BREAKING NEWS: President Mugabe wins!

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Herald Reporter
President Mugabe has been declared winner of the presidential election giving him another five year term as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Harmonised elections results percentages :

President Mugabe              2 110 434 votes,            61,09%

Morgan Tsvangirai           1 172 349 votes               33,94%

Welshman Ncube             92 637 votes                       2,68%

Dumiso Dabengwa           25 416 votes                       0,74%

Kisinoti Mukwazhi            9 931 votes                         0,29%




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  • prodigal son

    viva baba mugabe pamberi ne empowerment lets rebuilt our country together

  • Melody

    Morgan was never going to win. Go on the site Just Sayin Tho and find out how he lost

    • anon

      Morgan lost it in 2008, he should NEVER have let Zanu-PF back in by signing the GPA.

  • Mwana wevhu

    Congratulations on getting 61% Gushungo, the Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces, Head of State and Government. As for tsvangi, 33% is about the same mark you were used to at school, so I say well done!!

    • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

      best comment of the month

    • susie

      The best news this year so far BRAVO GUSHUNGO

    • liniagozo

      kunyepa aiwana 10% paaiwana 33% zvanzi ainge akopa kikikiki

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    I am on top of the world, filled with joy that our light president Mugabe has been re-elected President of Zimbabwe. This is a great day for Africa, it is a great day for Zimbabwe, it is a great day for justice, it is a great day for the African people cause against our historical oppressors and those who maintain Africa in total darkness and oppression. We thank Zimbabwe for re-electing our light president Mugabe. it is a joyful day.

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    I am going to celebrate the victory of President Mugabe tonight here in South Africa, we are thankful to Zimbabwean for re-electing President Mugabe, this mean you have given the entire Africa a chance of survival because President Mugabe inspire Africa to reject Europeans madness against us. We love you Zimbabwe and Love our light President Mugabe like our own father

    • zimbabwean

      Zimbabwe voted for sure.The whole of nation of ballot papers. As for the actual people…who knows what that result is

  • Sarudzai

    Pamberi nemusangano , Pasi ne Madzakudzakumdc.

  • rukudzo

    Makorokoto Baba Mugabe our Esteemed Leader. We are there to work for the development of our country under your leadership.

  • rukudzo

    Now I understand why MDC-T is clamouring on the number 2million as if all that represent their supporters. Yesterday it was 2 million ghost voters, today its 2 million were denied to vote, tomorrow it will be please sell me my Highlands home for 2 million. So much in the number 2 million.

  • dangwe nevanji

    Nhasi midzimu yezimbabwe nemweya yevese vakafa nekuremara vachirwira nyika ino yatendwa nenyika yese. Cde R G Mugabe ne Zanu PF , matendwa , tese tafara kuti maziso evana veZimbabwe azosvinura. Pamberi nekuita zvatakatsidzira vanhu mumanifesto yedu. Taramba kuvarairwa. Am overjoyed and proud of my resilient, focused, fearless and consistent Cde president. Mwari ngaatendwe. CHIBHAKERA MUDENGA . ICHO!!!

  • Nitz

    wonderful!Pamberi nechimurenga, a historical moment for the Africa.

  • Dacha

    There is nothing to get excited about. It’s a sad day for Zimbabwe. Chinotimba muparliament? My foot.

    • jigsaw

      rabishi. mdc supporters only no how to talk pama rank nemuma kombi but you dont go kunovhota

      • Benyu

        Its “know” not “no” dai makadzidzawo pamwe you could have had a democratic election at least.

        • bvongonyedze

          as long as wanzwisisa chete!!!

    • Andy Marongwe

      Chinoz is better than TSVANGI,for he won his consituence,Tsvangi lost

  • zimBYblood

    VIVA ZANU PF, hupfumi wevanhu mumaoko avo…tinotenda musiki

  • myHomeland

    Congratulations to President Robert Mugabe, God bless you with many more years to come!

    • anon

      Are you sure you really want that.

      More of the same!!

  • Gandanga

    Zvafadza chose izvi. Those who demonized you are full of shame. Man will not destroy that wgich god has built and allowed. Even the small david was able to bring goliath down. Many would have wishe to see your back, but now must stomach mugabe for the next 5 years. All those who clamoured for your down fall – Blair, Bush , Howard, Brown etc etc all are gone and you are still there. You have surely had the last laugh – its all about patience , resilience and the fire power. May god bless your next tenure of office and give you the wisdom to lead us through the winding paths. May god shame all those prophets of doom.

    • Shame

      The last laugh in their successful countries where their people have food, jobs and freedom. Until this tribal, chiefdom mentality is defended Zim will be a backwards country. I weep for her and the masses. As the elite pillage her.

