BREAKING NEWS: President slates Mutsvangwa

Herald Reporter

President Mugabe today blasted the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairman Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa for calling an unsanctioned meeting that ended in chaos yesterday.

Details to follow… 

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  • mabwe

    Lol. Zvokora muto manje

  • oh blast everybody

    oh no, blast this and blast that !

  • Zimwe

    Was The meeting not sanctioned or there was confusion with the venue, even then was there any need of the riot Squad to be sent to the helpless elderly. Whoever sent the police is the one in the wrong, these people did not even cause any unrest they were attacked while waiting to be addressed.

    • Judas Iscariot

      I’m sure by now all your questions have been answered? Yes the meeting was not sanctioned. Yes there was need for riot police. These war veterans,are always threatening to go to war against anybody,who will cross their path. All of a sudden they’re now helpless elders, because they met their match? Zvinonaka zviri kwavaGudo,kana zvavekwaTsoko zvonzi kwangu kudiki.

  • Collin Mackenzie

    That was meant to be the job of the VP because they are his people
    Those farm raiders

  • Grace Jones

    it is such actions by Mugabe where he ppretends its business as usual when there is a preoblem that results in the scaling of disobedience and revotl. Ngaarambe achirotomoka

    • Mamvemve

      You need to keep taking your medicine auntie,you’re starting hallucinating again

  • Chihwa

    What has happened to freedom of speech and freedom of association? Sanctioned by who? The revolution is now eating its own children.

  • jacktheswede

    No surprise there because it was obvious that whatever the First Lady was mouthing had the blessing of the Prez. H.E and the First lady are 2 peas in a pod. It would have been ridiculous to have them singing from a different hymn book while sitting in the same pew. Mutsvangwa is a gonna but i dont see him curling up and to speak.

    • buja365

      Mutsvangwa is right . he should keep on the good

  • Mukotami

    Do not let your personal hatred overpower your reasoning in this matter: Mugabe is entirely, fully responsible for all this (Mai Mujuru saga included): He is supposed to have created a clear succession path by now. For whatever reason he should not allow his wife to berate his subordinates in the first place. Mugabe is the one in charge not croc. Mahoka was ill advised because the gathering was clearly to celebrate the tenure of Bob at AU, there is no way croc could just stand up at the behest of a vitually unkonown loose mouthed Mahoka. The person who was supposed to stand up was Bob himself.

  • Mukotami

    Thats the cool reasoning we are looking for as Zimbabwe. Mugabe can not claim that Mutsvangwa convenned an unsanctuioned meeting when Mutsvanga is not only the chairmen of the war veterans but the minister as well! I do not like Mutsvangwa but I always never allow my personal feelings to affect my reasoning. Bob is wrong in this matter.

  • Nyamasvisva

    I have a son and a daughter who are always fighting. The son beats the daughter because the daughter has scorned him. I am called in or I run to quell the disturbance. yes she has been beaten, but my challenge is why ? Did the son just beat you dear daughter ? I always approach the manner carefully – (1) appeal to the daughter to STOP IT and at the same time (2) Ask Son to STOP IT. I never take sides even if the mother seems to want to influence my approach. Scorn is bad and beating up is bad as well. My son is slow to anger and when he is upset he acts rather impetuously while my daughter has a lip – she can really say a few unprintables for her age. Given these I know about the two, I am always challenged . I would never , for what it is worth, go heavy on son and say, in the presence of the strong-lipped daughter, “why did you beat her”. I approach it very carefully , showing love to both. I must admit , I have not seen tendencies by my wife to want me to treat this one different from the other – the one in the wrong is reprimanded fairly.

  • hunzi007

    Thot you should have said the same when civilians suffered in the hands of the same victims of today when they unleashed a wave of terror in 2008 presidential re run. It is their turn let them taste their own medicine

  • mhandamabwe

    * all you say will never change our minds .Our fathers and mothers scratched the poison of the bitter water from the cannons and the chocking smoke of tear gas and you still have the audacity to stand in front of people pretending as if you were not aware of anything. Now you claim for ** to be respected after all the bad behavior she is showing to the world, **We heard people singing Mazezuru unconquerable ari conquerable ndiyani?Xaaa

  • Just Askin’

    Why does one need to have a meeting sanctioned?

    Is this not tantamount to a dictatorship?

  • brian

    Iwe unongowawatawo iwe

  • Bert

    Look East, they have many cheap water cannons to blast away any freedom of speech.

  • Cecil Roars

    Why is not breaking news (or just news) for the Herald to announce that the cargo plane and all its cargo has been allowed to leave the country?
    You ran bold letter headlines blowing a small story out of proportions and now you decide to keep us in darkness about the egg on your face. Shame!