots beneath burn wild and incandescent, heating up the medley soup inside which leaps wild, jumping past...
Didymus Mutasa

Zimbabwe: Beware of White Referee

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE I AM reading a book under the Oppenheimer series, a book on Thomas Leask’s diary entries covering his travels in Botswana and Zimbabwe, travels undertaken between 186...

Mugabe: Under Western Eyes

Nathaniel Manheru President Mugabe turned 91 last Saturday. He publicly celebrates his birthday today, a good seven days after. I join him, editorially that is. Not so much to feast on his age.
Didymus Mutasa

Zim: Defying Gravity Again

Nathaniel Manheru The Other Side Against all odds, President Mugabe yesterday bagged the African Union chairmanship. He did not waste time, immediately striking the tenor as to the nature of his year...

Mutasa: Meandering journey to nowhere

I AM so happy we are, as a people, now able to construct meaning outside Western hegemony. It takes a lot to be able to do that, certainly much more than intellect. The recent developments in France ...
Terence Ranger

Zimbabwe: Tragedy of borrowed mindsets

The Other side Nathaniel Manheru The heading for this instalment is not mine. I owe it to one Dr Augustine Tirivangana. I understand he is with the Open University, but he writes for The Patriot.

Southern Zim: Taking the debate forward

Happy New Year, dear reader, and a hopeful 2015. My instalment last week drew a vigorous response from individuals largely drawn from one or two political parties, both of them founded on narrow poli...
Welshman Ncube

Southern Zimbabwe: Ending an overdue myth

The Other Side with Nathaniel Manheru I hope you had a good Christmas holiday, dear reader. I almost had one, until the editor reminded me The Herald was publishing today. You can imagine what it mea...