African business delegates denied visas to United States

NEW YORK. – The African global economic and development summit, which takes place every year at the University of Southern California was particularly quiet this year after about 100 attendees were barred from entering the country to participate in the event. The summit aims to encourage businesses to invest in Africa and particularly to support initiative to provide clean energy, tackle the impacts of climate change and reduce poverty.

The event is opened to entrepreneurs, corporations and political and civic leader in the US and delegations from all over Africa come to showcase projects in need of technical help or investment.

Speaking to Voice of America, Mary Flowers, who chairs the summit said: “Usually we get 40 percent that get rejected but the others come. This year it was 100 per cent. Every delegation. And it was sad to see, because these people were so disheartened.

“I have to say that most of us feel it’s a discrimination issue with the African nations. We experience it over and over and over, and the people being rejected are legitimate business people with ties to the continent.”

Among the people who were not allowed to attend the event were speakers and government officials from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and South Africa.

Ms Flowers said those who were denied visas were called for embassy interviews days before they were supposed to travel, despite having applied weeks or months in advance. It is unclear why visas were denied to them.

The US State Department has been approached for comment. But visas are repeatedly refused by US embassies.

Data by the US State Department compiled by The New York Times for the year 2015/16, shows Somalia, Ghana, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania all had a visa denial rate of more than 60 per cent. - The Independent.

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  • Kuta Kinte

    “No matter where you come from. As long as you are a black man, you are an African” sang Peter Tosh. Some of us say whatever they want while they are here in our mother Zimbabwe and Africa but if you go to Europe and USA, that is when you will discover that you are an African indeed. Racism against Africans in some of these countries abroad is real, unrecorded and comes in different doses and that is why I Kuta Kinte (the famous slave) tells you that I have seen it all. Africa the land of all resources!!!!!!

  • Piankhi

    When you keep begging your oppressors for help, this is what you will get in return. No respect. Africa has a weakness with the West. No matter how much the West keep stealing from Africa. African countries continue to act as helpless in the richest continent on the planet. And will not use the resources to strengthen the continent but only give them to their Masters for little of nothing on worthless paper the U.S, print from thin air. African countries need to start are ban Western businesses and others from entering into Africa at free will but are denied the same when wanting to go to the West. Africans do not realize that the West cannot survive with being in the African continent. Because most of resources used to produce most products come from Africa. African Nations should only do the same in return. Then you will see a change in the same scum bags of the West that have raped, robbed and corrupted African countries for the own benefit.