Another MDC-T official bashed at Harvest House

Charamba CharityDaniel Kachere Herald Reporter
Another MDC-T official was allegedly assaulted by her colleagues at the party’s headquarters at Harvest House in Harare on Tuesday and had to hide in a toilet in the building to escape the mob.
MDC-T Harare North youth secretary for information Ms Angela Hwanyanya was allegedly attacked less than a month after other more senior officials were set upon by drunk party goons.

Police yesterday said Ms Hwanyanya was struck several times on the head and suffered injuries to one eye and to the forehead.

Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said investigations were in progress.

She said the assault occurred at Harvest House during a party provincial meeting when MDC-T thugs accused Ms Hwanyanya of belonging to a faction pushing for Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s ouster from the helm of the party.

“MDC-T Harare North district organising secretary Mr Partson Makore allegedly charged towards the complainant, shouting obscene language before assaulting her on the face and forehead, resulting in a swollen eye and forehead,” she said.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said Ms Hwanyanya sought refuge in a toilet before she managed to escape and make a police report.

She warned that all perpetrators of violence would be dealt with accordingly.

Last month, MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Mr Elton Mangoma and youth assembly national secretary general Mr Promise Mkwananzi, were assaulted outside Harvest House while Mr Tsvangirai looked on.

This was after Mr Mangoma called for leadership renewal seeing as Mr Tsvangirai had failed to lead MDC-T to victory against Zanu-PF and President Mugabe in the 2000, 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2013 elections.

Mr Mangoma has since been suspended as Mr Tsvangirai and his loyalists conduct a purge of the party ranks.

Party secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti fled the thugs the same day Mr Mangoma was attacked by scurrying into Mr Tsvangirai’s car, while another youth leader – Mr Solomon Madzore – found refuge in Harvest House.

MDC-T policy chief and Bulawayo South National Assembly representative Mr Eddie Cross this week said the MDC-T faced imminent collapse due to a total breakdown of relations in the standing committee and the use of violence against dissenting opinion.

He also told The Herald this past week, “The international community has stopped supporting the political reform process. The loss of faith in Morgan Tsvangirai is recent. They are unhappy with violence in the MDC and there is no reaction to curb it.”

In a February 5, 2014 report that MDC-T’s leadership is not keen to make public, the party’s guardian council – comprising Mrs Sekai Holland, Dr Samuel Sipepa Nkomo, Mr James Makore and Mr Cephas Makuyana – said violence could lead to a split of 2005 proportions.

The MDC-T split on October 12, 2005 when Mr Tsvangirai overturned a majority executive decision to participate in that year’s Senate elections. This saw Mr Gibson Sibanda (vice president) Professor Welshman Ncube (secretary-general) and other senior officials breaking ranks with Mr Tsvangirai saying they could not function well with his dictatorial inclinations.

That split was characterised by much violence.

Interestingly, the guardian council’s warning came exactly 10 days before Mr Mangoma and Mr Mkwananzi were assaulted.

The following are some of the major incidents of violence in the MDC-T:
September 2001: MDC lawmakers —Priscillah Misihairabwi-Mushonga, Gabriel Chaibva, Edwin Mushoriwa and Janah Ncube assaulted while attending a provincial executive meeting in Dzivaresekwa.

September 2004: MDC youths try to kill party director of security, Peter Guhu.

September 2004: Bulilima MP Moses Mzila Ndlovu assaulted.

May 2005: Priscillah Misihairabwi-Mushonga assaulted at Harvest House.

July 2006: Trudy Stevenson, Linos Mushonga, Simangele Manyere, Tawanda Udzerema and Lackson Mudachira assaulted in Mabvuku after the split of MDC because of dictatorship and violence.

April 2010: Toendepi Shonhe (party director-general) and Chris Dhlamini (security director) assaulted outside Harvest House.

February 2014: Deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma and youth secretary Promise Mkwananzi allegedly assaulted outside Harvest House.

February 2014: Secretary-general Tendai Biti and youth chairperson Solomon Madzore escape assault at Harvest House.

March 2014: Harare North secretary for information Ms Angela Hwanyanya assaulted at Harvest House.

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  • gumiremiseve

    Its time Harvest House is closed. This has become a public torture chamber in the midst of the capital whilst government is watching and doing nothing about it. Do we have another government running the country from Harvest House I wonder?

  • Hemp

    Hubhinya hweMDC hwanyanya!

  • Hope there re no ZANU PF perpetrators. Anyone attempt to harrass or attack other pple must face prison not paying $50. That is the best way u can stop violence. Police must not tolerate any form of abuse. No more paying $50. Send them to prison. We will be the best African country were pple re treated fairly. We want equal opportunity. Everyone must be treated equally. Zero tolerance in any form of corruption. Make pple understand the system. The major cause of corruption is that pple dont understand the system.Educate them. We want discipline. Our healthcare system need to be improved to reduce the spread of preventeble diseases. More pple re dying be4 the age of 50.We as a gvt what hve we done?. Vana varikusara vachinetseka mudzimba after their parents left too soon. Vana vhara zip voita madiro nevanasikana. Vana vhara zip vakachena here mberi nesure. Who re the victims, our young girls and our mothers.

  • Junta

    what is good for the geese is good for the gander.zvakanakira violance mu zanu-pf ndozvayakanakira ku Mdc-T

  • joemuda

    There is no vilonce in the MDC, it’s just that anyone within their ranks who opposes tsvangirai is given physical counselling by the party thugs.

    • Zimbabwe ForLife

      LOL! Joe please…

    • Jotham

      It hates as a supporter to find your prefered political party receiving such bad reportage , joemuda, you can not stomach the truth. Physical counselling? , baba murikurwa chaiko?

    • brunohzw

      kkkk Joemuda asi chii nhai


      Joemuda needs serious political and social counseling himself. I mean SERIOUS.

  • Disappointed

    Tsvangirai’s memoirs: How to destroy a party

  • Jotham

    The assaulted official reported the matter to the police , Pablo the 3rd , zvorwadza worotomoka manje. The police will investigate reported cases. Unenge wakadzidza murima, muciedza pfungwa hadzishande mushe.


    Pablo the 3rd wataridza kupererwa nefungwa. Washaya kuti woita sei nekunyadziswa nenyaya dze violence nevamwe vako. It is easy. Let me assist you. Just tell your colleagues that violence will destroy your party very quickly. Now you do not have sponsors because they are now fed up.