ANC blasts regime change agenda

Zizi Kodwa

Zizi Kodwa

JOHANNESBURG. — South Africa’s ruling African National Congress says that the United States is pursuing a regime change agenda in South Africa via youth training.

“We have observed attempts by imperialist to destabilise not just South Africa, but the sub region. They have taken about 45 young people to America to train them as part of their leadership programme.

“What we got from those young people is not what they expected; they were trained about destabilising the country and regime change,” ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said.

He said that at a certain point, the party would let the students, who were trained in the US, speak to the media.

“Many of them, when they came back, were distributed in the higher institutions of learning. They came to us and said: ‘we suspect what we attended in America is not what we want’,” said Kodwa.

Kodwa said the US wanted to replace the ANC “with whatever thing that is not ANC because the party remains an opposition to the imperialist agenda”.

While addressing an anti-racism march in the capital Pretoria last month, ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe accused the US embassy in South Africa of holding meetings aimed at “regime change” in the country.

The US Ambassador to South Africa, Patrick Gaspard, later responded on Twitter dismissing the ANC claims.

“I wish that someone would invite me to these meetings. Let’s not blame others for our own challenges,” Gaspard tweeted. — Xinhua.

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  • tod

    All this path and character was seen in Zimbabwe from start to finsih it will be the same. Read about US embassy invlovement in Zimbabwean politics -no difference- same comments by government and embassy

  • $15B Question?

    Regime change mantra taking hold in the ANC hierarchy. We’ve heard it before north of the Limpopo. A failing party has to secure scape goats. The ANC is getting “Us” on its report card.
    It is amazing though that the majority of ANC top officials send their kids to western countries. Hypocrisy of the highest order.

    • mpengo

      If it is US foreign policy, it will happen.

      It is not a conspiracy theory.

      Declassified material where such efforts have been made through foreign policy decisions…is in the public domain.

      Dozens upon dozens of material and direct admission of US involvement in regime change.

      It is not new. Is not strange and not denied (where such information is now declassified)

      SA may have evidence or think it has it

      The US may or may not be doing it..

      But to the outside world, it will always look baseless unless the US has made facts known of its involvement.

      To deny it as something impossible or stuff of figment is to be totally ignorant and clueless of history and to call the US liars for admitting and releasing information of covert wars or regime change efforts.

  • Kuta Kinte

    A leopard will never change its spots in whatever environment. The US as the western leader will never abandon the practice of interference in other nations and their character of regime change. They will never accept that the resources in any nation are for that nation and not theirs. Regime change is their number one foreign policy and any new leader will follow that path and even take the oath to follow that path. America made its name through inhuman exploitation of Africans as slaves and that mindset will never change. Watch out South Africa and whatever political path you follow, just be guided by the fact that you are Africans.