Bev ‘returns’ to Magaya

8-O Dancer lights up Zindoga, hours after all-night prayer, Sprays ‘holy’ water



Entertainment Editor
Raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda returned to a familiar territory on Saturday afternoon and staged a good show at Club Manucho at Malvern shops (popularly-known as Zindoga Shopping Centre) in Waterfalls.
On an outdoor stage a few metres from prophet Walter Magaya’s church where she “ministered” during her temporary “repentance” experience, Bev gyrated and made sure to remind people that she had been at the nearby worship centre before.

During her performance, she would intermittently point to Magaya’s church building in line with some lyrics of the songs her five-member group was dancing to.
It was more exciting when Bev danced to the “Huya Usunungure Mweya Wangu” song, dressed in white regalia.

Bev mimicked a prophetess and sprinkled some “holy” water (or was it “holy oil”) on her fellow dancers that acted roles of salvation seekers during the act.
When she did lip-sync for lyrics “come and redeem my soul” Bev would deliberately point to Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries church building in apparent ironic reference to her temporary deliverance under Magaya’s wings.

Among the audience were some people that had PHD wristbands.
They waved their hands cheering Bev, apparently oblivious of the deliberate message that Bev wanted to impart to hundreds of people that thronged her free show.
This was the same stage where she held her first public show after deserting Magaya.

It seemed Bev had a point to make, considering that her show came just some hours after Mgaya’s all-night service that ended on Saturday morning at the church.
But owner of Club Manucho, Emmanuel Mawarire, said the show was not meant to prove any point in relation to Magaya’s church.

“This is just one of our many free shows that we host every weekend here.
“Bev has performed here before and she came back today to entertain our patrons.

“Many other artists have performed here and we are glad people enjoyed Bev’s performance,” said Mawarire.
“We promise to give our clients more free shows to show that we value their support in a big way.

“This is just the beginning and we are aiming higher.
“More and more free shows will be held here every weekend.”

Bev shared the stage with Douglas Chimbetu, who also had a good show at the venue.
Bev’s manager, Hapaz Mapimhidze, said they were glad to share the stage with Chimbetu.

“This is a good venue and we have done well to keep our fans entertained.
“This is not the first time that we have shared the stage with Chimbetu, and people enjoy this combination.

“We are prepared to perform at this free venue more because it helps us reach to many of our fans that do not usually come to our evening shows,” said Mapimhidze.

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  • Christian

    Ndochii ichochi

  • Dr. Jay

    “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one propelyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves” – Mat 23:15

    • pilgrim

      good scripture for the story

  • majetsha

    kana satan ada nezvako anokupa zvinhu bt hazvikusvitse kure. mweya wechijikinya wakamubata uchaenda zvawo. asakanganwe kuti muviri wemunhu itembere yaJehovha.kwaMagaya hakuna kumufambira asi mwari variko havo.

  • ndini uyauya

    hanzi “Among the audience were some people that had PHD wristbands” imika imi musanyepa

  • Ned Flanders

    Perhaps Bev is more righteous than many who condemn her. A prostitute once washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair. Let anyone who is without sin castigate Bev. She is an honest hard working young lady who toils for her money, unlike some who hoodwink others into surrendering their hard earned money. Who knows the true story, maybe Bev ran away from sexual abuse. If so, she is more righteous than he. She refused to be the instrument which defiles the church of God. She refused to be part of hypocritical charade.

    • me

      ibvapa washaya

      • Ned Flanders

        …And what are your facts? Shallow and narrow minded person devoid of knowledge whatsoever.

    • Benson T Sagonda

      thats an opnion i hold myself!!! and times people are left to wonder was there really deliverance or it was just an gimmick to get attention

  • todawo

    as long as aziva kuti ndokunamwari ikoiko she is right

  • chitova

    kana musina nyaya dzekunyora tsvakai maadvert. don’t continue to nauseate us with this devilish nonsense about bev’ s satanic madness!

    • fairtalk

      taura zvako kuti nyaudza netsvina

  • Widzi Widzo

    She must be delivered from this Jezebel spirit controlling her.

  • Ndini Ndadaro

    Can someone knock sense into this Bev of a girl… She seems to be trying to fight a man of God (though I wouldn’t know Prophet Magaya’s level of spiritual standing), but could turn to be very catastrophic to her in the longrun. As much as Magaya could make mistakes but I think some of the actions of Bev like sarcastically pointing to the church builing/space could be tantamount to something else. She left the church and she should just be professional enough to continue her wrist tongue-wagging dances to the “amusement” of her loyal followers and revellers…that is her business!!!! Pliz can someone just advise this “beautiful” girl to mind her business and leave Magaya out of her equation…period!!!!!!

    • Benson T Sagonda

      and why did magaya involve her in his equation in the first place??

  • N.G.O Anonymous

    Zvimwe aakufarisawo… what has her dancing venue, group and the magaya’s nearness to wherever she was doing her ‘kutsvaga mari’ had to do with magaya’s church and her (bev)’s reminiscence of an unmistaken repentance… ngaakwane ngaatsvage mari yake akanyarara nezvake zvaarikuita…. coz she does not know that which is ‘Of Magaya & PHD’ is of man or of God – … so itai steady Bev musadenhe zvamusingazive

  • Dinga

    Ko kwaMagaya ndokwaaitambira here Bev? Someone tell me if ndakapotswa nenews dzekuti kwaMagaya kwakku night club?

  • thandie

    God is watching.

  • Mdlambulo

    Ko anebasa reyi Bev uyu that merits her being in the papers all the time? Zvekutamba mumabhawa in front of some drunk and lustful people ? Tibvireyi apa mhani

  • Strategic

    Bev returns to Zindoga – Period!!! Sly reporting. Are there no reporting stds.

  • Benson T Sagonda

    are yu serious??? has GOD failed , pliz i beg you to thnk before you say catastrophic things , do we have ebola here? no , swine flu? no earthquakes / no and yet you say he has failed becoz of this bev_magaya foolishness??