  • Zimbo1

    Makorokoto Gushungo, we are waiting to celebrate officially neteam yese, congratulations to Zimbabwe and all Zimbabweans now we can move forward as one BIG team pamwe nevakakundwa. To all winners and losers just remember that democracy is a process and today we have reached another milestone, let’s continue with the perfection so that in future we don’t hear of the rigging, cheating, sabotage, protests and all other issues that we all have against each other etc…

  • Mabwe

    Mapfumo (Mukanya) vanodzoka seyi, zvekujoina vanaBaba Jukwa izvi zvinemutauro. Wasu wakangonerwa ngeJongwe Mukanya.

    • Samanyanga mudiaspora

      That’s a good one! LOL

    • bvongonyedze

      hapana arikuvarimbidza kudzoka kumba!!!!ngavauye vakorokotedze mdhara

  • $17993481

    Zvirambe zvakadaro Gushungo
    Makorokoto! Mwari ave nemi! Rambai makashinga kusvika vana venyu tava kuita employ mangezi mumakambani edu…
    Economic Empowerment is the last straw to our Liberation!

    • PedzisaiMazai

      Where on earth would you dream to employ a whiteman when your own children have no jobs? Are you mentally okay? Does it mean empowerment is employing whites in our country?

  • teknon

    Gandanga uchariziva here ukariwona ririkutonga Zimbabwe yaro. Maihwe, amaihwe amaihwe kani Zimbabwe maihwe, Zimbabwe yaro. Congradulation, makorokoto. Madzimai mhururu nemuridzoko.

  • abdullah

    the opposition will always want more than what they actually deserve

  • abdullah

    We don’t mind having sanctions banning us from Europe. We are not Europeans.

    • zimbotry

      If they stop sending us aid do not even think about going to a hospital or clinic

  • abdullah

    Our party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, our real enemy!

    • zimbotry

      Relax. The White Man does not care about us and has not for a long time. They are tired of sending us so much money in Aid anyway. We will be fine once the President’s “Trillions” of dollars that he promised us appears……..

  • abdullah

    We pride ourselves as being top, really, on the African ladder… We feel that we have actually been advancing rather than going backwards

    • Mighty fall

      Yet in reality or using an empirical measure we have been falling back

    • zimbotry

      While you may feel that, the true facts tell a very different story.

  • L Makombe

    This is interest from another comment.
    Great thanks to all those who exercised their right to vote and it is a shame that most people who are ‘proving’ to be commentators here are outside the country and they never voted. Those who were on the ground understood the situation very well.
    Failure by people to correct MDC’s mistakes which led to the defeat will only fuel Mr Tsvangirai and Biti’s arrogance. Note the following contributory factors that led to the defeat:
    1. Lack of preparation. MDC-T never prepared for these elections and the years spent in the inclusive government were never used positively. On the other hand ZANU-PF was preparing since day one. The 2 million signatures against sanctions which was done by ZANU-PF was a barometer to these elections and this has proved to be a reality today. Then most people laughed and saw that as a farce but today ZANU-PF has the last laugh.

    2. Voter registration. ZANU-PF forced its members to register and persuaded the would-be voters to go and register. The MDC’s on the other hand were busy complaining and dampening the spirits of even their supporters by ruling out the exercise as useless. ZANU-PF went to the extent of planning for I.D. registrations to this effect whilst the co-Home Affairs from MDC-T was doing, who knows what.

    3. The baba Jukwa character was used to divert the attention of the MDC-T leaders from the important things to issues which are of little concern. MDC-T leadership thought that the 300 000 followers of this character were all MDC-T supporters. As a result of this diversion they were celebrating MDC-T victory on facebook before the actual event. Chamisa was even proud of this baba Jukwa and at the Marondera rally he promised to unveil this character and they in turn used this as a campaign tool.

    4. MDC-T must be made aware that Harare and Bulawayo are not Zimbabwe and vice versa. Zimbabwe has ten provinces and the greater population is in the rural areas.

    5. Using the 2008 election as a barometer in this year’s elections was/is tantamount to suicide. In 2008 the people of Zimbabwe voted thinking with their stomachs whereas now people were expecting clear cut policies that makes sense. Remember in 2002 ZANU-PF used the land issue and now it was indigenisation. Considering our African way of life one beneficiary will be having 20 or so people eating from his/her hand and all those people will vote in favour of their breadwinner.

    6. Playing the main actor in front of cameras costed Mr Tsvangirai. He thought that all the people of Zimbabwe belong to him.

    7. The failure by seniour MDC-T leaders to use proper language in public platforms contributed to the lost. Vulgar words are never pleasent no matter who uses them.

    So guys lets be honest with our leaders so that they correct their mistakes and try next time.

    • cde chaurura

      Quite agreed. Also

      MTs character was not helpful. Not just the womanising but how it was done- Think of the abotions.

