China’s President  Xi Jinping

Sino-Zimbabwe Media Forum an eye-opener

Lovemore Chikova News Editor— The second China-Zimbabwe Media Forum hosted by the Chinese embassy on Monday was useful to the media in various aspects. The forum, held at the Chinese embassy, w...
A more recent case study of digital disruption in action is the Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa exclusive live interview conducted with Stunner via Facebook Live which garnered tens of thousands of views, hundreds of shares and over 10 000 comments on Facebook alone

Facebook Live: Disruption in action

Delta Milayo Ndou  #Digital Dialogue— A 30-minute live broadcast of a church service on ZTV will cost no less than $862 (including Value Added Tax). In contrast, a 30-minute live broadcast of a...
Myths about mental illness

Causes of mental health issues

Dr S.M. Chirisa Correspondent— After the introduction last week of my passion on mental health issues I was tempted to dive into specific conditions. However, this week let’s focus on the cause...
Morgan Tsvangirai

Zim’s sauntering political mediocrity

The opening of the New Year — and we are just 11 days into it — is often marked by people of all shades and hue pontificating and divining about the moons and year ahead. Whereas in the past some cre...

Looking to the past, celebrating New Year

Sekai Nzenza On Wednesday— New Year’s Day 2017. Last night there were fireworks, celebration, laughter, singing, drinking and dancing. People singing Happy New Year! Happy New Year! In Zimbabwe...
Minister Chinamasa

Zim needs more equity investment

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke Syndication Writer For years, Zimbabwean capital markets have been starved of liquidity to enable financial authorities to fund long-term projects. While there was hope that after ...

Challenge to writers, publishers

Beaven Tapureta Bookshelf — A warm welcome to you all as we step into a brand new year, hoping you had a wonderful book reading crossover and thanks to the publishers!