BREAKING NEWS: Police, war vets in running battles

Herald Reporter

Anti-riot police today disrupted the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association’s (ZNLWVA) meeting which was due to start at the City Sports Centre in Harare by throwing tear gas canisters, resulting in running battles.

Members of the anti-riot police

Members of the anti-riot police

Some of the war veterans scatter after police fired teargas canisters. Pictures by Innocent Makawa

Some of the war veterans scatter after police fired teargas canisters. Pictures by Innocent Makawa

The war veterans were waiting to be addressed by their leaders who had not arrived at the venue by the time chaos reigned.

A driving instructor and learner caught chaos.

A driving instructor and learner caught chaos.


Meanwhile, the area has been cordoned off.

Details to follow….

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  • Fred Muchena


  • Guest Zvangu

    The tables have turned for sure.Police chasing war vets !!!.Who would have imagine this happening because we were used to the opposition being abused like this.It is important for all interest groups,lobbyists etc to gather freely at any place of their choice as long as there is no violence.

  • Lex Mapazho

    Handei tione

  • AM

    Thank you Police. We want peace and order

    • Tengenenge

      Nyaravo.Whats more orderly than a meeting?

      • Mart

        The war vets want to overthrow an elected government. They are cry babies. They are given money, have farms and took over business. They should go and produce. They have been perpetrating violence against civilians and now they want to go for the state. This should never be allowed to happen.

  • john

    More popcorn pliz.

    • The Awakened

      john I think I’ll join, the show of the century is about to begin.

  • Simba


  • Brigadier Siyasutha Belamba

    Did the G40 send the police?Madoda I#### the war veterans but sympathise with them on this one.

    • Tengenenge

      you know who the police minister is

      • Collin Mackenzie

        That’s the next leader not those farm raiders
        Give them a batern Stick

  • Fany


  • ashburton grove

    didnt know this cd happen to pro zanu people

    • Pro Zanu

      It has never been about being pro Zanu but pro Mugabe. This does not have anything with being loyal to Zanu and it has never been about being loyal to Zanu, but to Mugabe. He is paramount over everything else including Zanu.

  • kutototo

    Chatsva ne pacific

  • Tawanda

    Prophet Makandiwa has continually reiterated that we pray for the nation. After the prophecy about the bees stinging each other I think now Zimbabwe must begin to regard him as a Prophet sent by God.

    • Mukotami

      Come on seriously?????? Dont drag the profit into this mess

      • Sekuru Karikoga

        There is no profit mukukatsaurana. Mukotami rufu chaizvo. Even the prophet could not forsee ZANU PF self destruct. I love it.

    • The Awakened

      where is this coming from?

    • Eliphas

      Dzirimo dzese here iwe? Makandiwa prophesied milk and honey for Zim remember??

    • Ini Zvangu

      What about that prophesy in 2013 about car duties to be slashed down and gold to rain in the country? And about the bees, it was bees from another country ie peace keepers against our own soldiers not this, go back and read the so called prophesy and his explanation closely

  • mwana wevhu

    Ndanyara ma war vet akukandirwa ma tear gas. Vadzikisirwa zvakawoma. Ngavachi gara kumba.

    • enosvhi

      Vari kudzokera musango.Handi ndo slogan yavo

  • eye.tee.washe

    i just hope this is the worst it can get to.Anything uglier is the last thing we need muZIMBABWE NENZARA YATIRIKU TARISANA NAYO IYI

  • Bongani Mhlanga

    Kkkkkk. Chavondoka!

  • Gwereza

    There is rule of law in Zimbabwe. Did they get the clearance to have their gathering? They still think they can do as they please, holding the whole nation at ransom. Very soon they won’t be getting their pensions, why not stay home to budget their free money. Others never had the chance to receive the hefty payouts, they were hurriedly buried in the bushes for nothing. Life is about using each other then discarding the used one into the bin. #####

    • chandunga

      Correct getting three salaries Hew!!!!

  • Sinyoro

    Zvairwadza vaisara!

  • Son of the soil

    Are those war vets ? They look quite young to me. I think its a case of one faction being refused the opportunity to hold rallies.

