Developing story:11 die at Magaya crusade

the precast wall which was brought down by the congregants after police allegedly blocked the exit points. (Pic by Munyaradzi Musiiwa)

the precast wall which was brought down by the congregants after police allegedly blocked the exit points. (Pic by Munyaradzi Musiiwa)

By Munyaradzi Musiiwa Herald Reporter
Eleven people died while many others were seriously injured after a stampede at Prophet Magaya’s all night crusade at Mbizo Stadium in Kwekwe this morning.

The incident occurred soon after the crusade, which was attended by about 30 000 congregants, when police allegedly closed other gates forcing the attendees to use a single exit point.

It is alleged that the congregants then brought down the stadium’s precast wall to open other exit points. Chaos reigned supreme when police details allegedly fired teargas into the crowd resulting in the stampede.

Officer Commanding Midlands Police Senior Assistant Commissioner Shadreck Mubaiwa confirmed the incident saying there was one exit point manned by police. He, however, denied the allegation that police fired teargas into the crowd.

He said four people died on the spot while seven died upon admission at Kwekwe District Hospital adding that forty injured people were recovering at the same hospital.

Details to follow…

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  • mhofela

    Ndochidofo ka ichi.

  • joemuda

    Why do people go to these Prophets’ churches to die?

    • minus

      Y ask such a lame question?

  • Chief

    Mapurisa edu aya nekukanda teargas hayas kuzoti dai vane pfuti they would be trigger happy chapiees taifa tose muno i tell u mmmmmmm so sad

  • josy

    Mapurisa please ,, they have to be thought to control crowds once again. Teargas is not always necessary, how can they close other gates for 30000 people to use one gate.

  • Zim Nhakayangu

    Our hearts go to the deceased and their surviving family members! Disgusting, church entrances manned by police!

  • oi!

    was there a fire?people who have been anointed or coming out of a church service do not stampede as if they are running away from something, so do not blame the police or management for that.

  • samas

    Isu tinoziva vafundisi vachimira pama doors vachitenda nokuonekana nevatendi vauya kuzonamata,ko uyu akabvireyi achisiya makwayi shure,secondly,stampede inofanidzwa kuitwa vanhu vachivatirei kugara paring side kwete pakubuda,vaitizei vanhu apa

  • NdiniWacho

    Mubvunzo wangu woti uyu anonzi Magaya akanyuka nepi nhai? The sad thing is we have multitudes who fall for this hogwash…muna testerwo zvimwe musati matevera!

  • Zoro

    why blame the prophet, was he the one manning the gates. The devil is a liar, anoda kubvisa kurumbidzwa kwamwari pamuromo pevanhu.

  • Mao Tse Tung

    Police should learn crowd control techniques. You do not use tear-gas on a crowd of that size

  • observer

    jehovah witnesses had a convention with more than 82000 people and not a single incident was reported. they are just organised we ought to accept that fact.

  • mpengo

    Stupid Police!!

    Who on earth fires tear gas then blocks exits points?!!!

    What is the purpose of such a decision except to watch people get trampled to death?!!!

    Very cruel. Very irresponsible. And should take responsiblity