Biti’s wife files for divorce

Tendai Biti

Tendai Biti

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
Former Finance Minister and Harare lawyer Mr Tendai Biti’s wife of 10 years has filed for divorce at the High Court, citing loss of affection and love for each other.

Mrs Charity Biti (nee Maguwah), through her lawyers Mawere & Sibanda Commercial Lawyers, issued summons for divorce claiming maintenance for the couple’s only minor child. The couple had their marriage solemnised in 2007 under Marriage Act (Chapter 5:11). Part of the plaintiff’s declaration reads:

“Plaintiff avers that the marriage between the parties has irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there is no reasonable prospect of restoration of a normal marriage relationship between them in that:

“a) The parties have lost love and affection for each other,

(b) The plaintiff and defendant are no longer compatible,

(c) The plaintiff and defendant have not lived as wife and husband since August 2014.”

Tendai Biti

Tendai Biti

Mrs Biti is claiming custody of the 12-year-old son proposing that the politician should be granted limited access to the child. She intends to relocate to the United States next month, together with the child.

“It is in the best interest of the minor child that the defendant exercises reasonable access in the following manner:

“a) For two thirds of each of the US’ summer holidays,

(b) On alternate Christmas and Easter holidays,

(c) At all other times which may be agreed to mutually between the plaintiff and defendant until the child becomes 18-years-old or becomes self-supporting whichever occurs first.”

Mrs Biti wants the politician to pay the child’s school fees, to buy uniforms and to cater for all the boy’s other living expenses, including accommodation, food and clothing. She wants him to pay the child’s medical insurance and travel expenses whenever he wants to see the child. Mrs Biti is seeking to be awarded an immovable property at Stand Number 14 Coltman Road, Mount Pleasant in Harare measuring 4 048 square metres.

She also wants the court to award her a black Mercedes Benz S350 (ADY 5606) and household property at the family’s Umwinsdale home. Mrs Biti seeks an order to have the couple’s 6 831 square metre plot in Umwinsdale sold for the parties to share the proceeds equally.

In a her declaration, Mrs Biti considered that when she married her husband, he had already acquired other immovable properties, hence she proposed that he be awarded more immovable properties including:

a) Number 2 Poland Way, Glen Lorne, Harare (4 000 square metres),

(b) Number 7 Bernard Avenue, Chisipite (4 114 square metres),

(c) Number 26 Rowland Square, Milton Park (2 762 square metres), (d) Tsoko Lodge, Number 1 Shato Close, Juliasdale and (e) Murehwa homestead and pig farm.

Mrs Biti also proposed that her husband be given a Toyota Land Cruiser (ADI 2870), a white Ford Ranger (ADL 1761), Mercedes Benz E300 (ADA 7481) and a Mercedes Benz E280 (ACY 5148). She also offered Mr Biti household goods at Tsoko Lodge and some items at the couple’s Umwinsdale home. Mr Biti is yet to respond to the summons.

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  • Tambai Mese Mujairane


    This fella is loaded for sure. Looks like money cant buy love though.

    • edson tembo

      It can buy you a greedy spouse that’s shit about marriage. Regai imbwa dzekwa mai nhingi dzigare ukaitora inofuma yokuruma

  • Team Lacoste

    I have never been a fan of divorces especially considering the strain they cause on the children. It is very sad to see the increase in the rates of divorce in the country especially when regard is had to the fact that the family is the smallest unity around which societies revolve. Anyway since the very reasons for the marriage are no longer there then let their hearts decide on best possible course of action.
    BE THAT AS IT MAY -Surely there is a real need to audit the lifestyles of our politicians!! I rest my case!!

    • Muhard

      You’re very right, along with the economic destruction an overstayed leader brought on the country, the rates of divorce in zim increased a lot. It’s a catch 22, before the 2013 constitution women often didn’t divorce because they would get little or nothing but with new laws they are empowered. Unfortunately it then becomes hard to tell if they’re divorcing due to illtreatment or financial opportunity. Ps yes he has a lot of assets but he’s also a successful lawyer and is paid regularly to give speaches at universities around the world. No one was stupid enough to ask Gono what the hell happened to the $Zim dollar so they asked him as someone who had first hand insight to the financial layout of zim.

    • Kitsiyatotata

      The guy is a cooperate lawyer by profession not a full time politician. Vasiyana nana Chinotimba, Sk Moyo ma full time politicians. However divorcing must never be encouraged at all to people who are supposed to be role models for our children.

    • yowe

      Excellent post

    • edson tembo

      Hence some one will putting them on the firing line. I refused divorce now it 17yrs without signing the decree.


    Lucifer diahborossi danger skelemu Muroyi nhunzhatunzwa marapatesetse devil

    • Tongogara

      You guys you fool us. You are one and the same with the zannies.

  • Ray Mbada

    If you add up the pieces of land this bastard owns then you begin to understand how many Ignatius Chombos we have in this corrupt society. When you hear them preach, you think this is the only chance for the poor to own a pair of trousers and cover the important privates. But, let me tell you that these people are the only known devils. They show us crocodile tears when what they are really after is our blood. How many of us are languishing in prisons for the sake of these people? How many are in cold soil today because they were fighting for these idiots? How many of us are sleeping in the pavement while they pin their hopes on the promised but never coming?

