BREAKING NEWS: President Mugabe appoints new Cabinet

President Mugabe

President Mugabe

President Mugabe has announced a new cabinet that saw Cde Patrick Chinamasa being appointed Finance Minister.

Zanu-PF members of parliament have started arriving for the ceremony that is taking place at State House.

Ministers hold their letters of appointment.

Here are the ministers and their portfolios:

Ignatius Chombo – Local Government

Prof Jonathan Moyo chats to Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa
Prof Jonathan Moyo chats to Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa

Emmerson Mnangagwa – Justice and Legal Affairs

Patrick Chinamasa – Finance

Dzikamai Mavhaire – Energy and Power Development

Francis Nhema – Indigenisation

Douglas Mombeshora – Lands

Jonathan Moyo – Information

Dr Sekeramayi being congratulated after his appointment as Minister of Defence
Dr Sekeramayi being congratulated after his appointment as Minister of Defence

Sydney Sekeramayi – Defence

Walter Mzembi – Tourism

Andrew Langa – Sport, Arts and Culture

Webster Shamu – Information and Communication Technology

Savior Kasukuwere – Environment

Lazarus Dokora – Primary and Secondary Education

Olivia Muchena – Higher and Tertiary Education

David Parirenyatwa – Health

Kembo Mohadi – Home Affairs

Oppah Muchinguri – Women’s Affairs

Nicholas Goche – Labour

Walter Chidhakwa – Mines

Obert Mpofu – Transport

Sithembiso Nyoni – Small and Medium Enterprises

Simon Khaya Moyo – Senior Minister without potfolio

Joseph Made – Agriculture

Simbaneuta Mudarikwa – Minister of State for Mashonaland East

Cabinet has been reduced from 33 to 26

David Murapira and Paddy Zhanda – Deputy Ministers of Agriculture





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  • kutototo

    hey hey hey Ma One, there is nothing new on this cabinet, we have seen these people before, Zimbabwe brace yourself for a roller coaster ride.

    • Zimbabwe United

      Is BITI who denied farmers financial support there? If not then its a different cabinet.

      • $21812056

        Budget is approved by cabinet not the Minister of finance alone.

        • eddymakari

          with the blessing of the president

        • Zimbabwe United

          Approval is one aspect. Allocation is the main one which considers the national cake and who should get what from it.

    • Sautare

      did you want Ministers from outer Space vausinakumboona here nhayi?

  • kutototo


  • tichaitonga

    Saviour Environment Kasukuwere. Cde Bob vanooona madofo

  • Hove Tsege

    Kasukuwere wazo ***

  • Mujomba

    So Jona successfully sang for his supper.

  • Chimuto

    Ma one chaiyo, where to Zimbabwe?

  • Chimuto

    Cry beloved country cry Zimbabwe

  • Moe_Syzlack

    I will say it again. Recycling deadwood results in the same *** ****.
    Hoping to get meaningful development from geriatrics who have been given
    33yrs to prove themselves is akin to expecting water from a rock. Cry
    the beloved country indeed.

    • sakabetter

      Why did you expect the ministers to change when the president is the same.obvious he will surround himself with those he trusts.

  • Hwindi

    Congratulations maCdes.
    Now down to some serious business. Basa se basa! Not zvekutamba…and no looting please!

    • moriartyO


  • Velile

    Congratulations to Zimbabwe. Here in South Africa we ensure that 50% of the mebers of the Cabinet are women. What is the situation in Zimbabwe?

    • Duelooker

      The situation is that Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe not South Africa. Digit?

    • Mwana wevhu

      Here in ZW we give 60 MP seats to women and ensure that one of the Vice Presidents is a woman. What is the situation in SA?

      • Velile

        Cde Juluka I was just asking no need to fight! Cde Mwana currently we have 173 female MPs in the National Assembly and about 50% in the Cabinet. You are better than South Africa because you have a female VP. Thanks for the details

  • Moe_Syzlack

    Mr. Editor I know you will not publish my comment as usual but get this: Made and Jonathan Moyo went to the people and the people rejected them. Now the president finds them so attractive he goes against his own promises and appoints them. Zim we are doomed. Nothing good comes out of this. Aloota continua for real.

