Ban contraceptives: Mudede

Mr Mudede

Mr Mudede

Herald Reporter
Registrar-General Mr Tobaiwa Mudede has urged Government to ban contraceptives which he claims have negative side-effects on women’s health.
In an interview yesterday, Mr Mudede said he had consulted medical experts who revealed that the use of contraceptives had harmful side-effects.
“These drugs should be banned in the country as they are also being rejected in other countries. They are killing productive women and this is also affecting our population,” he said.

The side-effects associated with Norplant include hair loss, headaches, irregular menstrual bleeding patterns or lack of menstruation, abdominal or stomach cramps, change in appetite, fatigue, vomiting, decreased libido and cancer.

Mr Mudede said the use of Depo-Provera led to stomach discomfort, breast pain, back-ache, blemishes on the skin, pimples, sleepiness, sudden sweating, redness of the face, neck, arms and occasionally upper chest, nausea and headaches.

He said the side-effects of a Nexplanon included cancer, headache, mood swings, inflation of the oil glands of the skin causing red pimples on the face and skin.
Mr Mudede said medicines known for affecting the Nexplanon implant include medication for HIV and epilepsy, and rifabutin, which is for treating tuberculosis and rifampicin (used to treat TB and meningitis).

Earlier this month, Mr Mudede urged Zimbabweans to stop using contraceptives arguing their use was a ploy by powerful nations to retard population growth in Africa.

Mr Mudede said contraceptives were responsible for pandemics such as cancer in women.
Contraceptives were popularised in the country from the 1980s with donors and Government discouraging people from having large families.

Bearing a child each year was discouraged as a bad practice.
According to the 2012 Zimbabwe Population Census, the population growth rate was at 1,1 percent for the last 10 years, while the average size of a household was at 4,2.

The population growth rate was also 1,1 percent in the 2002 census.

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  • Kewkwe326

    This man knows next to nothing about women’s health. He makes wild claims about negative effects on women without the slightest evidence. Instead of trying to usurp the Health Minister’s powers, why doesn’t he do his own job, part of which entails publishing the voters’ role for which we have been waiting for a year?

    • Tarwiraushe

      Anything they can come up with, to distract us from focusing on the real issues affecting the ordinary people.We are not buying this nonsense,let the women and their doctors decide wether contraceptives are good for them or not.

    • mpengo

      He’s not well

    • Jotham

      I am agreeable to Mr Mudede’s assertions, the man has done his research and I am sure the health experts in Zim. should look at this issue seriously. Dismissing his investigations is not good for Zimbabwe.I wish to call upon women’s organisations to take an active interest in this matter. These birth control mechanisms could be doing more harm to women and man included. These issues raised are of paramount importance other wise in the next 10 years there won’t be any Zim. to talk about. Most critics have clouded judgement due to the fact that they are political activists preoccupied by western(waste) agenda. Mr Mudede may you take this to UZ and other Universities and expose this western manipulations of health systems for their sinister motives

      • channon

        unogwara iwe

        • Jotham

          Ndiri murwere arinani. Iwe uri mu ICU.

  • Kutara Nzewe

    May be we should ban Mudede himself. His actions as a passport officer and ‘vote officer’ causes high BP, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, low libido etc.

    • Chegorerino

      Hehehehehe!!!! Nyakutara wandipedza!

    • Jotham

      As if you know what libido is. Low libido is caused by your white ancestors(pink pigs)

  • Mfundo

    About time Mudede was forced to retire, or at least an ‘official’ accident could be arranged?
    A few comparative statistics concerning increased life threatening risks to women who go through pregnancy, and increased risks accrued to women and children from Zimbabwe’s very poor heath care facilities and non-existent social services would put Mr Mudede’s inconsequent side effects into their proper perspective.

  • joemuda

    Mudede should just stick to printing passports and leave the health issues to those who know.

    • Combatant (formerly Ex combat

      if only he actually printed the passports

    • floki vikings

      true… these foolish ministers jus think of sumtin whilst takin a bath n they go public with….