    • Kusvikazvanaka

      Now that this fake war vets are facing reality, they start to make all sorts of cries and kicking up and down. Sungai vanhu mapurisa edu

      • chandunga


    • Rawboy

      Lets assume for arguments sake the youngest fighters in 1980 to be 15,that would mean at least 50 years old to be a genuine war vet hey!

  • Ganyamatope

    HeraldZimbabwe telling me my comment is awaiting moderation but nyaya dzacho hamuna time yeku moderator. You are telling it as it is so publish my comment as it is

  • Observer gonzo

    Did they get police clearance? If not, why should they be treated like royalty when the gathering is about disrespecting the “queen”?

    • The Awakened

      the “queen” started the disrespect

  • wezhira wezheve

    so since when have you been censoring? what happened to my comment, just asking who the Minister of Home affairs is, and who is the Justice Minister?

    • guest

      Minister of Home Affairs is Mr Ignatious Chombo, and the Justice Minister is Mr Emerson Mnangagwa.

  • Tsikwela

    The leaders knew that they had been cleared to hold their rally at ZANU PF shake shake…..then the “comrades and friends” they go kuCity Sports Centre. I thought these were “old” people, I saw some youths running away from teargas screaming about war and being abused…….

  • Tsikwela

    It is coming where it is supposed to be……rule of baton sticks, water cannons and teargas….

  • marie

    is this happenning

  • Ba2

    hey I am speechless… but what I know is that things change and change is very painful and many resist it. But it happens anyway. So zvinhu zvatochinja….Dr Amai in Chiweshe said chinjai maitiro…asi kwete maitiro ekutengesa nyika. As we were growing up our sisters were not allowed to put on longs (trousers) when they did their fathers would beat them up and burn the pair of longs. But now, our women even preach the word wearing them. Life moves on and as I see things and judging from history…we will soon see the warvets being prosecuted for the crimes they committed in the previous 10 years or so. It will get uglier and may will be in the cold.

  • Matipa

    Good! These war vets are getting too big for their boots.

  • major

    It quakes and quiver! tsvagai jehovah achawanikwa danai kwaari achiri pedyo! let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an overflowing stream.hapana kwazvinotisvitsa izvi. doom!

    • Benjamin Burombo

      some people can not distinguish right from wrong .why now insulting the liberation struggle .I In that meeting we will be with our fathers and we will be always be with them .

  • tinashe zhou

    hezvo nhai veduweeee

  • Zimba 1

    Is this where we say, karma is a b**ch!

  • Ziso

    Good move! I listened to Matemadanda’s speech a few days ago. It was clear that they they want to overturn things and run this country themselves. Now they have been brought back to their senses.

  • Dungagun

    pakaipa hama weeeee lets pray for our country

  • Tinotya

    Hey people vukani mhani! this has nothing with the police suddenly doing their job well. Or with the constitutionally or none thereof of this gathering. This is just a continuation of the tug-of-war. Who controls the police among the protagonists? Who controls the prosecution side? Ah which prosecutor honcho has recently been put on ice?

    I loke the guy who keeps posting “pass the popcorn”. kkkk. I feel like saying pass the popcorn. zvozvonakidzazve zvinhu zviya. But of course we need not forget that we are witnessing a historic moment. Keep the finger on the ON button……

  • Bullet at The Falls

    Gonzo nachiny’ayi. Zvamutsana muchuru tsuro nembwa. ahe ahe tsuro nembwa. Vanhu vepi vasinganyari.

  • Nyamasvisva

    In another report war vets accuse powers that be of failure to observe rule of law and constitution , seriously ! Was this phrase not very topical during the those opposition politics formative years ? And now they are back ??? Ok. And they now want to just meet at city sports centre without seeking police clearance and this coming from those who are so law and constitution-wise?? Hats off to the police for doing what they know best- they don’t care who you are . if your gathering is illegal they do the legal thing of firing teargas , albeit not as deadly as the bullets. This is just to maintain order. No one should start talking war here. War vets did not fight against tear gas, they fought against guns with guns. Welldone Cde Chihuri – we are proud of you. Even Cde Mutsvangwa spoke glowingly of your professionalism , you have just dispensed professionalism by teargasing an unruly gathering. Next time you want a meeting, get police clearance first and then with that police can actually protect you against anyone who may want to disturb your legal gathering. Even weddings get police clearance . I am not sure about funerals. So just relax and do the right thing. I don’t see any factionalism here.

