Arrest Command Agric abusers, VP tells police

VP Mnangagwa

VP Mnangagwa

From Walter Nyamukondiwa in KADOMA—
Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged the police to arrest corrupt elements like middlemen and officials abusing the Command Agriculture programme. VP Mnangagwa said the police should enforce Statutory Instrument 79, which was gazetted recently and arrest opportunists profiteering from Government funded programmes.

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“This Statutory Instrument thus makes the abuse of inputs distributed under the Command Agriculture Scheme for domestic crop, livestock and fisheries production a criminal offence,” said VP Mnangagwa.

“In view of the lessons learnt from previous programmes, with regards to middlemen and opportunists, who thrive on profiteering from Government funded programmes, SI 79 of 2017, therefore, protects produce and Government property acquired under the Command Programme from abuse and misappropriation.”

SI 79 provides for inspectors to visit beneficiaries to verify adherence to contractual obligations.

VP Mnangagwa said the regulations were also a reaction to findings of his recent visit to Grain Marketing Board depots in Mashonaland West Province where inefficiencies and manipulation of grain moisture content in connivance with middlemen were noted.

The grain will then be sold at the gazetted price of $390 by the middlemen once they buy it from the farmers for less.

“That is corruption. Down with corruption. We now have a law to arrest such people. Manipulating others into giving up their maize for less than the gazetted price, stealing fertiliser, seed and inputs will lead to arrest,” he said.

“If the police did not know that we now have such a law in place I am telling them today that they should start arresting offenders.”

He was speaking at a ground breaking ceremony of agro-residential stands in Kadoma being developed by Craft Properties.

VP Mnangagwa said Government programmes were formulated not to enrich individuals.

He said it was unfair that someone folds their hands during the cropping season only to surface during the marketing season.

VP Mnangagwa said he was assigned to be the “Joseph” of the nation and through the Command Agriculture programme Zimbabwe will be free from hunger.

The country expects a bumper harvest.

“We have four clusters under Zim-Asset and I was given two of them namely Food Security and Nutrition and Value Addition and Beneficiation. I was given a task to ensure that the country has enough food,” said VP Mnangagwa.

“So I am like the Joseph of Egypt, who should ensure that the nation is fed through Command Agriculture. God responded by giving us abundant rains and we came with fertilisers, seed and fuel for our people.”

Cabinet recently approved Command Livestock, which seeks to build on the success of the first phase of the Command Agriculture scheme, which mainly covered maize.

“It was only on Tuesday July 11, 2017 when a meeting was convened with all stakeholders in the livestock value chain to deliberate on the implementation modalities and budget of the programmes,” said VP Mnangagwa.

“This is ample testimony of Government’s commitment to avail and facilitate broad based and multi-sectoral economic growth and involvement by the people.”

The Command Livestock programme will see Government providing funds to farmers.

On Craft Properties agro-residential stands, VP Mnangagwa said the project blends elements of Government’s agriculture thrust and residential development.

He hailed Craft Properties for heeding Government’s call for indigenous companies to enter into Public-Private-Partnerships in line with point number seven of the 10-Point Plan announced by President Mugabe in 2015.

VP Mnangagwa urged local authorities to avail land and infrastructure to private players to reduce the housing backlog currently standing at around 1,5 million.

Craft Properties managing director Mr Kudakwashe Taruberekera urged banks and building material suppliers to offer credit and loans to low income earners.

Sitting on 50 hectares of land, the project has 93 agro-residential plots measuring about 4 000 square metres each.

Over 1 500 high density stands are at various levels of development and are expected to reduce Kadoma City housing backlog, which stands at 20 000.

Mr Taruberekera, who was backed by Zion Christian Church through their leader Bishop Dr Nehemiah Mutendi, said he learnt the virtues of hardworking and building at the church.

Bishop Mutendi said all effort without the blessing of God was in vain.