    • Duelooker

      President can select 5 unelected ministers. Verenga mupfanha

      • Ridomuns

        Problem vanhu ve Mdc avaverenge mutemo, matofo.

      • kaguvi

        but what was his promises thats the qn of Moe Syzlack

      • $21812056

        Those five should have been technocrats in their respective fields not some failed wanna be MP.

        • chandy

          Who says Jonathan Moyo is not a technocrat in information?

        • Takafirenyika

          ko poiswa aniko panzvimbo dzauri kunyunyuta nadzo tipoo mazita

          • Kanhunzi

            Rega ndimubatsira, Supa Mandiwanzira for Information and Gono for transport he is a results oriented guy mapothole angapere.

      • Officer

        No, Under the new constitution he can actually select seven not five unelected ministers

      • Ruva

        Its not a question of law , its what the people want , unfortunately mugabe failed to respect the will of the people

    • G Tichatonga

      Tibvire apa victors can choose whomsoever they want.

  • Zimbabwe United

    Congratulations revolutionary party!

  • Obey Chiyangwa

    Chokwadi se chokwadi, this cabinet will not take us anywhere. These people are so used to failure they actually regard it as success. We have a brilliant President who again is going to be surrounded by many who have failed this country countless times. Its up to you to publish this or not, but whatever you do will not diminish the truth. Over 33 years of failure is still earning these old timers space and comfort in Cabinet. Wooow you only have to be in Zimbabwe to experience this.

    • Mwana wevhu

      You are lost, it is mdc-tea people that are used to failure such that they have just celebrated their election failure as success. FACT

    • chaputika

      wen u fail u say its rigging hw will you grow you cry babies of the british, dnt try to clean your hands by saying we have a brilliant president wen at the same time u are against his chosen cabinet. veterans are needed for success if the president had chosen nu comers u wld still cry, i took this from yo comment chiyangwa

  • Chihelele

    mumbengegwi agurwa pa nzira. Same old faces. Zavakaoma zvazvo

  • Shuvai

    So Cde Mutasa and his nephew are not in cabinet? Aah zvakaoma.

  • makanda

    Mr. Editor, last time you wrote about the Cabinet, I made the following comment, which you declined to publish: In appointing the new cabinet, the President was encumbered by 1. The need to reward provinces that have been regained, 2. Provinces that have always remained ZANU-PF, 3. The new generation, for turning the tables around against MDC in the last elections, 4. The old generation, for sticking it out with ZANU-PF through thick and thin, 5. Women, for their overwhelming support for the Party, 6. Special interest groups, so they can feel they are part of decision making, and 7. Loyalty to the Office of the President, come rain, come sunshine. It turns out, as I said before, there was no room to juggle around and come up with a team capable of turning around our economic fortunes. In other words, we remain where we have always been. Such is the nature of African politics, which are heavily influenced by regionalism, tribalism, nepotism and loyalty, among other thinks.

  • Eddie


  • rodmann

    Non of this makes sense to those who are short sighted congrads zimbsbwe. Zim for zimboz

  • Robert

    Ndicho chii ichi? Is this a joke? Hameno. Mwari tibatsirei!!

  • rukudzo

    Makorokoto ma Cdes. Basa se Basa varume. This is time to make sure all the aspirations of the people are met. Va Made, please hit the ground running and make sure this farming season both for tobacco and chibage, is a resounding success. The next harvest, we want to use the army trucks to ferry produces from rural areas to GMB just like we did just after independence. Bhora Mugedhe re economy.