  • MemaZimbo

    It is FINISHED ! That is the end of our party. The DAWN of a new era.

  • Hunex

    ma woe veterans akaura, pamberi na dr amai

  • Accumulator

    These so called war vets are a pain in the A**, Zimbabwe we cant’t go on with things like this, gone are the days, Chimurenga chakapfuura kare, No more War vets, lets give chance to young genarations and future genarations.
    No more free things, 1. you cant maintain the tractors that you robbed from whites.
    The next hting is , they should surrender back the farmers, as it seems that they got no time to spend time on those farms. (Vanoda musindo mapenzi evanhu mapenzi)
    Thank Police for chasing them, keep on tracking them .

  • Observer gonzo

    Where are he running battles? Correct headline should be “Police disperse an illegal gathering by a faction of war vets.”

    Herald, please this time don’t remove my comment. I have toned it down the best i possibly could!

  • Sid

    How do you justify turning on your liberators?, ungrateful ingrates!

  • nnjjyh

    War veterans have always dished violence on others. i wonder how they feel now

  • Sid

    lol, nice one Colin.

    • Collin Mackenzie

      It’s so clear now that these war Vets who sent these farm raiders.
      Ami Mahoka was correct In asking for the real Chief to please stand up.

      Give those so called War Vets a Barton stick kikikikikikikikiikikikikkikikikik.
      All talk mara chete chete.

  • Bullet at The Falls

    Iyi iG30 yashandiswa apa.

  • Chatambudza

    Question to Herald moderator. Why are forum votes on comments rarely registered either up or down since this morning?

  • Kufandada

    Well done police.We want peace in our country.These guys are threatening Hondo.

  • Unjani Chief?

    Muchanaso mamisana henyu kusvika zvanaka. Magara matanga kuudzana chokwadi soon u will again unite against one thing which will be going for elections.

  • joe

    maybe it was an illegal meeting.did they get police clearance?????

  • Tom Toms

    This is good. Maimbofara kana ve opposition vanzwai

  • Cde

    Do we have a new constitution that protects the right of people.

    How do you reconcile with chasing away old men and women in a peaceful gathering
    with button sticks and tear gas.

    How can anyone respect the police or even rule of law in Zimbabwe at that.

    Is this doing nhai Dr Amai ?

    Because we died for this country

    • Mart

      If you died you should not be on this forum. War vets are violent and have killed innocent people before. They need the police to deal with them. They should be farming but they are lazy. They still want money from the government yet they are the ones who destroyed everything. We want peace in Zimbabwe not this lawlessness.

  • Zim Abroad

    27 years of foolishly backing the bad guy are catching up.

  • guest

    If I remember correctly, these are the very same bunch of hooligans who were agitating for police brutality against all opposition political activists for holding simple meetings and rallies like theirs. So now that they received a taste of their own medicine, they start to complain. No one is above the law, finish and Klara! They should have just followed proper procedure by first seeking clearance from the authority to hold the meeting just like anyone else. Anyway what’s so special about these so called ”war vets”. Everyone played a crucial role in the struggle of Zimbabwe’s Independence, and therefore should be treated equally.

    • vamambo chiwasa

      is this a cleared meeting, if yes why the smoke? then hameno ikoko.

  • Simboti

    It’s still the same country that the police wielding button sticks would chase away any opposition demonstrating.

  • Ngomalungundu

    The war vets appear to have power illusion , in my view. They threatened to beat Kasukuwere and Jona Moyo away from the Politiburo meetings. They are challenging a sitting government, they are not agreeing with, this time around.. Is it thinkable that the government should resign or should be told by them what to do. Are they a parallel power centre? This is a clear test of their clout in government,after their bellicose utterances. We will wait see and kuti ZNLWVA churu chakapinda nyoka here? Dramatic political showdown.

