Ammara, Roki to wed

Bride to be.... Ammara Brown

Bride to be…. Ammara Brown

CONTROVERSIAL urban grooves star musician Rockford “Roki” Josphats is head over heels in love with songbird Ammara Brown.

The celebrity couple, which has been dating for a while, is reportedly planning a white wedding.
Both parties confirmed the affair to H-Metro with Roki saying he was ready to settle after his marital mess with several women.

In an unsolicited interview with H-Metro, Roki said he had found Miss Right after years of searching.

“I have finally found the right lady to marry,” said the ecstatic Roki.

“We have been dating for a while and I feel it’s the right time to marry the woman I love most.

“I am in love with Ammara (Brown) and I do love her. We have been dating for a while and I feel we can now settle down as husband and wife.”

The Chidzoka hit-maker conceded that he had made his mistakes and was determined to move on.

“Like any other human being, I do make mistakes but what is key is to move on and not to repeat the same mistake.

“I have been labelled a bad boy in the past but I won’t let that affect me. I am excited with the new chapter that I have opened.

“I just want to thank my friend Maskiri who has blessed this affair. If all goes according to plan, Maskiri will be the best man on my wedding day,” added Roki.

In another interview, Ammara confirmed her affair with Roki, describing him as a loving and caring boyfriend.

“It’s true that we are in love. As for our future plans, I can’t open up now,” said Ammara shortly after her performance on Friday at City Sports Centre.

“We have been dating for a while and I feel excited that I have found the right man. I just love him, added Ammara.

H-Metro is reliably informed that rapper Alishious “Maskiri” Musimbe will be the go between (sadombo) when Roki pays lobola.

Contacted for comment, Maskiri confirmed the development, wishing Roki all the best.

“As a friend, I am happy for Roki after he found the right woman to settle with. Roki has made his mistakes but we ought to forgive him as he opens a new chapter in his life.

“I will be there for him as he begins a new chapter. We have been friends for years and I feel it’s good that we support each other.

Roki told me that I will be the best man at his wedding and I feel humbled being included in the bridal team,” said Maskiri.

As Roki is about to wed, a family member, who preferred anonymity, said Roki needed counselling as he was about to marry again.

“Roki has been involved with several women over the years and we wish him all the best as he is about to marry again.

“However, we feel he still needs counselling so that he won’t repeat his past mistakes. As you know he was in love with Pauline, his dancer Melody and other women.

“It is our hope that Ammara won’t join the long list of women he has dated (then dumped) over the years,” said the insider.

Roki, who has been keeping a low profile, has resumed live shows and plans are underway for a duet with Ammara.


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  • kodza

    Ammara zvawatanga izvi??umm hameno!!

    • Jotham

      Why do you scare her?

  • Truth Saves

    Zvasangana, Ammara wekwaCarlos Marx nemupengo Rocki….mahumbwe

    • Phato Sthole

      Chimoto chaicho.. apa panoita ma fireworks chaiwo mumba imomu but u never know, vamwe vakachembedzana mudzimba imomu izvo zvakatanga zvichinzi mahumbwe. Musadheerere LOVE. Lets give them benefit of doubt I say but hey.. ma1, kana ivo bestaz vacho, handiti ndivo vekumbotyoka makumbo vakandwa nepawindow kuma avenue after varova stuff vasina mari yekubhadhara?? I hope vakura manje.

    • Dmash

      Its the other sister who is going out with Carlos

    • manman

      Shahla Brown ndiye wekwa Carlos Marx. Andy Brown had many kids.

  • Mwana Wevhu

    I wonder what kind of lobola payment will it be with Maskiri as the munyai..Gore rino tichazwirira

  • Fireman

    Unotoona kuti zvinhu zvacho ndezvema Jokes

  • Chihera

    Kahunhu kechikaradhi


    ummm, mufana uyu is a good student!

  • Popiro

    maKaradi haana hunu

  • madhuve

    totenda maruva tadya chakata uye totenda dzanwa dzaswera nebenzi dzasangana nzenza mbiri apa…

  • Fence Sitter

    What do these beautiful young women see in that loser? Love is really blind

  • Ankol B

    blessingz frm maskiri ? this shows its theatrical.rudo rwakadai hurugare

  • Tec


  • me

    God bless you

  • Jotham

    I hope they will last the distance.

  • Matute

    yu continue with this story wen both parties say they are not wedding but just datting. unreliable news again. copy and paste journalim from these jurnos. chiini mani kutamba nemasoro edu imwimwi.

  • Matute

    rocki took this to twittwer and denied ever saying this. why do we then have to behave as this street tabloids DEAR HERALD