American music star shoots video in Zim



Yeukai Karengezeka-Chisepo Arts Correspondent
American hip-hop and RnB artist Reese Nance better known as G-Shytt in music circles was in Zimbabwe for the first time to shoot a musical video. The video which was shot in different locations like Harare, Vumba, Mutare and Headlands is for his latest song titled “The Vibe Is Right” off the album “As Promised”.

It was directed by local videographer Vusa Blaqs of the Bhachura fame. In an interview with The Herald Arts, G-Shytt said he was lured by productions he came across on social media done by Blaqs.

“The sound that we created with the song has an African influence or vibe so we chose to shoot in Africa particularly Zimbabwe because we met Blaqs and he insisted on shooting this video for me.

“After researching Zimbabwe, I felt like it was the perfect place to shoot this video,” he said. The excited musician described his maiden visit as a dream come true. For me, it is a dream comes true because I have always dreamt of coming to Africa though I never thought that my first time would be coming here to shoot a music video.

“I felt connected with the people here and Zimbabwe is like my second home. Now I can write more music about Zimbabwe and Africa,” said G-Shytt. G-Shytt said he is looking forward to have collaborations with Zimbabwean musicians in the near future.

“I will be returning to Zimbabwe soon to do collaborations with some local artistes. I love the sound and tempo of Zimbabwean music it is very different and it sounds dance driven,” he said. The “Last Night” hit-maker has produced over 50 songs in his musical career and some of his popular songs are “Exclusive” and the “Big Fish”.

G-Shytt started singing and writing music in 2013. Initially he started out dancing for top hollywood divas Rihanna, Beyonce and Ciara and has also done movies, commercial acting, feature films but later chose to focus on music. He has toured several countries around the world that include in Florida, Canada, Brazil, Greece, and Dominican Republic.

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  • Samudzimu

    Whether he does it in Zimbabwe or North Korea (Pyonyang) kwaana Kim Jong Un uko, who cares?

    • Analyst

      This is very ignorant view, typical of cattle herders! My friend, if you have been to Vumba, Mutare, etc, you would be aware that these are quite scenic places with great potential to lure tourists. There are people out there with money to burn and also the desire to visit any scenic place they come across through pictures in magazines, videos etc. These people are called tourists and can make significant improvements in foreign currency earnings for countries. This money eventually benefits everyone including those who work as cattle herders!

  • From a UK Perspective

    A unknown American artist shooting a video in the country should not be news in a national newspaper. The headline should read: “Local Music Video Producer Goes International” because I think that is the sugar in this story

  • Just Sayin’

    “G-Shytt”, he really didn’t think that one through did he ?

  • Yuck Fooh

    Who is this guy?

  • Mela

    who is he.. never heard of him

  • Kusekana kwaana kamba

    Yeukai Karengezeka Chitsepo sounds feminine to me …. hamheno pamati tsano apo

  • same same

    an american super star who nobody ever heard of….

  • job bhutsu

    just his name puts me off