Apologise or face the boot, VP told

The First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe addresses a rally at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura yesterday. — (Picture by John Manzongo)

The First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe addresses a rally at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura yesterday. — (Picture by John Manzongo)

Felex Share and Farirai Machivenyika
The FIRST Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s penultimate rally at Chipadze Stadium in Bindura yesterday took no prisoners as she catalogued a list of corruption allegations against a senior female Zanu-PF member she accused of fanning factionalism.
In remarks widely believed to be directed at Vice President Joice Mujuru, the First Lady urged her to approach President Mugabe and ask for forgiveness or risk being dumped because the President was fed up with her divisive activities.

Though the First Lady did not mention the female faction leader by name in her address, sources who attended a closed-door briefing with provincial leaders ahead of the rally said Amai Mugabe had mentioned the Vice President by name.

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In her address, the First Lady accused the female faction leader of illicit diamond dealings, extorting shareholding in some companies, demanding 10 percent bribes and undermining the authority of President Mugabe in remarks which were punctuated by chants of “pasi neGamatox” from the fired up crowd.

“The person leading factions is the same person who accuses me of being involved in diamond deals, yet it is them that own a diamond mine,” said Amai Mugabe.

“That person also moves around saying I want to acquire money using unscrupulous means when it is known that I started my businesses from scratch.

“It is that same person who goes around demanding 10 percent shareholding in companies. If you go to any company now, the name of that person is mentioned. You lead factions, you extort companies and you are involved in illicit diamond deals, so you cannot say you are not corrupt.”

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Amai Mugabe said the factionalism “demon” originated in Mashonaland Central, home to VP Mujuru, before spreading to other areas.

The First Lady said the moment of truth was beckoning for faction leaders and she had advised the President to dump them before they were rejected by the people at Congress.

“Ndakati ini kunaBaba baby-dumping munoiziva here? Vakati ehe. Ndakati munhu iyeye arikutungamira factionalism tirikuda kuti muite baby-dumping. Mukasamudumper isusu tichamudumper. Tichaita isu baby-dumping nekuti zvinodivider musangano (I told the President that if you do not dump that faction leader we will dump her ourselves),” said Amai Mugabe.

“Tonodumper mwana mustreet ogodyiwa nemagora nekuti kana takuita expose kana nhunzi chaidzo ukange wafa apo hadzidi kutombosvika padhuze newe nokuti dzinenge dzakutotya corruption iri pauri. Nhunzi chaidzo, kana imbwa chaidzo dzinenge dzakutotya kusvika padhuze (We will dump her in the streets and she will be eaten by vultures and no one will come close because of corruption)”.

Amai Mugabe urged those involved in factionalism to apologise to the President or risk being abandoned by the people.

“Zvese zvekuti Gamatox tirikutaura madimikira, but richasvika zuva rekuti tichataura kuti taibvira ani.

“Some of you had chances (to lead) but you are doing harm to yourselves because of greediness,” she said.

“Kana urikuzvinzwa nemaadvisor ako ikoko simuka uende kuna Baba Mugabe unoti zvandanga ndichiita ndasiya pasi ndachera chikomba ndisvipire (Go to the President together with your advisors and apologise).”

Amai Mugabe said those using money in the province risked being left alone because the “factionalism demon” had been exorcised in all the provinces she toured.

She said instead of working on programmes that benefited the people, faction leaders were busy sowing seeds of division.

“You cannot continue denying that you lead a faction every day. Wherever you are, go together with your cronies go and apologise (to the President) before it is too late because the President is also fed up with these issues.”

Amai Mugabe said the female faction leader had been angered by her nomination to lead the Women’s League, yet many people had also campaigned for her to be Vice President.

“We campaigned for you not only last year, but over the years, but now it is a war because I have been nominated,” she said.

“I am the President’s wife and I have influence and I am also able to talk to people like you do. I do not think anything good would come out if I mobilise people to go in the streets and dump you.”

Amai Mugabe said some people took advantage because they were in leadership positions, resulting in some buying shares in newspapers for them to write bad articles about her.