      • channon

        kkkkkkkkk varoti

  • bb.Kwekwe

    This guy is infatuated with fallacy. He lives in a world of fantasy. He better research on the possible adverse effects on his personae of running cues like rivers at the passport offices.

    • majetsha

      chokwadi chinoti rwadzei kune arikuzviita. inhema here kuti zvinemaside effects.though said in a layman’s language the facts are stubon . those who want to use go ahead using them. end of story.

  • naggles

    all you guys who have posted below I doubt if you are married and I can tell from your wording that you are not even women( therefore let women post rather give cheap talk )….we do not need small boys to comment adult matters…if you are a married men you should start to be worried about the health of your wife….Mudede I think he has a point here…he did his consultation and all what you are doing is just castigating him…show remorse in your thinking….let some health experts comment if they think he(Mudede) is wrong…in other African Countries they have stopped taking that drug because of its side effects whilst you are paying health Ministers lots of money when they can not give us useful information to serve the lives of our mothers , sisters and wives as what Mudede did…is it not good news that one men has come public to denounce the use of such drugs….

    • Stanford

      Naggles are you a woman? Do you get advise from your medical doctor when it comes to contraceptives? Then you should be more informed. Besides it is personal choice to take them. Shandisa ma condom kana kurega kuita bonde racho if you really get sick. You cant be advocating for zero use of family planning methods during this hard economic times. it is very expensive to look after kids ndosak muchi tizwa nevarume…

      • kuta kinte

        Naggles is correct by indicating that it is better to have someone to tell us that such a drug has xxx side effects and it is now up to that someone to take that drug while being cognizant of the known side effects. Stanford and others should not be addicted to just criticizing for the sake of it.

  • Uyabheda Mudemude

    Can someone ask this comrade to retire quietly . He can also be deployed as some board member or similar get-rich-schemes that the party has

  • tapera

    KWEKWE KWEKWE leave the old man. can doctors now give a true scientific history about all these chemicals and their menace to human kind. any way were are the medical people.anyway thier are not known for saying the truth on anything medicinal you will rather die than have them breach their ethics.these claims are not wild but true and accurate.common sense whay was gona be the loss had we not implemented these capitalistic ideaologies to our clean society

  • kutototo

    Mwari honai vaMudede vaye vave kurova mbanje dzavakanga varegera futi.

  • s shumba

    Has he got a psychological problem this man. How many children / wives does have. Does he want to find a justification of the numbers.
    He must stick to his core business and leave the health issues to Parirenyatwa, Chimedza and the rest of the medical experts in Zim and the world over. I bet you some lunatic is going to comment positively on this crazy suggestion by Mudede – mark my words – Mahoso, Long Hair (Saya beans), English Teacher

  • Judas Iscariot

    Delusional means false belief,a consistent false beliefs or opinions held in the face of strong contradictory evidence,especially as a result of a psychiatric condition.Is this a fair assessment?

    • Jotham

      You are only being pompous in your utterances but you are a typical fool whose empty headedness contributes nothing to an otherwise noble debate.

  • jonso

    this guy may be onto something mmmmmmmmm. of course

  • ian

    Sekuru Mudede- We do appreciate your concern for the health of women in this country, but don’t you think that it would be proper if you could provide empirical data to back up your assertion? I also think that you are not the best person to be talking about these things in light of your professional background and area of expertise. Therefore, If you have strong views on the matter, i think it would be better if you could work through the appropriate ministry i.e. Ministry of Health. I also think that its high time Ministry of Health issued a statement clarifying facts on this matter, as we are now getting confused, as ordinary citizens of this country. How can we have a situation where one arm of government says contraceptives are ok and another arm says they are dangerous and should be banned? What is the correct government policy on the matter? Is this how other governments throughout the world operate?

