Biti appoints party national executive

Tendai Biti

Tendai Biti

Nyemudzai Kakore Herald Reporter
FORMER MDC-T stalwart and Makokoba legislator Mr Gorden Moyo, who left the beleaguered party last month citing lack of leadership, has joined the Renewal Team which is calling for the removal of party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai.The move comes as the team led by party secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti is on the verge of forming a political party after announcing members of its National Executive Committee last Friday.

The Renewal Team has since dropped the MDC-T’s red colour and adopted orange as its main colour and will use a new slogan: “MDC-Team Renewal: The party of choice; The party of choice: MDC-Team Renewal”.

The team will also continue to use the open palm, but will drop Mr Tsvangirai’s name on other popular statements they will be using, which are borrowed from MDC-T.

Mr Moyo, a former MDC-T Bulawayo chairman, was last Friday appointed to lead the Renewal Team’s Diaspora and international relations committee, one of several working committees which make up the team’s National Executive Committee.

When he resigned in June, Mr Moyo said the MDC-T had become confused.

“On this day, the 13th of June 2014, I, Gorden Moyo, am  stepping down from the office of the chair of Bulawayo province with immediate effect,” he said. “An angel of darkness has visited our party. We have been raped by a demon and become like the Tower of Babel – full of confusion.

“I can’t pretend there is one MDC and so for avoidance of doubt I wrote to both of them.”

Former spokesperson for the Professor Arthur Mutambara led MDC faction Mr Maxwell Zimuto also joined the renewal group and was appointed to serve in the recruitment and mobilisation committee.

The Renewal Team is led by suspended MDC-T secretary general Mr Tendai Biti and is now making its first steps to evolve into a fully-fledged political party following the appointment of the committees.

Mr Biti and his team have been calling on Mr Tsvangirai to step down, accusing him of leadership failure that resulted in successive electoral losses to Zanu-PF.

The Renewal Team’s National Executive Committee will be made up of 16 working committees tasked with various activities.

Mr Biti will be chairing finance, administration and policy and research functions of the grouping, while former MDC-T deputy treasurer general Mr Elton Mangoma will chair the informal sector and livelihoods committee.

Former MP for Masvingo Central Mr Jeffreyson Chitando will lead the recruitment and mobilisation committee, while the faction’s spokesperson Mr Jacob Mafume will chair the communications committee.

Dzivarasekwa National Assembly representative Solomon Madzore will be chair of the organising committee, Mbizo MP Mr Settlement Chikwinya will chair the labour and civic society committee, while Mrs Kerry Kay will head the local government portfolio.

Former Mazowe Central MP Mr Shepherd Mushonga will head legal affairs, Kuwadzana legislator Mrs Lucia Matibenga will chair social welfare and Mr Last Maengahama will lead the cadership development and ideology position.

Parliamentary affairs will be chaired by Kambuzuma lawmaker Mr Willas Madzimure and Constitution implementation will be chaired by Ms Luta Shaba, while former Masvingo Urban MP Mr Tongai Matutu will be head of elections.

Mr Mafume denied that they were forming a new party when he announced the chairpersons of the working committees.

“We haven’t formed our own new party, but we have expelled certain leaders, he said. The message for renewal is resonating with many of our members.  ’It has taken time for some of them to think about these issues, it is a marathon and not a sprint. We are doing this for 2018 where there is the next election and we are willing to contribute to the national development.’’

Senator for Harare Mrs Rorana Muchiwa, Tsholotsho North MP Mrs Roselene Nkomo, Dangamvura-Chikanga MP Mr Arnold Tsunga and Mr Mushonga attended their first public meeting as members of the Renewal Team on Friday.

Mr Mafume said their faction would work to provide jobs, education and a stable economy for Zimbabweans.

He also backed land reform, saying the exercise spearheaded by Zanu-PF was irreversible.

“The land question is irreversible and every Zimbabwean must benefit from the land, he said. The land audit will weed out corruption and multiple land ownership.”

The Renewal Team has said it will hold its first congress in March next year.

It emerged over the weekend that at least 19 legislators from both the National Assembly and Senate have so far defected to the Renewal Team.

The MDC-T has 49 National Assembly members and 21 in the Senate.