“Iye munhu mukuru, mukadzi mukuru ndiye arikuorganiser vamwe vanhu kunotorera vanhu mugodhi wavo. This should end. You should draw wisdom from those who are capable not to going around gossiping,” she said.

Those who live in glass houses, Amai Mugabe said, should not throw stones.

“We know there is factionalism and that there is one person who is leading, so if that person does not listen to what we are saying the moment of truth will come,” she said.

“The youths even said to me that we should expose the person leading factions, but I told them to wait until the right time comes. When I came here people told me that they had been instructed not to welcome me. But whether or not you smile at me it does not matter.”

Amai Mugabe said provincial youth chairpersons from Manicaland, Masvingo and Mashonaland East had been instructed to snub her rallies.

“They were told not to follow me, but ndoda kuvaudza kuti kusina mai hakuendwe. When you came in did I ever instruct anyone not to follow you? We know what you are afraid of. The problem is that such people surround themselves with foolish people,” she said.

Amai Mugabe said as a mother, she had come to “panel beat” the revolutionary party as some people were losing direction.

“Those positions which you hold were given to you and you can be removed. It is possible,” she said.

Amai Mugabe castigated a senior politician and his wife who were in the habit of selling party regalia which should be given for free.

“We know that you went to China and ordered containers of the regalia which you are selling. Stop it. You are using the President’s name for corruption purposes. All those you sold the regalia to are coming back to you. Isa musoro wemurume wako tione kuti rinotengwa here,” she said.

Amai Mugabe bemoaned the increase in the number of rape cases in the province, saying men were abusing “their God given instruments” instead of using them for procreation.

She said women and youths should be given land as promised, adding that people should desist from panning as this resulted in land degradation.

Amai Mugabe spoke highly on gold smuggling and value addition, saying this was the only way the country could fully benefit from its natural resources.

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  • freedom_fighter

    Ndizvo Amai faction leader ngaaende. She serves at the pleasure of the President she must absolutely resign.

    • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

      I suggest that ***all resign and allow Zimbabweans to start afresh.

      • Makusakatara


        You may as well resign first before “all” resign. As far as I am concerned, only the corrupt should resign.

  • mafirakureva

    Mutambo uya wazotsvuka ropa manje. All along we knew that when this “lose canon” was fired it was targeting VP Mujuru. Herald makuzotanga kubvuma now……it just shows how delusional you are. I do not condone corruption and no one in their right state of mind would do so. Why pin-point VP Mujuru now as corrupt if you knew about it all along. Just because kune congress makuda kutanga kuita kunge vanhu kwavo…..suddenly your eyes have been opened, makuona corruption manje. Tipeiwo ma serious. The first lady talks as if her hands are clean ***. Kana mada kuita expose corruption start naming all the corrupt Ministers in office…..the list is endless. If VP Mujuru is indeed guilty as the first lady has openly said then she should resign. And this goes for every corrupt person in government. Unless we see all the corrupt cronies being booted out or baby-damped (mamwe ma examples anopihwa naFirst lady haaite mhani, munhu wamai anotaura zve baby damping kunge chinhu chakanaka) we will always see the attack on VP Mujuru as a purge to remove her from power. Lets stand and see what happens next after this. Zvegore rino zvinokunda ngoma kurira. Mwari tibatsirei.

    • freedom_fighter

      You dont remember mai mujuru protecting the cashberts? Why do you think she was protecting the 6 million dollar man

      • Mdawini

        Well said Freedom Fighter,am wondering y somepple didnt pick it up when she said kudyiwa kwemari akunabasa,that showed her true colours

      • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

        But we have named a number of ministers as corrupt but they keep being appointed over and over and nothing happens to them. Who is protecting them? Taken into perspective Cashbert is small fry and not worth national attention.

        • Makusakatara


          Who are you to mention anyone as corrupt and what evidence did you provide? Remember corruption is between two people who both do not want to be caught and so proving it is rather VERY DIFFICULT if not IMPOSSIBLE.

          So when you see a minister you perceive to be corrupt being reappointed, it means no evidence has been provided to the President. After all, how can a whole President chase the wind as to fire someone because of a report in the newspaper(s)??


    Pure circus!! is this what bhora mugedhi is all about, instead of discussing policies that will uplift our country we are busy fighting petty wars that cannot bring even a penny into the gvt coffers.