  • Stanford

    Watanga futi mudhara iwe. Asi wava kushaya vanhu veku rigisa ma elections here? The fact is that every drug we use has side effects. The decision to use drugs is based on the overall benefit that we get from using it. And the effects do vary from one person to another. Do not take the information you were given out of context.
    If you want a higher population, just fix the economy and you will see the number babies that we have sired in diaspora come back. We will also come back and the population will explode.

  • TheBoyIsRight

    by Shanna Freeman

    Birth Control Pill Side Effects

    In addition to preventing pregnancy, the pill can have all sorts of side effects — some negative, some positive. The most common side effect of the pill is breakthrough bleeding or spotting,
    which is when a woman bleeds in the weeks she’s taking active pills.
    This is due to the changes in hormone levels. Most women’s bodies adjust
    after a few months of being on the pill.

    Other common side effects include:



    breast soreness


    decreased libido



    weight gain

    of these symptoms are due to the estrogen in the pill. Sometimes they
    go away after a few cycles, but if they don’t, a woman might need to
    switch to a different formulation.

    The pill also carries some more serious, although rare, risks. Taking the pill increases a woman’s risk of high blood pressure, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, liver tumors and gallstones. Some of these conditions can be fatal, but the risk of experiencing any of them is very low.

    A woman is more at risk if she’s overweight, older than 35 years old, smokes, has diabetes or already has high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
    Some studies have linked taking the pill to an increased risk of breast
    and cervical cancer, while others show no increased risk. The most
    recent theory is that the increased risk is temporary and only occurs
    within the first five years of taking the pill, when the risk of
    contracting these types of cancer is already very low. Women who stop
    taking the pill eventually go back to having the same risk factors for
    these cancers as before.

    But the pill can also reduce cancer risk:
    A January 2008 study in the medical journal The Lancet showed that the
    longer a woman took the pill, the lower her risk of ovarian cancer.

    many healthy women without risk factors, the benefits of taking the
    pill tend to outweigh the risks. Women on the pill often report shorter,
    lighter menstruation, fewer and less painful cramps and better skin.
    The pill can fix irregular periods, reduce iron deficiencies (as less
    blood is shed during menstruation) and reduce the risk of benign cysts
    in the breasts or ovaries.

    Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), an extreme form of PMS, can also find relief from some of their symptoms by taking the pill

    We’ve been talking about “the pill,” but the truth is, there are many pills. Next, we’ll look at the differences between them.

    • Jotham

      Thank you for analysis. These health personnel have never published or revealed the true side effects of the chemicals used in birth control. Maybe women and many are dying due to the use of the pills.

  • Huchi

    usatorerer vamwe mabasa,RENYU richiipo!

  • Combatant (formerly Ex combat

    joker as usual, Zimbabwe being run by *** , get ready for our extinction people.

  • hurungudo

    Dr Mudede M.D. I presume! kkkkkkk

  • Ndere

    This guy is way too out of line of his duties

  • madman

    mabasa eZED aya, will he bring another BACCOSSI to take care of the families?

  • Rurururu

    The point here is correct, takambozvinzwa izvi, its not new information. But the problems is the person lobbying for the cause. Why can’t he leave it to the Min of Health, then he himself concentrate on improving his office, period. Why can’t give Dr Pare and Min space…… kana tikabara maningi tikaitwa vana twenty-twenty vanogara pai, dzimba dziri kunetsa, minga yacho makatora mega-mega torimawo pai kuti vadye sadza, zvikoro hakuna zvimwe zviri kuvakwa vanodzidzira pai, mabasa munyika hamuna, fees, clothing and food plus medication tozvitorepi? Tikaita misika Zimra iri kuuya ichida tax patable yematimati, kanzuru neno. Saka vaMudede endai mudotaura navaMugabe zvinhu zvinake then kubara harizoregi.

    • Mabasa

      Bcoz those people you refer to are afraid of being ostracized in their professional circles due to absence of empirical evidence. Just ask Mbeki.

      When suspicions exist, it is sometimes better to get one’s message thru ‘non-professional’ channels in order to protect one’s professional integrity. Political parties do that all the time, using the ‘youth’ to send a message, thereby protecting the leader, should things backfire. Its life. Let real medical Doctors attack Mudede, if he is as crazy some people on this forum claim he is.

