Bashed MDC-T trio seeks Moyo solace

Dr Moyo

Dr Moyo

Sydney Kawadza Senior Reporter
Fissures in MDC-T are reportedly becoming wider amid reports that the top three leaders assaulted a fortnight ago are contemplating joining Dr Nkosana Moyo’s Alliance of the People’s Agenda (APA) after the parties had a meeting in South Africa recently.

Impeccable sources from Bulawayo said the beleaguered MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, was planning to visit the party leadership in the southern region as he tries to pacify his dissatisfied vice president Ms Thokozani Khupe, national chairman Mr Lovemore Moyo and national organising secretary Mr Abedinigo Ncube.

The trio was assaulted by some party youths, who accused them of disrespecting on the MDC-T leader after they boycotted the launch of the MDC Alliance in Harare. They were reportedly meeting party structures from the region to articulate their position on why they missed the launch.

Allegations were also made that Mr Tsvangirai had hired the thugs, who attacked the party’s three top leaders at the party headquarters in Bulawayo.

The three top leaders are reportedly unhappy with Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s dictatorial tendencies after he unilaterally formed a coalition with small political parties.

While the sources said Mr Tsvangirai would be flying out to Bulawayo tomorrow to meet the party leadership in the region, his spokesperson Mr Luke Tamborinyoka, yesterday trashed the reports saying his principal would only travel on August 26 for the regional launch of the MDC Alliance.

Mr Tamborinyoka said Mr Tsvangirai was also still waiting for a probe team set up to investigate the assault of the three leaders. “The probe team is doing its investigations and when they are done they will handover the report to the president and that certainly has nothing to do with the media. The president will act based on that report,” he said.

Mr Tsvangirai has already suspended top officials, including MDC-T deputy treasurer Mr Chalton Hwende and the party’s vice spokesperson Ms Tabitha Khumalo over the assault incident.

Also suspended were Harare youth officials Tafadzwa Chimombe, Stephen Chatindo and Gift Taibu of Hatfield and Budiriro. Mr Tamborinyoka said Mr Tsvangirai was now waiting for comprehensive report from the probe team before he acts.

Meanwhile, the sources said Mr Tsvangirai would be flying into the eye of a storm when he decides to visit Bulawayo.

“There are massive demonstrations being planned ahead of his visit because people still believe he had to do with the violence that rocked the party at our offices,” they said.

Besides the demonstrations, there are also reports that Ms Khupe, who reportedly flew to South Africa after the assault was planning to dump the party for Dr Moyo’s APA.

“The leaders who are not happy with Tsvangirai’s leadership style flew to South Africa where they had talks with Dr Moyo for possible coalition in the forthcoming elections,” the sources said.

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  • Rudeologist Department

    If Khupe joins up with Nkosana Moyo, people will pay more attention to the new outfit than Tsvangirai’s now stale party & way of management.
    Frankly, Tsvangirai is a failed politician as one Ndabaningi Sithole once became. Furthermore, the Kenyan results have demonstrated to Zimbabwean opposition supporters just how bad a failed politician can do in an election.
    Instead of improving, Morgan Odinga got even less votes, exactly as everyone is expecting of Raila Tsvangirai

  • Samanyika

    Herald, we also need detail of how Dr mai bashed and injured the South African model?

  • Qiniso

    Why should Tsvangison a jury and a judge at the same time? Isn’t it the party which is supposed to suspend members not an individual? oTsvangison bakiti..

  • Judas Iscariot

    You know it’s fake news when there isn’t a single named source in a report. They’re simply called impeccable sources kikiki.

  • fresh

    tell us about the bashing grace

  • eliah

    Mind what you turn to as you may end up getting bashed there as well. Haven’t you heard of the latest in town about a story of a beauty pageant who was was bashed into submission recently in a foreign country.

  • Doc

    please report about president sons abusing drugs down in msanzi.from impeccable source kkkkkkkkk mai vacho in court

  • Shirikadzi Hono

    kkkkkkkkk. Good by khupe

  • Taneta

    2008 he won.

  • Taneta

    He has won at least 40% of the vote as from 2000, meaning a significant number of Zimbos support him, whether you like or hate him.

  • Order

    And that, Taneta, is the SAD state of Zim opposition politics. Loosing will remain the familiar opposition melody, till Save decides to float away in the SAVE river. ZANUPF is licking its chops.