    • chiwoo

      We start from grassroots GR8. We stabilize the ground first. This is a good move

  • matadzaenyoka

    Makara asoonani? The corrupt faction leader failed to share loot equally!? Ndo chivi chake.

  • tozvireva

    the battle has begun.

  • Gamatox

    Chaputika ichooooo, It was coming, So Jonso why were you castigating the media ,becoz they said it before the Herald,at least you should have told them to wait till Amai goes to the Lion’s Den or Gamatox manufacturing furnace!

  • Big D

    So the “learned doctor” reckons that corruption should go unpunished as long as the culprit apologizes to Mugabe. Why is Bob not taking action when he is aware of rampart abuse of power. Hatitye mombe yevhu inokumirwa.

  • freedom_fighter

    She is done. Noone is bigger thannthe party. Nyagumbo resigned and he was more of a hero than mai mujuru. She has abused her office. Being a war vet does not give you the right to be corrupt. She is beyond corrupt. Running the gvmt like a mafia queen

    • Judas Iscariot

      You are wrong according to the first lady all she needs to do is say i am sorry to the president and her job is safe.

      • Makusakatara


        She needs to say SORRY for the words she said regarding the President and his family; the connivance she is doing with imperialists to want to return land to them when the President is gone; the threats she is making to everybody who does not support her and what have you, BUT OBVIOUSLY NOT ABOUT CORRUPTION.

        Inga zvakanga zvakajeka wani paitaurwa na Amai Dr Grace MUGABE nezuro kuBindura.

        Corruption is a criminal offense and if provable it leads to prosecution in courts of law. No one would dare preempt that process.

      • Johnathan Mwoyondizvo

        How about atonement of sins? No corrective surgery on this cancerous tumor doctor rapayi vanhu venyu zviri right. Munotyeyi kuoperator imi zvimuine mawoko akachena.

    • Johnathan Mwoyondizvo

      True be told the business empire started with Nhongo. Mugabe raised this corruption issue many years ago. It all started by establishing companies providing services to the Army. We knew the 10% deals is standard practice if you want a contract with the government. This could backfire because it is not just Mujuru but may include the Queen of England indirectly her majesty’s husband the royal prince. I talk too much and so does her majesty.

  • freedom_fighter

    Maybe and maybe not. More like Ngwena he is sc qualified

  • freedom_fighter

    Farms are for indegeneous zims but a diamond mine is a national resource that should never be ownee by one person

    • freedom fighter

      Blaz imimi hamuna kungwara……farms are for anyone who buys it indigenous or not…..provided its for sale…take your half brain mentality elsewhere

  • Nyamakate

    For factionalisim to exist it takes two or more faction leaders, mai Mujuru tavanzwa ko umwe faction leader ndiani.

  • Panonetsa Shuwa, PhD (Econ)

    Mhamha munogona!! Viva Mozoe Crush.. bereka mwana tiende!!!

    • chiwoo


  • Rizarazu

    Dont get it. Joyce is way senior to a women league chair aspirant. Its rather childish to rattle such venom when you dont have the mandate nor the constitution to do that.
    Dont start unnecessary wars.
    RgM the party 1st Sec, is the only psn above Joyc qualified to say those words.

    • mpengo

      Ah you that slow to catch that her eyes are on the VP seat or presidency? Women’s league leadership is part of the journey to ascension NOT THE END.
      The PHD was the usher of all things.
      The ultimate goal is to get to the Vice Presidency unopposed or to make way for the “leader-of-choice”. That means destroying or exposing any rivals or potential hurdles along the way.

      Its bad for them all though. There’s no diplomacy in the onslaughts. That party is in for some bruising.

  • Shuvai

    Mujuru has the numbers, and at this late stage, that’s what matters. Unless Mugabe goes for broke and baby-dumps before congress. For now, if Dr Mujuru just ignores this, nothing will happen to her, and it is Dr Grace who will soon come to apologise.

  • Mimi

    Good that the 1st Lady Dr Grace Mugabe is now saying it as it is – THE TRUTH. Zvanga zvanyanya. For instance how many farms does our Lady VP has just for starters. it is true that her Province has the one that has been on the top of factionalism, I guess too much power corrupts. She forgets how she married Rex Mujuru. Taurai 1st Lady and we are listening.