    It’s high time people open their eyes and know what to sweat for.

    • danny ocean

      ukutiiko iwe?????

    • Takamudonhedza Zvejende

      It is one thing to steal from the tax payer and another to accrue land & properties through your sweat. Ever heard of the cliche’ …IN EVERY ADVERSITY THERE IS AN ADVANTAGE”…clever people buy land and properties during times of economic downturn for future speculative purposes. It is called business acumen. Zvasiyana na Wicknell Chivayo…!!!

    • Profmununhema

      Thieves are rampant in our society. They preach governance which they cannot uphold. We need to check the period he acquired these assets. if it is anytime after or during being a Finance Minister, then it would testify the claims that he was in cohorts with Goche siphoning funds or receiving bribes on tenders . He should account for the source of his wealth.
      Dont tell me he is a lawyer, we can easily trace funds that his clients paid and reconcile to his assets.

      • Tendai

        The wife even said he had other properties before their marriage was solemnised in 2007!!

    • Young Mike

      The guy earned his money and has been fighting for you to earn your money too. He is one example of how one can earn the right way imi makungoti coz he is opposition politician then he should throw away what he is earning so he can be poor. Who said a politician has to be poor. Being rich is not a sin.

    • ivhukuvanhu chete chete

      Now he is in the USA to beg for more satanic, deleterious, racist, and ruinous economic sanctions so that he and his opposition goons suck more of our blood, yet poverty has already destroyed us.

  • L. Makombe

    By why is she relocating to the US, is it because of Biti. God hurts divorce and those who initiate divorce are going against God’s wishes.

    • Madara

      god doesnt exist. its just the wishes of some people

      • Kitsiyatotata

        Tsvagai Mwari nguva ichiripo iyi.

  • Chazunguza

    Yaaaaa! vanhu vane zvinhu ava….

  • Madara

    marriage means nothing as long as divorce is a thing.
    anyway… if this woman wants to divorce and take the child so far away that the ex husband cannot even see him then the woman should be the one to pay for all the childs expenses. its like buying a car but then the car goes overseas and someone else drives it instead of you but you still have to pay for fuel and services…

  • eish

    Mrs Biti change your mind remember this guy is considered to be a better Finance Minister than Chinamasa, engage anatete pse, but having said this how on earth did Biti acquire all these things in a collapsed economy like ours, these fellows there blame Zanupf guys day and night when there are also equally guilty of amassing wealth.

  • proda1

    What a greedy maroon of a wife. Basically she wants more than half of the assets plus 100% uptake of the boy’s expenses with almost sole custodian, thats idiotic Cde apa makatadza kuroora.

    But wat really pains me is the level of amassing wealth, typical Zanu Pf’s style.

    • musayigwa

      He is still one of the best lawyers in the land. His wealth is nothign compared to lawyers of his calibre.

    • Guest

      I live in the United States and I can tell you this is not a country for black men. Have you been reading about police brutality killings of black men in America. As well as crippling discrimination. Black men have been emasculated in America. They suffer more than the women. As an immigrant this poor child will meet gangs in middle and high school. This woman is a fool. A poor black man in Africa at least he still has dignity and sense of identity. One Zimbabwean woman brought her son to the US, he later joined the army where he was allegedly abused. He came home locked his door and committed suicide. The mother feeling guilty committed suicide a few months later.

      • moli

        l also thought so the states is dangerous to youngsters

  • Ijaha leNkabazwe

    So the opposition people are also EATING how does one become a politician by the way?

  • Kwangwari Gwayendepi

    This is the reason why Kwangwari will never be married. So this woman wants Biti to have limited access to his son but at the same time she wants unlimited access to Biti’s wealth? How is she going to decide she wants to take this man to the US without his consent? Are these the equal rights women have always been crying for? How dare does she tell Biti what he should be awarded when by her admission the man already had a lot of properties before they got married? That’s why rich folks in developed countries make their spouses sign prenuptial agreements before they get married. Our women have become diamond diggers. For me just a girl friend is all what i want.

  • Investor

    He did not only take that as finance minister. He got more than he bargained for. Ask Job Sikhala.

  • Telford Barietsile

    ”I gave her my half rib, half my crib, half my cake
    Half my car, half my kids? Can’t get that”

  • Qiniso

    How did this dude amass all this wealth?

  • mukanyas

    paid by whom

  • ivhukuvanhu chete chete

    Unoswera naye here iwe? Do not try to be witnesses where you have not spent your time or day with him.

  • Musanyepe

    dai wanga wakadzidza wakaenda kuchikoro you would understand that you can acquire a lot of assets in a clean way especially if you are an esteemed lawyer….check any lawyer if you know one uone kuti vanotambura here….dont compare a tea boy to a lawyer….even in a 100% democracy which does not exist anyway, you will still have the rich and the poor, so its not amazing to have vasts assets. You can never make a public comment and expect us to cheer you uchitaura kwausina kuswera, not here may be kumba kwako. Usanyepe