  • Nyamasvisva

    When regular commentators like we all know who are not part of such discussions , one possibility is they were part of the dispersed gallant war vets and they are at home nursing wounds!!!!

    • Phato Sthole

      the Prof no?

    • Mkoma Sam

      Nyamasvisva, l could not sleep after reading this piece. You were head-on. Our learned Pro is on Sabbatical leave. He was part of the bruised in the fiasco. He should be receiving first aid treatment en-route to his Mazoe plot. Ah sorry my fellow wounded folks, its true you were becoming a law unto yourselves. You better understand that it pays to respect authority.

  • karombe


  • SimonPetere

    Zvinonaka chete

  • Vibe On. (Funnytomato123)

    kikiki. they thought that they had a passport to heaven till Grace stepped on the scene. ICHO!

    • Collin Mackenzie

      Kikikikikikikikiikikikikkikikikik a passport to rule
      Till Grace told them to Stop it.
      Next please can the police call me I would live to War Vet them.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    MaChatunga pass the popcorn

  • John

    These thugs must be dealt with once and for all. They have taken the people of Zimbabwe for a ride. They are responsible for the people’s suffering and yet they claim to fight for the people’s cause. They killed many innocent people during the 2008 presidential run off. Now they are fighting on behalf of a certain faction leader who wants to grab power through unconstitutional means and who is well known for killing. Who would want to ruled by a killer??? Down with thugs who masquerade as war veterans!!! Down with this dangerous faction!!! President Mugabe should rein on this peace threatening creature – Operation Shumba or Lacoste!!! If the president or the police need the masses’ help, we are prepared to deal with these war thugs decisively…

  • Cecil Roars

    Uchandiramba ka tatu jongwe risati rarira. Aka daro mwana as Mwari. We have always said he must pass the batton stick to another one before hell breaks loose. Everyone is divided now. It’s a shame!

  • sanctions again?

    is it because of sanctions?

  • Charles Matonganyika

    The war vets need to know that no one is above the law.You break it you pay..I hope that the same will apply to everyone.This is a necessary ingredient for the good governance of the country.

    We can not allow a situation where the war vets will hold the gvt to ransom simply because they fought the war..almost 40 years ago.
    What if this was an MDC or Jump Chaminuka Party in power ?
    Would they be treated with kid gloves as has always been the case?

    Times are changing and somewhere in the horizon I see a government which will do away with the benefits that these guys get.
    What will they do? Engage in lawlessness !!!
    Nothing goes on forever except God,be reminded war vets!

    There is nowhere else in the world where you find people getting paid 40 years after the event..enough is enough these guys need to work or better still do something different.

    • Mwana wevhu

      Maybe u should check that ww2 veterans are still paid.

  • Ziziharinanyanga

    Democracy is where every citizen is allowed to exercise his/her rights regardless of that person’s political, religious, social background. When anyone witnesses certain people’ freedoms being taken away, the entire society must fight against that because tomorrow it’s your rights that will be violated. War veterans saw the majority of Zimbabweans’ rights been violated since 2000 and they even helped the same system violating their rights today in violating innocent citizen’s right. Today they can’t complain when the same happens to them because the rared the dog with milk and today the same dog is biting them. WHOS FAULT IS THAT?

  • Doris

    Question……how old are these war vets? They should be in their seventies in which case they must be really fit to be able to run from the cops!!

  • Ngomalungundu

    You are wrong on the US SATANIC SANCTIONS. The US is misleading on democracy. Its the land issue that made them impose sanctions. We had many democracy issues, let alone Gukurahundi, in this country before and they never raised a finger until the land issue came. E.g, Kombayi was attacked and his manhood impaired but no one challenged the govt on his ZUM party rights.

  • Cde Samanyanga Dotito.

    Its your foolish democratic right to support sanctions that ruin people`s lives over the land issue. MDC politics , I guess!

  • samas

    Zvakuda kunakidza manje. Ngazvitenderere ngazviende mberi! Maybe ndipo pachatangira kusununguka kweZimbabwe. kkkkkkkkk. Handei futi mangwana maCdes!