  • tadyanemhandu

    perhaps what mudede is saying is that people follow the catholic way of natural family planning or a man marries a lot of women as a way of family planning he only visit each after a very long time

  • Que

    These days you can research this staff for yourself on the internet and not just listen to conspiracy theories from old men. If it is a western ploy then why is Nexplanon recommended in UK hospitals as a contraceptive? Like all medicines there are possible side effects that is why you discontinue any medication and try alternative medication when you experience side effects.

  • leemoyo

    This is a man who cant even manage chitupa or birth cirtificate , now he is popping his nose into health matters- seriously??

  • ivor payne

    Well think what a better place Zimbabwe would be if only Mudede’s parents had used contraceptives.

    • mwanawevhu

      Taura zvako!!

  • dirwayi

    unobva watoshaya kuti zviri kufamba sei

  • jethro Zuwarimwe

    Why does Mudede and company have as many children as possible and his children will also have as many children as possible? People should be given a choice please. Where did he do his medical sciences study that informed him about these spurious allegations? Rather he should just concentrate on fixing the voters’ roll and passports

  • mwanawevhu

    Enda unovhiya mbudzi Modede.Dare nderevanhu vanofunga sevanhu vakaru.

  • Dhunanga

    Political differences will not take us anywhere, some of our comments here are a random shooting that is aimed at shooting down the writer without considering facts. I think if the same person hoots at you, you may not leave the road.

    This talk can be helpful if the medical practitioners can advise on the way forward, if they can chip in at such a point to say something constructive and help people. long back ago when I did my HEALTH-SCIENCE which later changed to become Human and Social Biology our studies recommended withdrawal methods. They however have their disadvantages such as being erratic due to sexual pleasure as the withdrawing itself may otherwise be forgotten. The other disadvantage is that the male partner is supposed to urinate after the exercise, to avoid the danger of impregnation through the staff that remains by the tract after releasing if ever there is need to do it for the second time.

    Then, I happen to be one who recommends that method for it is general knowledge that every biological tablet has its repercussions.

  • Bornfree

    Mudhara ndino dada naye hangu. Pasi nemapiritsi madzimai

  • mama ucharihwa

    dhiziri pachinhoyi

  • tsanos

    diesel n’anga mentality

  • Mabasa

    I see nothing wrong with Mudede airing his views. Personally I keep an open mind, and am not quick to dismiss such opinions. A dose of critical thinking and cynicism is healthy in all we need.

    Most medical doctors are not research scientists per se, but are practitioners who refer to medical journals published by ‘full-time’ researchers residing or employed elsewhere. Additionally, they would not air their opinions or suspicions on forums such as these, lest they become ocstracised in the absence of empirical facts.

    However, sometimes it takes a non-professional person to highlight such issues, bcoz he/she wont suffer professional ocstrasization.

    Who would have thought kuti there cud be people vari muma laboratories experimenting nemishonga or ma-germs okuuraya vanhu on a large scale? Just pause and imagine for a moment: Would a Palestinian accept anything at face value from a Jewish doctor (or the other way way round)? The world is too complicated to take everything at face value. I could be wrong though.

  • eddie

    i think this man is not insane. he cant come out guns blazing for something unsubstantial. somewhere along the line he is right. food for thought

  • Kudakwashe Lionel Kupara

    Mudede is begining to sound as crazy as ***.

    • Dr Tapera

      This Mudede talks about things he does not know about. I don’t know where to start if I have to teach him about contraceptive benefits, in particular in averting maternal mortality from unwanted pregnancy. Then there is also something called pharmacokinetics and randomized clinical trails, which assess the safety and efficacy of these drugs before they can be registered in Zimbabwe or elsewhere, including WHO pre qualification processses. In short, his kind of talk with less than half knowledge of the issue is very dangerous!! Please leave it to the appropriate experts!