      It was not wise to attack chiefs. They have a very special relationship with the people, more intimate than with gvt. So a gvt which threatens them is not desirable. This of course does not apply in Harare nor Bulawayo which explains—

      MDC tried to sell a policy with little demand. To make Employment creation your main economic policy in a country whosw electorate consists of farmers, subsistent or otherwise, is rediculous,

      The promise of debt cancelation helped ZPF make in-roads in the towns.


    Our Dignity Is Back… Zimbabwe Is Ours!

    • anon

      Then you deserve all the heartache that is coming your way

  • the only one

    Don’t blame the WEST for your failure but make your country prosper without the WEST.
    Sanctions this Sanctions that with your land, what more will you need from the WEST?



  • Inang

    Long live Zimbabwe/Africa’s Independence from never-ending Western-Zionist GENOCIDAL IMPERIALISM and ROBBERY!

  • Sebata2

    Congratulations to the people of Zimbabwe for a peaceful election. As for Tsvangi and Biti, please accord the people of Zimbabwe the space that is needed for peace, stability and prosperity. Do not be tempted to embark on the equivalent of the Ukranian Orange Revolution or a similar process that took place in Kenya some years aback.

    Zimbabweans should also learn from other countries to defend their revolution.

    Anne-Marie Slaughter, the Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University, writing for AlJazeera said: “…what America wants in Egypt is a liberal democracy” Her description of liberal democracy is as follows: “Genuine liberal democracy requires accepting that in a pluralist, divided country, it is possible to govern only through inclusion, not imposition”

    Should this be the true definition of liberal democracy as it must be applied to Zimbabwe, then it means that Zimbabwe will only find peace and endorsement by powerful nations only when it succumbs to pluralism, divisions and the establishment of a government of national unity that will ensure inclusion in government of those who do not get a popular mandate.

    Let all Zimbabweans accept the results of the elections and move on to reconstruct Zimbabwe to surpass its former glory.

  • Mimi

    We knew that the people of Zimbabwe are not silly and would never revert back to giving the whites an upper hand. Bhora mugedhi zvesure! Common Sense achine comment here after Gushungo’s victory. Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlope! Can’t imagine what Elizabeth is going through naTsvangi…. kikikikiki

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    President Mugabe re-election is a day of Glory for Africa, i am thankful to Zimbabwe for making history and making me witness history of an heroic resistance against evil oppressors from the USA/EU who want Africans as their mere slaves. This is heroic, this is an epic victory. Thank you to all of you who played a key role in this Africa’s greatest victory ever because President Mugabe is the greatest leader in our known history documented by ourselves.

  • Pasinawo

    Makorokoto Baba weZimbabwe, the struggle continues. Dzimwe nyika dzichamuka ivhu rese rapera kutorwa nevachena.

  • Tinotonga

    Thanks for all contributions comrades very comprehensive mostly. I note a few never-die MDC aligned complaints and rants. My advice guys do not waste time on these losers, they just have nothing to do and want to engange just to distract and waste time, remember where they were schooled party wise!!! Just ignore them like the nation is ignoring their loser leaders, they are not relevant to progress and listening to them will only draw our energy. Hope they learn their lesson and be credible opposition or just join the reasonable group.

    • Shadreck Gwenzi

      If independent surveys gave Mugabe victory without rigging well before the election,why is it hard to accept that the very basic weaknesses have costed Tsvangirai the chance to rule.Do you remember your performance in class dropping the first days when you proposed a class mate and you were successful?The same love so Tsvangirai planning less but worshiping women more,-by the way how many women does he have?
      Tsvangirai does not know how to work with women for personal gain more than Mugabe does.The difference is clear in this regard;ZANUPF Women’s League is infront carrying the party flag whilst in the MDC T women follow behind Tsvangirai massaging his back and cushioning him with their breasts.I tell you this is where the difference is !

  • Solidarity Azania

    I would like beg of winning revolutionary Zanu-PF to use its majority wisely and protect the revolution like IRAN and prevent build standards that ensure the illiterate and moral bankrupt wiil nver ascend to high office

  • Tobias Ariketa & The Shazi Ban

    Black Market yedu yodzoka zvakare tazoita mari paHarare, Tsvangy na Biti manga matikuvadza. Viva Bhobho

  • Realist

    Stolen election by rigging. Prepare yourselves Zimbabwe, to return to the mess of a country that existed before 2008. There are dark, dark days ahead!

  • Common Sense

    This story was written before the election. ZANU-PF knew they would steal it and fix the result

  • mr zim

    manje anga akavaka ruzhowa here nokuti anozoda kuti n’ombe ne mbudzi zvisambinda

  • Van Morris Tacharwa

    If he hadnt wasted money on the Lorcadia project he would have bought himself some kombis. He would be plying Murambinda-Birchenough.