Cabinet approves Labour Act reform as Government moves to end wave of job sackings

SIMON-KHAYA-MOYOLloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
Cabinet has approved proposed amendments to the Labour Act that are expected to protect both employers and employees. The amendments have been triggered by massive job cuts in the past two weeks following a Supreme Court ruling that common law still subsisted.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of a Zanu-PF Politburo meeting yesterday, party spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, said the revolutionary party expected the Labour Act amendments to be expedited to protect workers who have been on the receiving end of late.

He said: “The law, which has led to massive retrenchment of workers, was being reviewed to contain a possible crisis in the labour market.

“The Labour law amendment Bill will be presented to Parliament shortly as it has already been approved by Cabinet.”


While Cde Khaya Moyo was reluctant to get into the details of the proposed amendments, he said the ruling party was hopeful that once passed by Parliament, the amendments would bring the job loss situation under control.

He said the amendments sought to protect both employers and employees and plug loopholes that in the Act as currently constituted.

Cde Khaya Moyo said in the event that further loopholes were identified after the amendments have been passed, Government would not hesitate to amend the Act again.

While some quarters have been imploring President Mugabe to invoke the Presidential Powers to halt the job terminations, Cde Khaya Moyo said the ruling party believed amendments to the Labour Act were ideal.

“As I said, nobody wants to see any worker suffer. There is nobody who is also keen to see the Presidential Powers invoked. We don’t want to go that route.

“There is a Labour Act. There were loopholes or there are loopholes in it. We have looked at it and the lawyers have looked at it and I believe that in their wisdom the amendment shall suffice. So we don’t want to take any other route,” said Cde Khaya Moyo.

Workers unions claim that over 18 000 people have been fired countrywide following a Supreme Court ruling on July 17 allowing companies to terminate employment on three months notice.

He said during President Mugabe’s introductory remarks, he condemned land grabs in the city where it was also revealed that some party youths were extorting money from those who wanted land.

“There was a long debate on illegal settlements, which are mushrooming across the country particularly in large cities for example Caledonia in Harare.

“There are a lot of young people who have been going around extorting monies from innocent citizens for the purpose of these settlements. “This must stop forthwith because the law enforcement agents are going to be pursuing this matter with utmost vigour,” he said.

Cde Khaya Moyo said the politburo mandated Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere to issue a “very strong statement on this matter and also to handle the challenge with utmost urgency.

“We are hearing of thousands of dollars taken from people promised stands which are not even theirs. We cannot as a party of discipline accept such misconduct which is criminal.”

He said party officials who will be found on the wrong side of the law would be dealt with according to party rules and the Constitution.

Cde Kasukuwere who is the national political commissar also briefed the politburo on recent by-elections that were won by the revolutionary party as well as primary elections that were held in Marondera Central and Mbire constituencies that were won by Cdes Lawrence Katsiru and Douglas Karoro.

Primary elections will be held in Epworth on Sunday following the death of Ambassador Amos Midzi.

There have been numerous cases of people whose houses were demolished after they were hooked into buying stands on land not suitable for habitation.

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  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    We hope the envisaged amendments to the existing law will be come up with a win win position for both employers and employees . That appears to be the national consensus given the fact that the law cannot not enforce an socio-economic impossibility. This renders all our institutions of government impartial team of referees, namely Judiciary , Legislature and the Executive. National interest should be paramount among all those involved in the solution seeking , given the fact that we all understand the cumulative negative effects of the the satanic sanctions in the causality equation of our current economic situation.

  • Gonzondishefu

    Nonsense,what were they doing before the supreme court’s ruling? A lot of these companies are making a lot of money yet they’re firing employees. Econet being one good eg. They’re going to start working the employees who remain like Hebrew slaves.

    • munhu

      Gonzo a lot of companies were keeping employees not because they could but becoz they cldnt afford the retrenchment packages. it was cheaper keeping them than retrenching. Most companies are not making anything in this economy. things are bad. This rulinjg gave compaines an opportunity they never had hence all these firings. Nobodys fault really…a simple oversight in the act allowed this

  • shelz

    its free for ZANU PF

  • Tichaona Muranganwa

    My thoughts ko seiko kuchingotaurwa kudzingwa basa kwema Teachers, GMB, NRZ, Air Zim but we also have a lot of masoja we are not at WAR in Zimbabwe and there is no justification of large numbers in Police, Air force and National Army.

    • munhu

      so u will hire when the war breakouts???? National security is important muranganwa. The police force i wld agree with you…they are too many and are basicallly doing nothing except roadblocks. But army no

  • Mutota

    Again we are hearing the right words but no action. Its all talk no action. I am very sure that the labour act will be amended at minimum after 3 months and no one will ever payback the money they fleeced from the home seekers and even go to jail. It all talk no action.

  • Tichaona Muranganwa

    Does this only affect GMB, NRZ, Air Zim, teachers but we have large number kuArmy yet we are not at war, and we recruit police officers, and other security force yet hapana mari. saka security inorova vanhu inosiiwa mobvisa maticha ??????

  • kule dhambi

    Bro, seriously what miracle can you expect from them at this point after 35 solid years of bungling? They should just go. PERIOD!!!!!!

  • Simon Nziramasanga

    If we had focused on the economy from early 2013 and created conditions conducive for investment no one will be in the firing line. We are treating symptoms. It will be quite interesting to find out how much these companies are owed by government itself which pretends to “love” workers when not settling some of their bills

  • Luke Gwizo

    If Government was serious about halting this avalanche the president could have used his presidential powers (a decree) but the bitter truth is it’s a ruling that benefit them too even in their private businesses as well. The truth remains you can’t have a command economy with companies running far below capacity and still have full staff compliments. Still a lot of workers were going without salaries for months on end, later alone you want these companies to pay severence packages, my foot!!!!!. The wheels came off a long time ago and until there is a genuine policy change these indabas are just a waste of much needed resources nxaaa!!!!!