  • JZ

    I am a Zimbabwean, a revolutionary and i stood ideologically by ZANU PF and Robert Mugabe during election campaign. Guys where do we want to go as a country. Life is about renewal, development and growth. If we keep revolving around same people in a country of 15 million people how do we compete with other countries. I am utterly disappointed. How are we creating our future now? How are we going to run Zimbabwe Plc as an engine for economic growth. Are we being strategic or administrative? i am a disappointed Zimbabwean today, but tomorrow i will wake up and carry on, what can i do if we are not ready to embrace reform and new ideas.

    • G Tichatonga

      Hausi mwana wemusangano iwe – gwara remusangano ndiro rino batsira vanhu varimuhurumende not the other way round. If you were a ZANU-PF person you would know. Besides, the party knows what caused the problems we faced in 2008 and everyone is committed to making sure that whatever mistakes we made are not repeated.

      • JZ

        Musangano ndewe vanhu. Nyikandeyedu tese nekuti tese takanetswa nemabhunu. Youths voted for Zanu Pf to keep sovereignty but we hoped for reform within party and government. This is our country we call the shots

      • wezhira nikuv

        hope it was a mstake to destroy people’s “elligal” homes, hope it was a mistake kuita price control, hope it was a mistake to close schools, hope it is still a mistake to give gold to russians and diamonds to chinese tooo

    • Wolves Witches and Giants

      We really do not care about performance. We reward loyalty above anything else. Anything done in the name of showing loyalty will be forgotten at all costs.

  • Wafaz

    Goodbye to progressive posts with Pax Africa in control.Democracy to the gutter

    • G Tichatonga

      What progress when you spew nonsense everyday? Magara mu-dish.

  • Ridomuns

    To those wide mouths good for nothing complainers, old guys learn from experience; it is the same Chombo yesterday and today; but today he comes changed! Check your bills for starters.

    • wezhira

      we should be able to pay our bills. vava varungu here vaibhadhara vashandi nemasaga e upfu, beans, ne chibuku and transport ku township pa weekend. Pay me good money and I can be flexible

  • Chando

    Recycling the same people who have failed us as a nation is a slap to the citizens. This cabinet will not get us anywhere, all of these cdes have been in government before, we did not see any change during their time. We are in for a roller coaster once again.

  • Mudimbu

    Now I know where ChisvoChape gets her inspiration; But economist Eric Bloc said the new government would be “a disaster” if appointments made public so far were anything to go by.

    • G Tichatonga

      Who cares what Bloch thinks? He is a relic from the past.

  • Chimutwe

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is time to tighten your sitbelts, the train about to gather momentum to levels only rivaled by 2008. you shld start practising the best bracing position because the captain will be fast asleep

  • Henry KIng

    coltart was supposed to be in there
    poor cabinet indeed

    • G Tichatonga

      Is he Zanu PF? It is Team ZANU PF that won.

    • sof4life

      Hope ur opinion is not based on racial grounds. Whilst im not impressed with the new education minister, I still think his predecessor didnt do much either…and my comment is based on school pass rates-record low pass rate I heard…..ministers should be selected based on merit/competence rather than party or race…period!!!

  • G Tichatonga

    Congrats Prof Moyo. They thought u were finished….it would have been naive for the President to overlook your worth.

  • Mabhurukwa

    Tuesday: Obert Mpofu appointed Transport Minister ….
    Wednesday: Obert Mpofu opens road construction company..

    • sof4life

      hahahaha…my comment of the day!!

    • wezanu

      They should have rettained David Coltart. Joseph Made asi hameno. He’s the same guy who doctored those agricultural stats which even the party frowned upon. Why is he being re-instated? He made a fool of the president.

      Good of you to retain Walter Mzembi!

      Finance hameno ipapo.

      *** chachema as ma diamonds have been taken away.

      Not surprised by Jonathan Moyo’s appointment.

      Ko hapana here some experienced, moderate supporters? Why not experiment and elect non-active politicians to be given a year to make inroads then fire them if not performing? Manje if madhara do not perform you will not fire him or hold him to task.

