UPDATED: Evangelist Guti Jr dies

Ezekiel Guti Jr

Ezekiel Guti Jr

Margaret Matibiri Herald Correspondent
Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior, son of the founder of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA Forward in Faith) church, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, has died.

Guti Jr (35) died yesterday in South Africa where he was battling for his life in intensive care unit (ICU) after he nearly drowned in a swimming pool on Christmas Day.

Guti Jr was in South Africa for the holiday with his family.

ZAOGA FIF’s acting secretary-general Reverend Misheck Nyambo confirmed the death yesterday in a statement.

“It is with great sorrow that I inform you of the passing on of Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Junior this morning (yesterday),” he said.

It is believed that the accident occurred during lunchtime on Christmas Day.

Reports indicate that Guti Jr had instructed a guard to disconnect drainage pipes from the swimming pool when the accident happened.

The guard reportedly called out for help when he saw Guti Jr drowning and one Dube, who is believed to be the driver, quickly rescued him from the pool, but he was already foaming and rolling his eyes.

He was rushed to hospital and was battling for his life in the ICU till the time of his death.

Guti Jr, wrote the book titled “The Man Who Defied Condition”, where he revealed his personal experiences on how he defied his physical disability and speech impediment to claim a normal life, leaves behind his wife Caroline and three children.

He is likely to be buried next year after the church’s 10 days of prayer and fasting that runs from the first of January every year.

“We will be updating you on the burial arrangements in good time to enable you to travel.

“In the meanwhile, please do not travel to Harare for the funeral, but remain in your provinces and nations as we put the logistics in place.

“We are hoping that the burial will take place in January 2018 just after the 10 days.”

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  • Greeforce

    He must have been high on something. We hear that he was a prophet. These church people are real con artist.

    • http://masimbamusodza.co.uk Masimba Musodza

      He had several lifelong health problems. Based on the chatter on social media, it appears he had a seizure while swimming and was taken to ICU where he lost the battle for his life. I am not a member of the church (I am not even a Christian) but I think he was an outstanding person who did not let the imperfections of his body prevent him from living life abundantly.

      • Lisa Moyo

        A very polite comment there thank you.May the HolySpirit continue to comfort the family at this difficult time

    • God is sovereign Havaudzwe zve

      The problem with” Green flies” like you is that even if God in His infinite wisdom were to bring him back to life you would turn around and say ahh he probably wasnt dead anyway.. You are just hard hearted opressed and molested by demons ..you need to repent and turn to God before its too late

      • Matador

        When is too late?

    • Jambanja

      Surely is this the best u could say, put on a morals jacket, u ain’t got one at least zip up yo lips

    • alex

      lord please forgive this person for he/she does not know what he is saying

    • Maff

      Sometimes out of foolishness you call a curse upon yourself .Why do you comment such kind of idiocy?Akakutadzirei?akambokuprophita?

    • Mourner

      Mwari ngavakuitire zvakanaka hama yangu. Shoko rinoti chemai nevanochema iwe busy hurling insults at those mourning the passing on of a true spiritual leader. Amen.

    • watcher

      Zimbabweans are too sensitive to death wapisira Greeforce.

      • Chabvongodza

        Hapana kupisira apo. He just said what he feels and I don’t think there is anything wrong there. Mufi haasi Jesus but a mortal man like anyone else. So no need for those stupid supporters to get hyper.

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Its intriguing that such a “powerful apostolic family “cannot get prophecy and avoid such accident. Just like TB Josh not being told by “God “ about the coming collapse of the church building some years ago.

    • lionzim

      It was his time. We are pilgrims and strangers on this earth. In this we have no continuing city we look for a city whose builder and maker is God. Please just mourn the death of this gallant soldier of the cross it is unafrican to do otherwise.

      • dr krieg

        sorry for the loss BUT that’s exactly how religions brainwash their followers… there is no “their time”. its all about luck and having resources.. Zimbabwe’s life expectancy is less than half that of (for example) Finland.. does God loves Finns more than Zimbabweans?

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      So true. Like Bob Marley said this religion stuff is just a machine to make money. The other day I was discussing the same issue with someone from Mwazha church. They claim they can heal, they can foresee the future, they make you fertile if you are barren, get you a job if you are unemployed, etc. What a bunch of baloney. Iye mukadzi wake akafa why didn’t he pray and heal her? Hanzi ah no zvinenge zvakanyorwa kuti achafa. So why are you then claiming to heal people if it’s written kuti uchafa on this and that day? So sad.

