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  • Kenny Konscious

    Mugabe living in a world of his own-Newsday 24 July 2014

    Well that topic could not pass unchallenged by a probing mind. In whose world must Mugabe live in the first place ? Thou shalt not see through the eyes of others, thou shalt not hear through the ears of others ! Indeed it may follow that thou shalt not walk with the feet of thy neighbour, thou shalt not think through the brains of others, thou shalt not eat through the mouths of others … and thou shalt indeed live in thy own world ! Well why not ? If you live in your own space there could never be any better independence than that ! It is in that personal space that discoveries are made ! That is truly the space of inspiration. Nelson Mandela lived in his own world and believed that he had to fight apertheid for 27 gruesome years ! If the President sees the recovery of the economy in “his own world” so be it. He is entitled to live in that world of his own , so is everyone else. He must have placed his hand on the pulse of the ailing economy and introduced the magic bullet called Indigenisation plus the Zimasset Vaccine to be assured that indeed the economy recovers. Therefore it becomes a question of perception. Whether these programes work or not they ought to be put to test against time- time will tell.That is what separates pessimists from optimists

  • Kenny Konscious

    If you look at our economy through opaque windows- you will have an opaque view of its recovering process !

  • Kenny Konscious

    In life we experience optical illusions and intellectual illusions too ! Both cannot be relied upon because they are faulty

  • Kenny Konscious

    Why are we quiet about the plight of Palestinians as if they are not human ?