Meet farmer extraordinaire Ziki

Leroy Dzenga Features Writer Growing up in a rural setting, farming had always been among the prime activities 50-year-old Tinashe Ziki took part in. His interest stemmed further than the average com...
Joice Mujuru

Zimbabwe: The passing of Neo-Colonial Man

THE OTHER SIDE NATHANIEL MANHERU The year 1970 saw the birth of a publication titled “The Passing of Tribal Man in Africa”. Edited by a Canadian academic, the late Peter C. W. Gutkind, the publicatio...
President Mugabe

Use ICTs productively: President

From Abel Zhakata in Mutare PRESIDENT Mugabe has urged youths to use New Information Technologies productively, castigating rampant misuse of the Internet that he said was bringing undesirable foreig...

Maximum fitness for maximum performance

Innocent Choga Fitness I play rugby at school and my coach insists that I go to the gym. I do not like weight training, I just want to play the game. Are there any other activities that can replace w...
Abortion remains an emotive issue in Zimbabwe like in other parts of the world

A knotty dilemma

Joram Nyathi Spectrum IT was Tuesday, June 13, 2017. The Herald carried two unsettling stories on Page 2. One was bold, “MPs clash on abortion law”. The second story was an appeal to the Government, ...
Uncle Sam and his allies still hold Africans in low esteem

USA: When a fool thinks it’s clever

Isdore Guvamombe Reflections Back in the village, in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve, sometimes you have to play the role of a fool, to fool the fools, who think they are fooling you.
Falling asleep behind the wheel has led to many grave mishaps on the road

Road accidents: Mitigatory measures

Prof Luke Mbune Chakaza Correspondent Reducing road carnage or trying to bring it to a halt is not all that easy, especially if there is no harmony as to what exactly the main causes are. Causes need...

How to end Africa’s bleaching syndrome

Ronald Hall Correspondent TO be black in the world today is to be stigmatised for having dark skin. To be light-skinned, on the other hand, is to be celebrated in line with western beauty standards.