    • Emerald

      It simply confirms that they are mere preachers and not prophets. Sad loss anyway to the Guti’s.

    • Rudeologist Chikala

      A bit low for your usual high standards Cde.

    • status

      i wonder if neither the killing of James early in the book of Acts in the bible,equates to God not speaking or the Apostles not hearing from God nor the death of John the baptist means that Jesus was not the Son of God.

      Im not a follower of either TB Josh or Baba Guti,But remember we still live in a fallen world where the devil still has much control (even the Son of God had to suffer at the hands of men but that did not mean he was not Christ )

      • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

        Yaa, but God could have created a non sinning human being,instead of having Jesus Christ and all the religious process of us requiring being saved from sinning anyway. God created Lucifer also to influence our sinning and then Jesus to counter the evil role of Lucifer. Kkkkkiiiii!

    • Cde Hondo

      I think people are angry because you are putting a very good point but unfortunately at the wrong time only. “Afirwa haatariswi kumeso ” You have a valid point vazvinzwa maporofita enhema nevanhu vavo. May his soul rest in peace.

      • Ndizvozvo

        Yep it befall Man of Gold Mr Masocha. Imbwa dzevanhu!

    • Lisa MoyoLil

      Ndomumwe wo uyu ahhhhh

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    Sincere condolences to the Guti family

    • Mabwe

      Sincere condolences to the family. I am shocked by some of the comments we make when people have lost a loved one. Death is something that was pronounced in the bible, no prophecy will stop death from happening.

  • inini1545

    It is sad to learn of his unfortunate passing. Rest in peace ..

  • Chamunorwa

    The death of every person is always a loss to mankind. Rest in peace. Whether he was a fake evangelist or not is irrelevant.

  • New Start

    This is sad,I lost my brother the same way over a decade ago and it’s not easy to come to terms with such a tragedy.condolences to the Guti family.asi this culture of keeping the deceased above ground for longer than 3 days is it wise?let him rest , you can pray for him even after burial instead of pumping a corpse with embalming chemicals for 10 days,not cool!

  • fidel castro

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Guti family on the loss of one of the most inspirational black preachers whom I equate to the prolific armless and legless Australian preacher and evangelist Nick Vujicic. This is a big loss to the christian fraternity. Your death, a day after Christmas, was for a reason which is oblivious to many in the world, that is why they are making rhetorical and awkward comparisons. The world does not understand things of the heavenly realm and whatever their utterings or bad mouthing should be met with forgiveness. Rest in peace winner of souls.

    • Mukristu

      What a comment! Very christian sihlobo . God bless u 4 being very Christian and a good example of how christians comment

  • mpengo

    “Reports indicate that Guti Jr had instructed a guard to disconnect drainage pipes from the swimming pool when the accident happened.”

    Were you unable to piece this information together, and just threw it in there for us to fugure out? Where do the drainage pipes fit in?

    The guard having helped rescue him makes sense, but how are these “reports” linked to the incident?

  • Jambanja

    He was disabled

  • Ruth J. Nyandoro

    I am 38 and can’t swim so? I had an opportunity to see Ezekiel at one of their 10 days conferences and his zeal and unashamed joy for God humbled me up to this point. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace

  • ruru wemhiriino

    Its so sad R.I.P jnr Guti, its rosy hopeless for the kids and family.

  • Tiriparwendo

    Iwe utorine### chaiwo. Whats your problem? Akakutadzireiko nyakuenda uyu? Is it a crime that he has died and where is your anger and hate coming from?

    • Chabvongodza

      That was a very simple question. The angry one it’s you. You are frothing right now yet I am just relaxed. That pastor thinks he can get promoted.

  • Francis Hoko

    My heartfelt condolences to the Guti family and all church members. My question on the burial side. I’m puzzled as to why the burial has to take place after the 10 day prayer and fasting period I guess the fact that you have someone who is deceased among you and not buried will distract peoples attention and focus in as far as the fasting period is concerned. I suggestion is burry the man and then proceed with your prayer period.

    Thank you

  • Mr Pastel

    Very sad but I have a very big question.

