File pic: Opposition leaders showed arrogance when they got into office via the inclusive Government. They emitted it, they swaggered it like peacocks and it rolled off their tongues

Arrogance bane of the opposition

Nick Mangwana View from  the Diaspora The direct link between a citizen and a political system is a political party. There should be some dovetailing between the aspirations of a citizen and the acti...
There are adults in their 40s living in Zimbabwe who have never voted in their lives and yet Zimbabwe has had roughly nine elections since Independence. It’s either they don’t have an opinion or they simply don’t care

Apathy: When voters simply don’t care

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora This column has recently covered the issue of apathy in Zimbabwean elections. It noted that the level of indifference was too high to be good for democracy.
GREEN REVOLUTION . . . Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa tours one of farms under Command Agriculture recently

Attacks against Command Agric must stop

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora Our political convention is that our Cabinet has collective responsibility for its decisions. Once decisions have been made then we have the Ministry of Informati...
That the Government of Zimbabwe has provided funds for the procurement of BVR equipment cannot be “an assault on democracy”

BVR and the paranoid opposition

Nick Mangwana View From The Diaspora The biggest scandal in America right now is whether a third party interfered with their electoral system or not. Political heads are rolling, careers ending and t...
Beef production cannot be rehabilitated if we squeeze out those that have already invested in this and new producers need the support of the Government

Matabeleland beef production, politics

Nick Mangwana View from Matabeleland South is a province which is attracting attention this year. Like every province, they will host the 21st February Movement celebrations for this year on Saturday
Command Agriculture promises to be an unparalleled success

The Economy: Let’s think about it

Nick Mangwana View from Diaspora— THE by-elections in Zimbabwe have come and gone. All, but one of the 30 odd elections have been won by Zanu-PF. A lot of chest puffin, political grandiosity wi...
Chief Justice Chidyausiku

When ideology meets justice

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora— Zimbabwe’S Constitution is going to get its first amendment and, boy, has this caused a lot of concern. Some are worried that a Constitution that took 33 y...
BILATERAL FRIENDS . . . Then British prime minister David Cameron and Chinese President Xi Jinping during a visit by the Chinese leader to No. 10 Downing Street. Just in 2014 the UK exported goods worth £18,7 billion to China and imported goods worth £38,3 billion from China

Link foreign policy to our Diaspora

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora— At the recent Zanu-PF people’s conference, some ministers made presentations. Most if not all of them sounded very positive. The interesting thing was the ...
Africa boasts of so much natural richness, yet it is over represented in negative things such as poverty and disease

Indignity of poverty in land of plenty

Nick Mangwana View from  the Diaspora— Poverty is an indignity, a scourge and an indictment on the priority of African leadership. How can it be justified when Africa has most of the world’s re...
Dr Mzembi

Our Africa is not a country

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora— The last time this columnist was at Chatham House was when Joice Mujuru gave that forgettable performance. It would surprise many to learn that many Zimbab...
The Constitution is very clear on S106(3) that there should be an Act of Parliament to direct and dictate how top officials of the State should behave

Pointless laws and codes

Nick Mangwana View from the Diaspora It is understandable that the Government of Zimbabwe is trying its best to align laws with the Zimbabwean Constitution. This process is frustratingly taking its t...