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  • yowe

    The fact that the vp cannot use the correct noun shows that he is not willing to take action….The fact is the rot at these instituions goes a long way up…How do u think these so called opportunists have access to such amounts of hard cash that they use to buy the grain? How are they always the first to receive their money from GMB??? Bigwigs are involved as always and the vp cannot make any steps that affecr the livelihood of his fellow cadres…Look at the rot of money changers and border posts amd roadport?? Why can they not simply arrest those trading bond notes?? Vanenge vachidya madhara aya…I repeat Zanu Pf and its corruption are the worst sanction on Zimbabwe

    • Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

      While I share your sentiments , but I dont agree with you that its ZANU PF corruption. If there are few corrupt members of ZANU PF that does not incriminate us all. Why are you concluding the party affiliation of the GMB criminals to be ZANU PF, without proof. Some middle criminals may belong to other political parties also, who are inclined to fix ZANUPF land reform supporting farmers. Ndimi ve MDC, tichakubatai ! Are there no corrupt or criminal ones in other political parties,like MDC , which controls many municipalities. Can we say its the party as whole which is corrupt? If Kereke was convicted do we all share his criminal blame because he is ZANU PF? If Tsvangirai is lecherous is Chamisa also lecherous? Corruption or hupombwe hazvinei ne party. When the Byo disgraced Bishop Ncube fell down morally, did we say the Catholic Church is sinful up to the Vatican citadel? Yes corruption must go because it weakens our fight against Luciferian sanctions. Both sanctions and corruption must go .

      • succuba

        Which sanction do you want moved (fakey)… name one…kikikiki

      • david

        Zanu-PF have been in power for 37 years and in that time there have been numerous corruption scandals involving Zanu-PF politicians. And yet the Leader Mugabe has not removed them from power he simply transfers them. The only reason that a Zanu-PF politician is removed from Parliament is if they threaten Mugabe’s power. This is not how a functional democracy works.

        Patronage as practiced by Zanu-PF creates corruption. Zanu-PF appointees head Zimbabwean parastaals where the bulk of the corruption against the taxpayer take place. And yet Mugabe the leader of Zanu-PF the President of Zimbabwe does nothing to prevent corruption. That is his role not clinging to power until his death. There is a systematic failure of leadership by Mugabe against corruption. The difficulty for Mugabe is that he has fostered a culture of patronage in Zimbabwe the very mechanism he uses to cling to power. Without it and the corresponding corruption his rule falls away. Zimbabwe is not a functional democracy. Challenge the Zanu-PF regime and you will find either the CIO or the police on your doorstep look at Itai Dzamara disappeared by the CIO his crime protesting against the corruption that Mugabe has allowed to flourished in Zimbabwe.

      • yowe

        Those in senior positions in the party condone corruption Cde…that is a fact that cannot be debated..You can try to twist the issue but how can corruption be faught when those in power refuse to act since most of them are engaged in one or more corrupt activities…I stand by my point which i can back with emperical evidence CORRUPTION is the greatest sannction on Zimbabwe

      • david

        Who governs Zimbabwe? Zanu-PF. How can you absolve them of corruption if as you say you condemn it. Zanu-PF is in control of Zimbabwe if it wanted to it could stampo out corruption tomorrow if it chose to it chooses not to. Zimbabwe is run on a patronage basis corruption is part of that patronage system. Corruption will not be controlled in Zimbabawe until Zanu-PF is removed from power.

  • yowe

    Avo vatochinja mutemo futi hahahaha hapana anosungwa apa if they cant evn arrest the bond note dealers vakazara muHarare how will they carry out a sting operation kuUzumba uko kkkkkYOWE!!!!

  • shumbasamaita

    Arresting people that abuse public resources should be across the whole spectrum of the economy & not just this agriculture scheme. Government has resourced people in a number of programs & there is abuse all over. Again the issue of maize pricing should be revised downwards because GMB is paying $390 per tonne when there is a glut on the market, that’s why you have too many middlemen that have cash who highjack farmers and offer them $200 cash/tonne then earn $190 after delivery from GMB without adding any value in-between.This is a scheme designed to make money for a few at the top with the majority farmers suffering. You will hear that next farming season the same farmers that had bumper harvests will be needing inputs. Tofanira kurumura any farmer abatsirwa toenda pane imwe program inoda capacitating otherwise we continue going in circles. toti hee masanctions when the bigger part of our problems is poor planning and pure criminal tendencies.

  • succuba

    How long did it take you to come up with that retort?… kikikiki

    Still no answer then from the great professor of all there is to know… why should that be (fakey)?… kikiiki