  • punungwe

    One week ago she was not involved in factionalism, in her own words. This week, she is throwing heavyweight punches for one of the factions. Ayas.

  • Nyatsimba Mutota

    *** . Chegore rino.

  • Mkwati

    She will neither resign nor apologise. For what? Hamumuzivi zvakanaka Teurai Ropa.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    Only yesterday Jonathan Moyo was trying to twist Grace’s words saying she was not targeting the VP Mujuru. What does he say now?

    • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

      Jonathan was being very dishonest – I hope its not a habit.

  • Bhonimbi

    Ahhhh, iweeeeeeeeee, zvatosvorana Gonzo naChin’ai ..vuya undivonerevo nhayi weZhy chana chavatete maihweeeeeeee!!!

  • Bhonimbi

    nhy hako iwe..kkkkkkk

  • idi amin

    Just yesterday in this very paper, prof tried to tell us that the 1st Lady was not referring to Cde Dr. VP Joice Mujuru. Now what do you have to say?

    Is the 1st Lady not referring the current VP?

    Please retract your story like the true professional that you are.


  • patriot2

    mai Mujuru is also involved in the*** saga where shares were stolen ***and sold to the Egyptians .The Russians should know that they are holding on to stolen shares and it will come back to bite them soon .*** is the one shielding Makamba

  • Simon Madzongwe


  • Dr S Nziramasanga

    I am saddened by things unfolding in the party , I am very very saddened , What made our president tick was the fact that he could remain silent and that could make his enemies wonder what he is thinking about .

  • Fairplay

    Gore rino tichaonerera nokunzwirira,

  • Bhonimbi

    Mwanagu woye wafnga imweee hondoooo .. chikwadi usatanga iyimwee hondoooo, mwanangu woye wafunga iyimwee hondooo..chokwadi usatanga imweye hondooo. Hoondo ineropa, ruufu, kuparadza, matambudziko muukati mehondoo; toose tichapera, vana vevamwe vanopera mukati mehondoooo… aka kanhamba kakarohwa namaBlango SIMON ‘CHOPPER’ CHIMBETU, kanoita manjeee

  • AlphaGamatox

    Saka nhasi Jona Moyo achati kudii? Earlier this week aiti Dr Grace did not refer to Mujuru, Dr Grace vakati unotamba iwe, let me mention who “she” is. Nxa! Jona so! Ndiwe umwe uno misfire iwewe. Anyway, pamberi na Grace for exposing Joice, very very corrupt girl that one.

  • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

    Hey, so all of a sudden Joice has become this bad? What do they discuss in cabinet then if it should take the First Lady to address corruption issues? Zanu-PF now owes an explanation to its members. Are we seeing the demise of Joice after her hubby’s mysterious death? is Oppah going to challenge Joice at Congress and she becomes first VP? If then President Mugabe were to leave by whatever means then she automatically becomes the President? Is this the way to end it for our legendary President Mugabe? What is really in store for the country? What is Joice saying right now? What about Ed Mnangagwa? Where is Webster Shamu? Where is Sidney Sekeramayi? What about Cephas Msipa’s statements of a split if this things is not addressed? Why why why why is Zanu-pF doing this?

    • wafaz

      Mesmerizing to say the least. Never saw this coming I should say.

  • ishumairai

    I have worked in government and i know that you sign the official secrecy act which prohibits passing information to persons outside the official circles that includes spouses. Yes amai is the first lady but has the president been disclosing sensitive government information to his wife. If Amai Mujuru is that corrupt and the President as the Chief Executive has allowed it to go unpunished what does it say about the President remember you delegate responsibility never accountability. Finally is the First Lady clean herself, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones we know that Grace is not a good neighbour inga mu nextdoor neighbour akasungwa kunzi imbwa dzadya mhembwe yangu

    • Zimbabwe United

      Yesterday the Herald chose to ignore my post that ran as follows:

      “If you over tolerate or tolerate inefficiency over a very long time, sadly enough, that ceases to be a positive attribute, but it casts you as inefficient too. Heads should roll continously when people entrusted with national responsibility to deliver on loft goals fail to deliver on their duties. There should never be an excuse or justification for tolerating inefficiency. Inefficiency is costly to a nation, it delays the much needed economic turn around. Therefore, it is not comforting at all to hear that we have in cabinet inefficient ministers who survive courtesy of a tolerant President. That should change forthwith lest the President wakes up to realize the electorate is not tolerant of a party that tolerates inefficiency. In a European country, a minister lost his job simply because in some region of that country, a cow with mad-cow disease had gone undetected. Needless to say in Zimbabwe that would not have been considered a minister’s responsibility and if anything had to be done, then the late Dr Hargreaves’ successor would face the consequences and not the agriculture minister. How sad indeed. “

    • munhu wakanaka

      kkkkkk mhembwe yakadyiwa kuMazoe here kana Kuti imo muBorowdale imomu? wandispaka….

  • moses bvira

    Leave the VP alone,***, ikozvino take take navo,

  • Common Sense

    Here we go again, the Herald is the ZANU-PF Newsletter, nothing more

  • Gamatox the weevils.

    Pane akakunyepera Gire kuti watova muhombe.Ndima ine makatai

    • dididi

      Grace, please spare us ***. We know ***. Shut up and idya mari uri ziii

  • jojo

    I am kinda of warming up to this straight talking woman.expose them all Gire.

  • kutototo

    What authority is she using, she has just been nominated and she goes around accusing the VP of corruption she is not yet the secretary for women’s affairs and she is already flexing her muscle. If she was intelligent enough she would have called the VP and they would have talked and warned her to stop the illicit deals instead of going on top of a mountain ans shouting, this lady will kill our beloved party for good.

  • muzukuru

    Cde Msipa’s remarks of a possible split might come to pass if the veteran President of the party fails to contain this circus. Its now clear which faction has been sponsoring these meet the people campaign! The most honorable thing for the VP is to remain quiet! I don’t see anyone who is going to be fronted by these”clean” people dislodging her. Yes she cannot be appointed in government but at party level she can remain the second secretary, you remember the Mbeki/Zuma issue in South Africa. Exactly! People will decide who has the leadership qualities, one who publicly sound the trumpet or one who maintain the peace! Cry our beloved revolutionary party! Yanyaya yokuronga nekurongerana chete.All this in the name of succession and protection of self interests, hapachina mwoyo nenyika apa.

  • Jesus Zone

    My understanding is when there is factionalism there are two or more parties involved, why is the 1st Lady silent about the other faction? or that’s the one she belongs to? Also I don’t think it’s fair for her to attack the VP in the public like this. Why not sit down and talk as leaders in a private meeting? This is more like authorizing factionalism because our dear mother is only talking about one faction, where is the other faction? We really need prayers @ this point, all is not well in the camp…..

  • tichatonga

    yes yes any corrupt leader MUST RESIGN,thats true mama,pazotaurwa yecorruption moyo wangu wabva wasviba,don’t support corrupt leaders

  • Dr.Bathing Problem

    So decisions being made in Cabinet and Politburo meetings are actually amai influenced….. “hanzi baba mukasamudumper isu tichamudumper” kkkkk, so we now know whose in charge.

  • Mdawini

    What civil war u talking about?

  • kabhija

    Mwana ndiani Mujuru kana Grace? ***?

  • Teurai Ropa

    Viva Mai Mujuru, avo rega varotomoke ***, UTTERLY USELESS. Anyway, we dont salute those without liberation war credentials, our party is bigger ***!

  • Truth

    Amai..Amai…Taurai zvose musasiya kana kaduku. Chokwadi hachiputsi ukama.

  • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

    Maybe the first casualty of this hot cauldron may not be a hero after all. Remember the President clearly said no one who has not fought in the liberation war will ever set foot – Eeh sorry – set body at the heroes acre.

    • lol


    • Makusakatara


      The President never said that.

      If that was the case, how did Gary Magadzire ended up at the national shrine? How did the body of Border Gezi find its way to the shrine? How did the only white man to be honoured with this highest honour manage to be buried there?