      Am glad Kasukuwere did not get Indigenisation

  • Masky

    Anyone else disappointed ‘Public Speaking’ ministry was not created for Cde Chinos :)

    • Rutendo

      Or Ministry of Entertainement. kikikikikikikiki huuuuu kiikikiki

  • Zimbo1

    Tried, tested and the new potentials. This is a straight-forward cabinet that will not disappoint, watch the space, congrats to all appointed and ngatiite basa sebasa sezvinoda vanhu.

  • John

    Congratulations ladies and gentlemen. It is my hope that you will inspire and motivate those that are in your respective areas of appointments. Results are what is important so that all false prophets can change course. Success can only be achieved by teams and not individuals. Take your critics seriously as well. Congrats!!!

  • obido

    where is cde Didmus Mutasa

  • Machekabuwe

    Gurukota rezveMuduso (Finance) ndiVaPatrick Chinamasa, bazi rezveMuduso rabatwa negweta zvakare kubva mumaoko aVaTendai Biti. Tinokushuvirai zvakanaka Wasu muduso ukuwandirei kuti mabasa ebudiriro apfuurire mberi mune zvakanaka.

  • Mafirakureva

    I thought Mugabe was going to move Chombo to another ministry for the sake of progress. As it stands now he will continue with his corruption in councils.

    • Rutendo

      He has unfinished business of sweeping all mdc councillors away and ignoring dev. Tapes shall continue running dry and putting all the blame to mdc.

  • Officer

    congrats comrades, morega kuwisira nyika pasi zvekare. Kuba plz ngakupere uye musaramba mongoita indeginise every thing, please learn from the agric sector yamakauraya ndapota hangu.

  • Rutendo

    “Minister of State for Mashonaland East” anenge achimboitei uye province ingaita minister here?????? Ndidzidziseiwo.

    • Billie

      Ko amwe ese maMinisters anenge achiiteiko?Ko iwe unenge uchiitei?

  • Ruva

    I applaud Mugabe for appointing Nhema in such a powerful portfolio , also Walter Mzembi , he is doing a very good job in Tourism despite all the negatives ,,,Not knowing if Chinamasa will be able to handle finance , Chombo should have been moved to some less powerful portifolio the man seem to be weak… Why ddnt our president appoint Mdc legislators , is it a question of pride????

  • Kanhunzi

    Kasukaz nomore kusuka mari yeIndigenisation uchivaka chimba chako. kkkkkkkkkkkk ****

  • Whites Must Compensate Blacks

    ma mdc imbwa dzewanhu

  • Whites Must Compensate Blacks

    congrats to the new government

  • Gomez

    Ko iri kunzi Ministry of Liason on Psychomotor Activities ndeipi iyi. Kirsty Coventry shld be Minister of sports and culture

  • G Tichatonga

    That’s a tired losers’ line. Besides, even if it was rigged, which it wasn’t, why then do you clamour for appointments?

  • G Tichatonga

    You are the same person who has always posted negative unsubstantiated claims on this forum. Everyday we try to make you see another point of view but you are impervious to constructive debate. It is now clear though that your mindset is set on thinking that everyone else is like you who cannot see beyond his nose. This is an excellent chance for all returnees and the newcomers to show that we are nowhere near mediocre and will sign off in style.

  • chaputika

    tried and tested…. the same pipo are the ones who led zim as a bread basket if only nt for the regime change by nw tingadai tiri smwhere. y do we always cry for change thats why even our warriors fail because just a slip u need to change coach, players, regalia (legea,lsporto etc) they know where they went wrong so the president is right to reappoint them so that they clear their backlogs and wen new blood comes the task is not hard
    takakutarisai macdes it either u mek it or break it uyo weindegenisation must exercise extreme caution and m nt saying ngairegwe . stop complaining this is the time for heads up atadza cde president ngaamiswe paiswa mumwe please


    Correct Tichatonga. Who said new ideas only come from young persons. This issue of age is the one that was being used by other parties to campaign but without thinking. Politics is not football. The same old person can come up with new ideas depending on how the environment behaves. Being impervious to constructive debate is the intrinsic characteristic of Zimbotry although I have always called him Rhodestry.