Kereke to face prosecution for rape charge

mkerekeChief Court Reporter
The High Court has ordered Prosecutor-General Mr Johannes Tomana to issue a certificate for the private prosecution of Bikita West Member of Parliament Dr Munyaradzi Kereke on charges of rape.

Dr Kereke is alleged to have raped the then 11-year-old girl at gunpoint at his home in Vainona, Harare.

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He denies the allegations, saying this was a smear campaign emanating from his acrimonious feud with the former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Dr Gideon Gono.

Dr Kereke for years worked as Dr Gono’s advisor, but the two have since fallen out.

The ruling by Justice Happias Zhou follows an application by the complainant’s guardian Mr Francis Maramwidze  seeking the arrest and prosecution of Dr Kereke on charges of rape.

The complaint’s family lawyer Mr Charles Warara of Warara and Associates had argued that Mr Tomana’s decision to decline prosecuting Dr Kereke was an infringement on his client’s constitutional rights to access justice.

This, he said, was detrimental to justice delivery and Mr Tomana should not be allowed to make improper decisions.

Mrs  Sharon Fero  who appeared for the PG’s office  had opposed the application, arguing that Mr Tomana used his discretion vested upon him in terms of the supreme law of the country.

She said her office could not be compelled to prosecute where there was no incriminating evidence against a suspect.

Mr Maramwidze claimed that he reported the alleged rape in October 2009, but police did nothing about it.

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  • Tonderayi Chanakira


  • Jotham

    Kereke Dr. mumoto mawira mvura hapana. Chawakadya chamuka. You will face the music. You were having a nice time zvapera

    • Disaster

      ZanuPF protecting thugs as usual.

      • Hurungudo

        Rubbish! Where does ZANU-PF come in here?

        • Cde Nharo

          Kamwana keMDC chese chese Zanu-Pf.

      • Jotham

        There is no logic in your comment. Kana washaya zvekutaura Disaster nyarara.

  • malalegqokile

    if he committed this crime then he should face the music

    • Dombodema

      Should he not face the music if he did not commit the alleged crime?

    • mpengo

      Yes he should.

      In the mean time his efforts to expose corruption at the RBZ should also have others open for prosecution

  • Sonosamie

    This is one of the many trivial issues that has been making headlines for a time. Dr this time try to clean up the mess or we say bye as you join other inmates at one the nearest jails. Gumbura knows the real conditions underlying the jails this time. We still have those corrupt chefs masquerading as our paymasters. Sooner or later they will join you. Tomana, can you move in and assist in prosecuting him. The list is too long.

  • Hacha Ndizvo

    Mugabe should appoint Gono as Minister of Home Affairs so that he can sort out this guy

    • Sadombo

      hahahahahahahaha, that would be great because currently the guys at the helm seem not to be willing to arrest and prosecute him

  • samaita

    Aaaaaaaaaah veduweee tinoramba takasvunura tivone

  • samaita

    makazviitawo here zvokupinza pakasvava katokotoko kakadai bva mutemo warambazve imwi

  • Mafira_Kureva

    This is another “Mozambique declaration” How do you force someone to investigate if they have no desire to do so. They will put up the weakest investigation and case such that the judge will throw it out just like the Chinamasa appeal…!!! When are you going to learn ???

    • Jotham

      The court ruling is final – if Tomana decides otherwise he will face the law – obstructing the course of justice period

  • DK

    Kubatira mwana ane 11 years pfuti? Mishonga ka iyi?

    • Sadombo

      juju ritual to boost his waning empire kkkkkkk

  • sekuru dhimba

    hmmm munhu uyu akamakiwa ende chokwadi chaicho hapana anoziva ko sei kuzomboda kutangana naye izvozvi i thnk sm top officials fears this hmboy of mine coz anenjere dzakapinza but vanhu vaarikushanda navo vakaomawo situation yeprison break if he wins agnst the company” he will get exonerated and wl be understood but for now tozisiya mumaoko emhondoro dzenyika ino

    • simba

      Sekuru Dhimba. The rape allegations were reported whilst he was still deputy reserve bank governor and still in good books with Gono and Zanu Pf. It is because of these rape charges that he was released from his post for ethical reasons by Gono, which was the correct decision for corporate governance at the highest level. The decision was however hypocritical on the part of Gono because he was previously engaging in corrupt activities with the full knowledge of Kereke, hence did not have the moral high ground to dismiss anyone for ethical reasons, especially someone with information of his corrupt activities. Kereke should therefore face the music for rape, and Gono’s corruption case brought by Kereke should also be heard, this would be justice.

      • Jotham

        Your comment is somewhat fair. Since Gono and Kereke have their shorting comings – so Kereke should not prosecuted because Gono has to punished too

  • Chihera

    mmmmm surely why have you not jailed this dude….2009 shuwa!! Asi vamwe kungonzwa kuti ndozvazviri munobva mato mhanya kuno vharira…….nyaya yogara ichingo nyangirwa kudai sei! Munhu anga taurisa kuti gono zvazoti nhingi azoti imi muchiziva kuti ane nyaya. Ko ivo nyaku raperwa mwana vadiwoo kumbo taura nyaya yavo. Nyangwe iri hama, the moment they reported rape shuwa kwakungo siira nyaya kuti iitwe zvairi kuitwa izvi. Chii chaizvo panyaya iyi! Todewo kuziva.

  • tapera

    check the balances here where was the victims guardian since 2009,is the guardian not taking the all time advantage,since the child is not his? the child can be used for anything.where are the parents of the victim?why are children rights NGOs quiet?why are human rghts NGOs?is taking social advantage not child abuse too? the guardian might be doing this too?gono stop using justice system for your poitical mirage,kereke is not your child who should remain your junior for ever,zanu pf your slly you are slly you think kereke is an enemy instead it means your can aford two eleven teams all made of cream.return some else in the party the wanted gono thepeople wanted means kereke is popular eaning zanu is popular order gono to stop the nonsense,the enemy is th british mdc not not some zanu pf indepentent candidates.wake up macomrades

    • Jotham

      Tomana refused to prosecute at that time.

  • Commentator

    Going..going…gone. Since his prosecution has been authorized from the top, he is gone. Kereke, if you wanna know how it feels to be powerless yet once upon a time you were untouchable, ask Philip Chiyangwa. He will tell you his experiences in Harare remand prison. Compared to Chikurubi Harare remand is Borrowdale. I guarantee you there will be people there waiting to rape you there. By the way inmates hate rapists and they will do unto you as you have done unto others. I hope you enjoy it..

  • RMC Rebel

    Zvaiwana Ngwarati, kunyima maemployees mari kuRockFoundation ichienda kumagirlfriends, hezvoka.

  • Sadombo

    Arrest and prosecute without fear or favour