BREAKING: ED breaks silence

Cde E.D Mnangagwa

Cde E.D Mnangagwa

Felex Share Senior Reporter —
Former Vice President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa says President Mugabe should respect the will of the people expressed through various democratic processes going on in the country.

He said the current impasse was not a matter between the two leaders.

In a statement released this morning, Cde Mnangagwa confirmed that President Mugabe made contact with him but such talks cannot supercede democratic processes underway like the impeachment motion in Parliament.

Zanu-PF has resolved to impeach President in Parliament today.

Cde Mnangagwa said Parliament was the ultimate expression of the will of the people outside an election rendering proposed talks between him and President Mugabe irrelevant.

Cde Mnangagwa who was reinstated as a Zanu-PF Central Committee and declared the party’s Presidential candidate for the 2018 harmonised elections said he would return to Zimbabwe “until I am satisfied of my personal security because of the manner and treatment given to me upon being fired.”

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  • danzo

    Keep pushing Mnangagwa for Mugabe to go now. Now now now. You and the masses of Zimbabwe are the only ones who really want Mugabe to go. This army confuses people, its like they are happy with Mugabe continueing as long as he re-admits ED.

  • Mai Vako

    kutonga kwaro

  • The Preacher

    I never loved ED but so far, whatever his past, this man is promising to make Zim great again!!! For 37 years, we really never had many voices of reason who consider the people. This is amazing given that this is coming at a time when the likes of Chinamasa (& I hereby unappologetically appeal 2 all well-meaning ZANU leaders to show such man the exit door) were already diverting a people’s project which was successfully led by war veterans into a very parochial & selfish end. To Chinamasa, all he could see in the millions of people protesting and calling for Mugabe resignation was ZANU PF first not the people of Zimbabwe! Thank Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for seing the people of Zimbabwe first before you saw ZANU PF supporters. You have done what Mugabe could have never done. You have laid the rock, very unshakable, upon which Zimbabwe shall be known as the best place on planet earth.

    I just hope and pray that all this is in good faith and is not crocodile tears.

    Otherwise this is a very good template to begin a #freshstart!

    • Duke-General Hacha

      The man has better senses than Mugabe – although he is a thug through and through.

  • Zvakaora

    A good strategy by Mnangagwa. Let the constitutional impeachment process run its course, and not let speculation on secret deals and discussions between Mugabe and Mnangagwa divert attention from using all due legislative process to remove Mugabe from office as rapidly as possible.

  • Cde Kangai

    Aluta continua comrades. Mugabe must go. Impeachment ro proceed if there is nothing to show in terms of a resignation. This old man is taking the whole nation hostage by trying to play supremacy above all. The people are taking back their power which they had borrowed him. We dont listen to malcontents such as Chatunga Bellamine Mugabe who had the audacity to say thag ZANU PF is nothing without his father. This dull, extremely unintelligent boy should go back to dorm one and try to get his senses back on course. The honeymoon is over. Let his dad be fired forthwith and quickly without fail. We also father children who are dying of hunger and lack while he has money to buy champagne to wash his valuable $60 000 diamond coated wrist watch. #DODOREMWANA

  • Darfe Muzira

    Saying all the right things so far. Mr Mnangagwa has just got himself a chance at redemption I hope he takes it.

  • Warumwa warumwa

    Please CDF our true living legend if ED can not trust the security guarantees you have given him. Further he seems to be frightened of 93 old surrounded by tanks. Maybe its time to other leaders vari muno to lead the country. He can come kana akuda. All we need is peace and reconciliation not grandstanding.

    • musharukwa

      its not about security its called pressure and politics


        Chinamasa forgetting his son was responsible for the $7,000,000.00usd at the border WE DONT NEED THE OPPOSITON ITS A ZANU PF ISSUE ‘ So tomoro go to the street alone please dont bother Zimbabweans unitli ku zIMBABWE gROUNDS ININI NDAKA MIRIRA zanu pf KUITA SEI THERE IS NO ZANU PF IN THIS FIGHT ITS ZIMBABWEANS

    • Victor Gugo

      @Warumwa warumwa: You are very wrong! Yuo can not see that it was Mugabe’s trick/game to prolong the process by saying he is negotiating with ED? ED is right. Let the people do the talking. He has no locus standi to talk to RGM coz he is on longer VP and still has to be confirmed leader of his party. We must watch out for the willy old fox’s trickery.

  • P Muzavazi

    ED is very right. The President and his wife treated this man very badly.Let the people be the final arbiters.The people are saying go and he should honour the wishes of the people.

  • Pedro

    Seems like time for a tete-a-tete has long expired!

  • Zoomer

    Kutonga Kwaro…. Apparently the croc buster Mr Prof got swallowed by the croc….

  • Pasipamire

    Did this gnat respect the will of the people in past elections (especially 2008 when he led the butchering of opposition supporters.) These staged dramas are now boring.. We all know you’re behind the coup so why fear for your life when your friends chiwenga and co have mugabe under house arrest?

  • Duke-General Hacha

    This man is very cunning – a master strategist. It appears now that he is smarter than Mugabe after all.

  • M.M.

    Hey guys, are you saying Mnangagwa is cleaner than Mugabe or what?

  • Shanna6785

    Am not sure this is statement was written by Ngwena, this might be some imagination from some unscrupulous journalism aided by some unscrupulous elements. After reading the statement from Chiwenga yesterday its too contradictory and a bit uncalled for that Ngwena speaks contrary to the generals who are fighting his corner. I think some unscrupulous people decided to write their own statement to cause CONFUSION. Really dont think Ngwena has any capacity to speak right now as he has no office. I think you are been played by people that want to see the situation in Zimbabwe escalate. Zimbabweans think dont be played, find the source of this statement…

  • CorpGovGuru

    ED in his statement today said “l can only come at the invitation of my colleagues in the party and of
    the defence forces‚ when they feel that my security is guaranteed”

    In simple terms he his saying i wont come at the invitation of former president of the party but will only come at the invitation of the party and the defence forces.He is saying he will come at the invitation of the people by implication.

    This is genious on ED’s side.

    I urge the defence forces and the party to give him assurances and invite him back to mother Zimbabwe so that he can lead the Party and ultimately the Country as the party by nominating him to lead the party has ultimately nominated him to lead the Country.