      You are a distorter of the highest kind, if not a propagandist!!

  • Makusakatara


    The way I see it, and from reading between the lines, is that whoever this person is, has been called several times and warned about his/her dealings which are too open to hide but s/he did not listen. S/he did not listen because s/he thought she was holding the handle of the door to get into absolute power.

    In his/her mind s/he thought there was nothing that was going to stop her from entering the house and so s/he would not listen to anyone. Instead s/he went about threatening EVERYBODY that “come Congress I will be the President of the Party and Government and I want to see where you will hide”.

    There is, therefore, no need to call that person aside anymore because s/he has been called many time but did not listen. Remember what Amai Dr Grace Mugabe said in Masvingo. “Baba calls you privately to tell you to stop this corruption, factionalism and divisiveness but soon after you go back to your ways. Ha-a-a stop it; stop it!” she said.

    Further to all this, s/he is against the ascendance of the First Lady to the post of Women’s League Chairperson despite the fact that not so long ago EVERYBODY went out of their way to campaign for his/her ascendance which was heavily opposed.

    In his/her opposition to this ascendance, s/he uses the youths and some women to disrupt the First Lady’s meet the women tours and she is going about discrediting the First Lady.

    DOES anyone need to sit down with such a wicked person. NO! What is required is exposure of the person so that she can repent and be the good person s/he had previously been.

  • tinto

    Revolution now devouring its own children kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  • blar tindo

    kkkkkkkkkkkk patinozosvika kuCongress ndirikuwona makuva paHeroes apa mamwe magamba tinenge tamaradzika kareeeee ndopatichazonyatsonzwa nyaya yese kubva kuna iye mbune kkkkkkkkkkkkkk gore rino ndati hangu ndati

  • Makusakatara


    Time was not yet ripe to reveal the name but as events unfolded, it was important to impliedly expose the person. Remember, even now, no name has been mentioned. All that was said was that the person was from Mash Central and was a women.

    It is us who are concluding that the person being referred to here is Amai Dr J.T.R. MUJURU but in politics, this statement can be denied easily. Saka forget and smile that the good Professor would stoop so low as to spin this at all as he has never spinned anything before.

  • magonde

    My advice to Zanu PF is not to fire VP Mujuru. She contributed immensely to the liberation struggle and development of our country. Amai Dr Grace Mugabe should not be the one speaking out even if VP Mujuru is leading a faction, instead, the party spokesperson should be the one speaking and uniting the party.

  • Makusakatara


    ZANU-PF haichato wondomoki kana corruption and the corrupt are exposed. This is what the people want to expose those who are corruption and divisive int he party. Ko unoti vanhu vakanga vasinga zvioni here? Vaiona asi vachinyarara zvavo kumirira kuti kuuye mushingi asinga zezi kutaura chokwadi!

  • phd

    How does one person lead “factions”? ***

  • Mhofu

    Everyone is corrupt ..**from Romania found how things can change..watching the space hedu

  • Dr David Ph.D (UZ)

    Indeed Gorezaza is a shallow woman.

  • Mudzonga

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk am enjoying the game here………….muporofita weku Kenya uya anenge akanga aona

  • Chando

    So why was Jonathan Moyo trying to deny the truth about Grace saying it and castigating the private media for twisting her words?

  • Noni

    I wouldn’t know, but I guess we are becoming a bit ignorant in addressing our issues in the party. I don’t see unity whatsoever after congress if any of these words,threats are anything to go by. The silence of the alleged women led faction is so worrying because there is no dangerous being than one who does not say out what they are thinking/planning. In my own uneducated opinion, I think there is a better way of dealing with these issues. I understand this said faction has a sizable following as well so uhm!!!! am really worried at the way things are going. Really worried.

  • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

    When we were young tichifudza mombe taiziva kuti kazhinji ukaon nhunguru kana nhengeni dzakatsvuka and apetising ziva kuti most likely pane mago. So we used to encourage the not so clever peer herd boys to go fetch the fruit and in their stupidity they would oblige and get agonisingly stung…..we were the Opah Muchinguris of our time…Amai chenjerayi mago mberi…itayi speed shoma…

  • kolonjo

    She should be charged with undermining the authority of the president,she is insulting a state vice president.this is unlawful

  • Sonosamie

    Amai Mugabe, by the end this congress you will have created more enemies than friends. Check this space. Remember your utterances in the public. We used to get sleep as Baba Robert attacked Morgan and the West/Worst but iyi yamatanga yekuondonga musangano musazoti hatina kukuudzai. We are comrades in arms if there are any mishaps going on its always better to mind the platform and audiences. You have reduced our state into ashes. She is our vice President, when baba is out for those numerous visits to Singapore, Joyce has held the nation in good faith. Debates of such caliber are good at the Jongwe building. You better seek guidance before you open your mouth. Only the few weeks you have been roaming around, more enemies have been created. Musangano haubvume kufumura kwerudzi urwu. Dr uye amai tinyarewo kwete kuita maumbwe nemusangano vedu. She was appointed by Robert your own husband our President. This is very bad

  • Makusakatara


    The issue is not most, all or some but those who are corrupt should go.

  • Makusakatara


    You become a fool if you twist issues like you are doing. Mai Dr Grace MUGABE never said “to be Vice President”. What she only said and repeated again today in Marondera is that “everyone campaigned for you to be where you are….”

    Yes she mentioned that “ane mugondi we diamond” but does that read like Mai MUJURU to a reasonable person. Now, how many people have ‘migodhi ye diamond’? Because you lot are not reasonable, you conclude that ndi Mai Dr MUJURU that the First Lady was referring to or talking about.

  • Makusakatara


    Herald is a newspaper with journalists like anybody else, they also speculate and make interpretations. BUT what we are saying is that those interpretations are not always correct. And in this case it is not correct!!

  • Johnathan Mwoyondizvo

    No need to speculate, he knows the truth he just won’t tell. Vane nzeve vanzwa kuti mudictionary mune izwi rinonzi stubborn.

  • Johnathan Mwoyondizvo

    Warova dede nemukanwa Pitikoti Hanging Down.

  • Makusakatara


    There are too many ZANU-PF women in Mash Central so no need to speculate until the name is revealed. Inga wani tinoti haikona ku vhunduka chati kwatara. Siya huruva itange yadzikama ugoona kuti uri papi uye uri kuenda kupi.

  • Makusakatara


    Kwete havasi Amai Dr MUJURU.

  • Makusakatara


    Cde Joice Taurai Ropa MUJURU is one person through and through and so there is no need to speculate about who the First Lady is talking about. Let’s wait and see as the dust is about to settle. If it is Mai MUJURU then it shall come out very soon. One month is not too far away.

  • Makusakatara


    And yet someone here was arguing that Amai Dr Grace MUGABE mentioned Amai Dr Joice MUJURU. “Beyond reasonable doubt” may also mean speculating.

  • Makusakatara


    Was waiting for this moment which is close to the December Elective Congress. If those being referred to repent then they may be forgiven.

  • Makusakatara


    EXACTLY what we do not want any more – giving land back to Boers. They could do that in the countries you mentioned but not in this country.

    If you agree that “corruption is unforgivable” then you should not be supporting such people. More so because they are about to get to the top of the ladder.

    We want a leader like President R.G. MUGABE at the helm because he is incorruptible, selfless, upright, unwavering and courageous. Now does this person have these traits. A VERY BIG NO!!

  • Makusakatara


    Not at all, hakuna kana guva hwani rauchaona. Mark my words. Kana ratoitika, rangogaravo richifanira kuitika!!

    Instead you shall see these people embracing and drinking tea together – this is politics.

  • Makusakatara


    It is a ZANU-PF woman who owns a diamond mine and lives in Mash Central. How man women in Mash Central fit this description. MANY!! So, just wait and see when things start unfolding!!

  • Makusakatara


    Indeed, I do not speculate, let alone make a wrong speculation.

  • Makusakatara


    Of course, no names but only action which speak louder than words. You can speculate as much as you want but it will end there!!

  • Makusakatara


    Give credit where it is due but NOT where speculation is being speculated.

  • Makusakatara


    Ini ndataura ndapedza!!

  • Makusakatara


    It is you mentioning names not me!!

  • mountain

    What in the world?