Abide by Politburo directives: Khaya Moyo

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Zanu-PF senior members must abide by decisions of the party in handling cases of dismissals and not resort to unilateral action in defiance of directives from the Politburo, secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Simon Khaya Moyo has said. His comments follow an outright defiance by national political commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere, who has overruled the decision made by the revolutionary party’s Politburo that all members booted out through votes of no confidence should be given an opportunity to be heard.

Last Wednesday’s 10-hour Politburo meeting resolved that before a decision is taken on dismissal, affected members should be put to their defence. However, three days later, on Saturday, Cde Kasukuwere said the party would not rescind the votes of no confidence saying: “natural justice had already taken place.”

This came as Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo on Sunday continued with his tweeting, poking fun at the party’s senior leadership, in defiance of the Politburo ban. The Politburo also banned, with immediate effect, the use of social media to communicate party issues or denigrate each other.

Cde Khaya Moyo yesterday maintained that the Politburo had resolved to allow those booted out to give their side of the story. He said Zanu-PF expected every member to abide by the decisions taken by the Politburo and failure to do so will see them being dealt with in line with party rules and procedures.

“As far as I am concerned, the decisions which were taken, we could not announce the outcome of the National Disciplinary Committee (NDC) because they had not yet finished their deliberations, but they were advised they must call all those who are facing any cases for a hearing,” said Cde Khaya Moyo.

“The matter is now in the court of the NDC, they handle all cases referred to them by the commissariat. I hope that they are working on that themselves. “The best person who can comment on how far they have gone or whether they have started (hearings) already is the secretary for legal affairs Cde Patrick Chinamasa. He is also a member of the NDC.”

Cde Khaya Moyo said after the hearings, the NDC would report back to the Politburo. Addressing a Zanu-PF Matabeleland North provincial co-ordinating committee meeting in Lupane on Saturday, Cde Kasukuwere said Zanu-PF would not overturn the votes of no confidence.

At the same meeting, Cde Kasukuwere unilaterally fired three provincial chairpersons for allegedly “disobeying party orders and inciting insolence within the party”.

The three chairpersons are Cdes Biggie Matiza (Mashonaland East), Kizito Chivamba (Midlands) and Ezra Chadzamia (Masvingo).

Cde Kasukuwere said at the meeting: “Some are now saying let’s sit down and review the votes of no confidence; let’s go for a hearing. We have some who are lawyers who say, ‘No, let’s have a meeting and have natural justice’. Natural justice has already taken place. Vote of no confidence means that the appropriate organ has made a decision and the party cannot revoke that.”

Zanu-PF members have been wantonly passing votes of no confidence against each other since last year, prompting President Mugabe to raise concern ahead of the revolutionary party’s 15th National People’s Conference last December. President Mugabe said Zanu-PF has rules which should be applied in an orderly manner without discrimination.

“Kurwisana hakuperi? Iwo mavote of no confidence akauya awa. Ko nyaya dzacho hadzitauriramwe here,” he said while addressing members of the Zanu-PF Central Committee. “Try to correct each other, warn each other before you take action. It doesn’t help us.”

On the other hand, Prof Moyo, who has used his Twitter handle @ProfJNMoyo to attack fellow party members, on Sunday continued with his trend. He suggested to the Daily News how it should have subbed its lead story on Sunday denigrating Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Tweeted Prof Moyo: “Technically, today’s @DailyNewsZim’s headline is poor subbing. It should have been ‘VP’s Dilemma: Fight or Flight’.” The Daily News had headlined its story: “VP’s Dilemma: To fight or run”.

Prof Moyo continued: “If you are an appointee, it’s wrong to use your position to subvert the authority of your appointer to succeed him. It’s honourable to resign.”

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  • Chief Legal Adviser

    Ah, Khaya Moyo`s role in ZANU PF is over shadowed by other centres of the party`s spokes- persona!

    • Kingongo

      True. He seems to be taking a low profile & only speaking reluctantly. He’s obviously trading carefully or to put it honestly, cowardly. Others are speaking more frequently & even louder while he whispers from a corner. And it seems no one from the party is even paying attention to his statements. Kasukuwere has appointed himself leader & spokesperson of the party & government.
      This is a headache for Sekuru

      • Biggie Taapatsi

        Let Kasukuwere enjoy his time in the sun; sunset is coming on him very soon. He’s getting carried away. He needs to listen to the sermon by Bishop Lazarus in the last issue of the Sunday Mail

      • bodo_kwete

        If the trutn be told, vakasukuwere is brave but not brainy. Other than Mdhara Webi Shamu aka Charlie Ndhlovu, all his predecessors were more cunning than him.

        • AReader

          You do know what befell his ‘cunning’ predecessors…

          • bodo_kwete

            True that. Mumusangano uyu itamba wakachenjera.

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    Where does Chinamasa come in all this? I thought he simply implored the party to let natural justice take it’s course in matters of discipline!

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    I wanted to comment but after reading your post, I need not; you’ve just said it all! Hear! Hear! Hear!

  • Nyamasvisva

    Anybody who loves the First family is safe

  • Tinotya

    Poor SKM. Rugare had more balls by far. SKM is a lame-duck spokesperson. He may be ok when everything is orderly, but in this JMoyo-inspired jungle, he is about as effective as a pistol shooting an elephant!

    It’s anomie all the way in Zanu Pf. Old ways are gone. New ways are hazy. It is a halfway-house between the trusted old and a tremulous new: the lot of them don’t know whether to stick with the same old failing habits or kick on to this tentative unknown future powered by some shadowy individuals with unknown gods. Sorry hako Charamba. I don’t know you personally but I don’t know what gave me the impression that you are one of the few people who cares deeply about these times in the life of the republic.

    And of course it is all ** fault. Yes. It is his fault. And you were all there watching and waiting until it is now too far to gently nudge him and say: ” Saka nhai shefu ehhhh pa succession apa topadii?” With much tembling, tredidation, blushing and curtsing! Poor functionaries. Human gods exact terrible tributes to their vassals!

  • Chamunorwira Gorerezhara

    This is very CLEAR!!!!!
    G40 has all the power, from Kasukuvire who does not want to follow the Politburo’s ruling by continuing firing party members, to J. Moyo who actually does the opposite of the ruling by continuing with twitter posts and finally, Grace who does not spare anything to disrespect VPs and to publicly praise Jonathan Moyo the accused. The truth is that, if this faction succeeds, this country will have serious challenges (in a months time) beyond the 2008 experience simply because it will then be led by selfish people who want to totally indigenise resources without a pro poor focus.