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‘The church wants peace’

The recent visit by some members of country’s chu-rch leadership to the reg-ion has raised eyebrows. The Head of Church Den-ominations presented a position paper to Sadc that was seen to be vouc...

Libya: The partition begins

Farirai Chubvu
When Nato murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in cold blood, observers predicted that his demise would not mark the end of the war but would in fact mark it...

Why wait for intervention?

Michael Chideme
Many questions have been asked for some time on who really calls the shots at Town House. Is it Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda, Local Government, Rural and ...

Disability in the workplace

Taurai Musakaruka HR issues
MANY people tend to use the term disability casually, which is not just socially but morally wrong.
“Language is critical in shaping and ref...

Can elections create jobs?

Albert Nhamoyebonde
With elections being held on all continents, many political parties have gone overboard in promising the voters that they have the answer to the unemplo...

Regrading versus promotion

At the workplace Wenceslaus Murape
Many workers have of late been at loggerheads with employers over the terms “regrading” and “promotion.” The term regrading may apply to st...

Do all Muslims represent Islam?

Sheikh Abdullah Makwinja
Muslims, are very popular in the media nowadays. Worldwide debates rage about various topics that invariably involve Muslims. Almost continuous media...

Celebration of the moment

Sekai Nzenza
Three days before my cousin Erica died, she draped her munembo, the big white cloth worn by members of the Johanne Masowe Apostolic Faith all around me. We wer...

AU must assert itself on Libya

Dr Kananga Kandenge
Libya is both an Arab country and an African country. Libya is a member of the African Union, a member of the Mediterranean countries and a member of th...

Shame on you, Sunday Times

Knowledge Mushohwe
On the 6th of March 2009, Susan Tsvangirai, wife to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai died in an unfortunate traffic accident. Susan, who was at the time ...

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