The legislators include Tendai Biti (Harare East), Lucia Matibenga (Kuwadzana), Evelyn Masaiti Muzungu (non-constituency), Simon Sipepa-Nkomo (Lobengula), Mrs Roselene Nkomo (Tsholotsho North), Willas Madzimure (Kambuzuma), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo), Solomon Madzore (Dzivarasekwa), Paul Madzore (Glen View South), Reggie Moyo (Luveve) and Bekithemba Nyathi (Pelandaba-Mpopoma).

The others are Judith Muzhavazhe (non-constituency), Brian Tshuma (Hwange Central), Arnold Tsunga (Dangamvura-Chikanga), Gorden Moyo (Makokoba), Moses Manyengavana (Highfied West), Sekai Holland (Senator Harare) Watchy Sibanda (Senator Matabeleland South) and Rorana Muchihwa (Senator Harare).


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  • Ronald

    2018 you’ll be history ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy it while it lasts. Zimbabweans are divided politically into two, between Zanu Pf and the MDC led by Tsvangirai. Anything else kuvaraidza nguva kuteya nzou neriva.

    • Grace Jones

      Isu tinoda Biti. Speak for yourself

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      I never imagined Biti would be so foolish. This is the very reason why the MDC always failed – Tsvangirai was surrounded with fools.

      • mpengo

        Birds of a feather…
        If Biti is a fool,Tsvangirai is just as foolish if not worse….by association

  • Syborg

    Time to face reality that money doesnot translate to power or popularity.
    This is just another money making project similar to Madhukus Nca project but dont be surprised to see some of the names your mentioned above on the Mdc.T congress.

  • Daniel Berejena

    Congratulations Renewal Team for announcing your national executive. We will meet in the battle field.

    • chandunga

      Asi zvirikugwadza here?

      • Musorobhangu

        Hazvisi kurwadza..its a fact.

  • Musorobhangu

    Circus at its best…over the weekend Biti and company were in Mutare with their Orange party this Mafume guy is saying they haven’t formed a party but have expelled some leaders. Leaders from which party? Renewal? or MDC-T? My senses tell me there is no more MDC-T according to Biti and company. Can someone tell me is this a re-branding exercise? if so, then no more MPs from Mdc-T party in Parliament If these guys are removing T from MDC.


    is it me or Biti luks frail

  • wamaromo

    Congratulations to Biti, they got into parliament using MDC-T party ticket, if they are man enough they must quit those [positions then we will know they are principled.

  • dlamini

    grace jones urichigulani isu nana Ronald tinoda ZANUPF and takatowona zvayiri although payine ma up and down anokonzerwa ne MDC yako. Kuvarungu vako vanopesana pamayitiro asi pakusimudzira nyika yavo vanenge varipa mwechete. Manje Chinja yako zvose zvinoyitiwa ne ZANUPF ayidi ndosaka Ronald adaro. Takawanda including kwawaka roora.

  • rush

    Biti arinane pana tsvangirai

  • ndaremerwa

    speak for yoself

    • rukudzo

      Precisely what I am doing.

  • Ndaremerwa

    well spoken but not an MDC supporter though

  • mpengo

    Surely you would also know that there are many of US vana ISU do support Biti and his drive for leadership renewal.
    To think that they are going through their drive with zero support is a bit naive if not detrimental for your own strategic purposes.

    Tsvangirai isnt the beginning and end of opposition politics in as much as ZANUPF isnt the first and last party that will rule the country.

    The two parties will probably not exist in a hundred years when your own descendents are alive.
    Burying your head in the sand and worshipping Tsvangirai as a flawless demi-god, destroys him more than you think.
    His approach to leadership came about because of your hero-worshipping. Were the individual is above the movement. The very thing alot of US vana ISU despised when we supported Tsvangirai

  • thomas

    I asked Biti looks sick?

  • sipo mtambo

    Kikikikiiiii..gegegeeee, whose time .?…isu tinoziva its Gods the only one we know…whose time are you shrieking about…

  • Jambanja paSalisbury

    That’s politics! The more the merrier!Yava Party yechingani zviya….tichisanganisa neNAG?”

  • Munationalist

    Poor Zimbabweans for sure, busy discussing dividing politics instead of uniting as a nation.

  • Internal Observer

    Very sorry all Zimbabweans you are all mesmerised in feudal style politics where the leader is the sole identity of the party hence MDCs endiing with the initials of the leader, the ruling party has its leader as the sole decider of everything and image plastered all over the place. Until the politics of philosophy, principle and persuasion (not dictation, initmidation and dogma) is part and parcel of the society, the governance of the country will be always non-existence, as the status quo will be maintained.

  • solo

    Welcome biti