Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)

Zimbabwe banks need to reform

Nick Mangwana View From The Diaspora If the whole culture of banking in Zimbabwe does not change then there will also be no interruption to the cycle of negative returns. . . A cyclical treacherous r...
HEAVEN ON EARTH. . . It is not uncommon for Zimbabweans to borrow huge sums of money to build mansions and buy luxury vehicles, instead of investing in ventures that stimulate economic activity, which will make it possible for them to repay their debts

Zimbabwe needs a debt paying culture

Nick Mangwana View From The Diaspora Zimbabwe has almost reached a national debt crisis. People are owing money for everything from electricity that hardly “comes” to local authority taxes as well as...
Joice Mujuru

BUILD: Mujuru first, people second

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora WHEN someone who himself or herself comes out and issues a personal manifesto, not of an organisation, not of a team, just about themselves as if it’s a pitch for...
President Mugabe

Revamp tender system for economic recovery

Nick Mangwana View From The Diaspora In his 10-point plan for economic recovery in Zimbabwe, President Mugabe alluded to the modernisation of the tender system. He said that the system is going to be...
Young legislators like Justice Mayor Wadyajena (seen here making a presentation in Parliament) are vital to the policy-making process

Blending youth, experience progressive

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora The main political parties in Zimbabwe have Youth Wings. They are always said to be the vanguard of the party in as far as foot soldiering is concerned. The argum...
Minister Muchinguri-Kashiri

Tribalism is trivialism

Nick Mangwana View From The Diaspora TWO Government ministers are pushing the Zim-Asset programme in their own very special way. If it had nobility then it would have been called lady-like. But then ...
The Zimbabwe Mission in London with offices at Zimbabwe House is there to assist Zimbabwean citizens

Being an ambassador for your country

Nick Mangwana View From The Diaspora Failure in life, when not harnessed, tends to generate self-pity. One cannot have self-pity without finding someone else to blame for the condition they find them...
Alexis Tsipras

Greece: Idealism versus realism

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora The greatest value of worth of anybody is the value they add to their family, people or organisation. Adding value to a family comes with adding material resource...
Some churches are collecting huge amounts of money through tithes and pledges. The question now is whether to tax them or not?

Prosperity churches warrant taxation

Nick Mangwana View From The Diaspora Recently the Commissioner of Taxes Mr Gershem Pasi made a ground-breaking statement. He said that religious organisations are going to be taxed. Zimra is now work...
Beverly Sibanda’s dances are not in tandem with the accepted modicum of behaviour in Zimbabwe’s culture and morals

The role of culture in Zim society

Nick Mangwana View From The Diaspora Are morals and tradition overrated? Do they even have a role these days where social media has widely proliferated penetrating the most remote places?
President Mugabe

[email protected]: A time for introspection

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora Yesterday was Africa Day and there were so many celebrations across the globe. Africa Day is one of those days now considered as a pan-Africanist moment to shine.

Land reform: Time to bite the bullet

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora THE land distribution programme was such a noble cause deserving to be canonised. In fact, it was so brilliant that it resettled about 300 000 families. Recently ...

Dual citizenship: The people have spoken

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora This writer was under the impression that the dual citizenship debate was now water under the bridge. How could it not be? First there is Chapter 3 in our Constit...
Suspected robber Boris Mushonga’s casket was paraded unsecured atop a car in Mbare, Harare, before tumbling to the ground before horrified onlookers

Wait for others before burying

View From The Diaspora With Nick Mangwana People should take their time to involve everyone closely affected by the demise of their loved one and not behave as if the body of a loved one is such a bu...