  • zindos

    May his rest in peace, was a true man of God. He is indeed a hero of faith. The Church shall ever salute such a worrier, soldier, and Commander General who has spent all the days of his life liberating souls
    The devil is a liar!!!

  • Mr Pastel

    Eunor Guti preaches that if one is not faithful in Matarenda (a covenant of Talents) and Chegumi (tithe) he will be cursed to death as she goes on to tell on Ezekiel TV about a certain woman who bled to death because of abusing Matarenda. Now, does it mean that Guti and his wife also were not faithful in their tithes and talents in order for them to bear a disabled child (Ezekiel Jnr) for all his life until he has now died at 35? I need an answer please.

  • Mr Pastel

    Eunor Guti preaches that if one is not faithful in Matarenda (a covenant of Talents) and Chegumi (tithe) he will be cursed to death as she goes on to tell on Ezekiel TV about a certain woman who bled to death because of abusing Matarenda. Now, does it mean that Guti and his wife also were not faithful in their tithes and talents in order for them to bear a disabled child (Ezekiel Jnr) for all his life until he has now died at 35? I need an answer please.

  • kutonhodzwakwachauruka

    Thank you ZAOGA fans for letting this fellow grow up not knowing what poverty means. Some even sacrificed their own kids well being so that he could be comfortable in his disability. And he passed on in that comfort you gave him. He must surely rest in peace.

  • bhuru

    i do not go to church, please take a moment to google this particular guy

  • Trusst Hwiridzo

    He was physically challenged but he is one man who defied his disability and gave his all to the work of God. A very humble soul full of humour and love. Those that got anywhere near him wuld tell you that you culd never be left without a good impression of him. His positivity and zeal. Rest in Peace Evangelist Ezekiel Guti Jnr. Some of us know you better

    • Lisa Moyo

      Ichokwadi hama, I knew him too a man full of love and very anointed

  • Chabvongodza

    What calling? He was just Guti’s son and that’s all. His father owns a church and as his son he was going to inherit it.

    • Lisa Moyo

      He was a pastor, even more wiser than you!!!!bcz he knew God, even went to bible school and probably more learned than u, wise ppl don’t behave like u FULL STOP????????????

  • Pootie Tang

    Rest in peace brother.I am not a member of his church but why do people hate others so much when they have not harmed you

  • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    I never showered praises to G40 , but to ZANU PF and its leadership as whole not factions. You misread my comments. I continue to support ZANU PF as before. Why are you not blaming those who exposed the late PASTOR to dangers of the swimming pool for someone handicapped.. . Surely if prophetic powers can be used to protect us from impending dangers, why should prophets who claim such powers not be challenged at times like these,as we join the family in mourning.You never attend funerals as per our Shona culture where even Sahwiras say the say-able and the unsay-able. Dont try to raise lame emotions.

  • Chabvongodza

    Sham.You declare that to your family and not me. Very ignorant and abused by Guti. The man lives in a castle in Borrowdale brooke and you?

  • Bishop S Mabhiza

    mwari wavaGuti akavapa mwana iyeye ndiye akatora Chipo chaakavapa huye ndiye anoziva paachachengeta mweya wa junior kutawura hakupere inyika kanawo imi makatarisa zera rababa guti rotukwawo here nepwere kuti seyi wafirwa iwe uchinzi mukuru wesvondo isu ve st john apostolic church of the whole world tinoti baba namai guti nesangano dzvene ramwari chemai muine tariro ndiko kumusha kana Takunda tichanoonana asi nzira dzatinoyenda nadzo ndidzo ndinongorwadza

  • Lisa Moyo

    No his wife is alive it’s only him who died.

  • dr krieg

    Mate, it’s all a lie.. at least I don’t believe in a loving God who couldn’t forgive us without watching his son get brutally assaulted and murdered..

    • lionzim

      Neither would I worship a God who would watch His Son brutally murdered.

      • dr krieg


  • dr krieg

    Ur contradicting yourself can’t you see.. don’t get me wrong, I was raised Christian and I do have a lot of respect for it and any other religion but it’s all bullshit.. mostly based on mind control and submission.. you can’t tell me the same God who is said to be so merciful can be so merciless to destroy the whole world(which is a lie btw).. he needs to watch his son brutally murdered before he can forgive people.. homophobic? Truth is all religions are man made and so are God and Satan..