JUST IN: Ex-football star George Weah is Liberia’s new president

George Weah

George Weah

MONROVIA. – Fifa’s former World Football Player of the Year George Weah has been voted president of Liberia after clinching 12 of the 15 counties in the west African country.

Weah has taken to Twitter to thank all his supporters, saying that he plans to liberate the country: “It is with deep emotion that I want to thank you, the Liberian people, for honouring me with your vote today. It is a great hope,” he said through his Twitter handle @GeorgeWeahOff .

The former AC Milan striker becomes the 25th president of Liberia. His opponent, 73-year-old Joseph Boakai – who has been the country’s vice president for the last 12 years, got only two counties to vote for The former AC Milan striker becomes the 25th president of the country.

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has congratulated the former Fifa World Football Player of the Year on his victory in the Liberian presidential run-off held on December 26 this year.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, President Zuma praised the country for conducting the presidential run-off in a peaceful manner, saying that it signified another positive step towards deepening democracy in Africa.

Weah, succeeds 79-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who was the first African woman to be elected head of state and government and commander-in-chief of the defence forces. – News Agencies/Herald Reporter

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  • Fada4Life

    Congratulations George Weah upon your deserved victory, you just boosted TBJ CV, he will be expecting you for the thank given

  • Eric Murphy

    this news is fake, the counting process is still ongoing and the National Elections Commission have not officially announce a final result and winner

    • Rasta!

      Akafita kutambwa 10 nya yakatambwa MT muna 2008.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Why is it a joke? Tell us the criteria for presidency? Kune ma degree ehu president? Wasn’t Ronald Reagan a movie star? Wasn’t Maduro a bus driver? Wasn’t Mugabe a teacher? You are so daft.

    • danzo

      My thinking is that after the country has been blighted by years of wars and corruption, it can only be sensible to vote for a seasoned politician/ technocrat to move the country forward and not someone with years of experience on the football pitch. Makes sense doesn’t it ?

      • Loud Speaker

        Ja! But look what most of those so called seasoned politicians/technocrats etc end up doing for their respective countries! Surely a dribbling footballer can’t be any worse..or can he?

  • Sandura1

    Why? What is wrong with being a footballer?

    • danzo

      This is why Africa remains poor of all continents, the choice of leadership is pathetic.

    • Loud Speaker

      They dribble for a start.Always miss open goals.And shift goalposts.

  • Shokoinazvo

    Vanhu vanenge vaneta boss

  • Cde Hondo

    Bambo must start campaigning for 2080 elections.

    • eliah

      yes yes Bambo for 2018

  • Wellington

    No results have been announced stop misleading people

  • vanhu

    Hapana joke apa .Why would u say its a joke ?What did u see in it that would make it a joke .ndosaka zvimwe zvinoputwa zvichirambidzwa.unoona zvisizvo

  • Maff

    asekuru kana Chinotimba ari Honorable member muParliament ko Gorge Weah akafunda blaz uyu haaasi madofo ebhora amajaira.
    Read below exercepts 2013:
    Football legend George Manneh Weah on Saturday received a Master of Public Administration Degree (MPA) from the Devry University in Miami, Florida the USA, fortifying a major lapse in his quest for the Liberian presidency.

    Eight years after his lack of an education dealt a major blow to his quest for the Liberian presidency, George Manneh Weah is now the holder of an undergraduate and a Master’s Degree.

    • danzo

      Talking of people like Chinotimba Sir ? Exactly my sentiment, this is why Zimbabwe and Africa at large is what it is today. Having idiots in parliament run the country, this choice of leadership leaves a lot to be desired. Let me remind you that having a Masters or doctorate means not much in this day and age. You Sir can have a Masters/ Doctorate that is if you don’t have one by having me write your dissertation/ thesis on your behalf, so dont be fooled by these qualifications. We have too numerous Dr amai’s who didnt sweat and earn those PHD’S.

  • Paschal Charles

    Congratulations to Liberia . The youngest president in Africa.

  • danzo

    If i amaze you Sir then its clear to me you are almost amazed by anything. l still think having Mr Weah for President is a misplaced vote.While Weah is a popular figure the world over his lack of formal education has been a handicap to his ability to lead the country in contrast with Harvard-educated Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the out going leader. No wonder analysts in his country noted his lack of experience, calling him a “babe-in-the-woods”. Of course only recently he acquired some degree neshungu but is this enough to entrust him with leading the country ?

  • danzo

    Now, don’t be emotional about it Sir calm down.