Airzim retrenches 200 workers

Air Zimbabwe

Air Zimbabwe

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
Air Zimbabwe (Airzim) has, with immediate effect, retrenched 200 workers as part of its ongoing restructuring exercise to bring the national airline back to viability.

Out of 28 managers, only 12 were left while others who were in acting capacities were returned to their rightful positions.

The finance department, which had 36 staffers, was downsized to 17. All 30 pilots employed by the airline were not affected after it was discovered that they all had the requisite qualifications.

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Airzim board chairperson Professor Chipo Dyanda confirmed the development yesterday, saying the current airline’s performance does not require a finance department of 36 people.

She said the remaining 17 employees in the finance department would be on performance based contracts for the next six months and those who failed to produce the desired results might be dismissed even before the six months lapsed.

As part of the restructuring exercise, Prof Dyanda said all employees would be on performance based contracts by the last quarter of this year.

She said a staff and skills audit done by an independent consultancy exposed a lot of unprofessional conduct ranging from under qualification, salary distortations and lack of proper skills among other things. “We have hired a private consultancy to do a staff audit in terms of checking qualifications to see if people are in the right positions,” she said.

“We have retrenched 200 employees out of 424 employees and those who were affected are going with their packages. The organisation is over bloated and we are also trying to correct salary distortations at the organisation. For example some employees were getting 45 percent retention allowances and 45 percent critical allowances and the net result was that the allowances will double one’s basic salary. Those who were made to act in certain positions were being given full packages instead of acting allowances. As a result of the salary distortations, we can no longer sustain the wage bill.

“Some of the people do not have the necessary qualifications and when the auditors checked their files they found nothing and why should we keep such people?”

Prof Dyanda continued: “Some of the anomalies that we have noted are that there seem to be reluctance by the finance department to produce audited financial results for the company. As we speak we still have outstanding audits dating back to 2011. The audit results are important for Government to make decisions and as well as our strategic partners.”

Prof Dyanda said they were also coming up with a new business strategy for Air Zimbabwe. She sad their aim was transform Harare from being a mere destination for travelers but a gateway that people use to connect to other parts of the world.

“This restructuring exercise is coming on the backdrop of a strategic plan to give the company a different business model so that Harare is not viewed as a destination but a transit to other parts of the world,” she said.

“We are also going to embark on a retraining exercise that includes all staff members starting with the chief executive officer. We want them to understand what it means to work for a parastatal. We want to reinforce their managerial skills and we have so far received good responses from people who want to train our staff even from South Africa.”

Dr Dyanda said the money that was going to be saved after the restructuring exercise would be re-invested into the airline’s operations until it reaches the capacity to contribute to the fiscus.

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  • xyz

    Actually Mugabe’s foreign trips are good for Air Zim if the govt is being charged the proper rates. A repeat and loyal customer is good in any business.

  • haiwawo

    Why should there have been any doubt in the first place? How would they have been hired? Kutungana kwembudzi kwega kwega.

  • Mimi

    Ok but why resort to getting trainers all the way from South Africa? Zimbabwe has got plenty of learned people who can train these people mhani.

  • Cde Mvinazhu (Prof)

    Who was hiring these under-qualified people? You cant just dismiss them without prosecuting whoever was responsible for this fiasco

    • zimbotry

      This is your Zimbabwe you are talking about where corruption, lies and incompetence by those in authority is the norm and condoned by ZanuPF

  • KING

    civil service needs this especially that youtheez ministry

  • sky

    Yesterday 11 July 2011 our 40 year old 737-200 lost cabin pressure on its way to Johannesburg and diverted to Bulawayo. We need new planes. Idzi hadzi chaita.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    I have not heard anything about the overpaid and under achieving Simba Chikoore? Is he untouchable in this belt tightening era?

  • yowe

    Ko ndege dzakatengwa nemukwasha naMinister dziri kupi?? Prof Dyanda is on record of saying the had no idea of the aircraft purchase or the rebranding of Air Zim to Zimbabwe Airways…Its funny hazvo how things are done in this country.My heart goes out to those that have been left jobless in these turbulent times in which Zanu Pf rule is a sanction on all our lives…pakaipa YOWE!!!!

  • Wilson Magaya

    Good news and kudos to you professor Dynda and the board and management for being bold enough to realise that in order to build sometimes you have to break. I totally agree that the survival of airzim is not separated with the fate of our poorly managed city and many other sections of our country such as immigration, police Civil Aviation (which should be separated into Aviation Authority and Airports Company)

    Keep the good work and Onward and Upward we go. “Nyika, Vanhu” Get the best of Zimbabwe to work for a better Zimbabwe.

  • Cecil Roars

    Still 90% is not 100% but you tried.

    • dhehwa72

      45% critical + 45% retention = 90% + the other allowances which were not mentioned will take the total allowances paid beyond 100%.

  • Jonso M

    How many people should man a plan?

    What is d standard ratio of plane to person globally ?

    These are key indices that must be used. What informed axing of 200 employees so that we can full comprehend and commend the Dr .

    They must retrence high salary earners. Board n senior mgt not low wage earners how much is dollar will be saved by exercise.

    Mr reporter we need facts

    A step towards cost contain me

  • dhehwa72

    2 days ago
    Very interesting. They promise to pay packages but they owe other employees millions of dollars from 2009. What guarantee is there that they will get their packages