Growing up in the village

Isdore Guvamombe Reflections Back in the village, in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve — if you like — a home without playing children is like a cemetery. There, Karitundundu, the ageless au...

Tribalism is not humour, but hate

Nick Mangwana View From the Diaspora IN recent days social media has gone into overdrive with memes which poke fun at people from Masvingo or Karangas in general. The underlying messages behind almos...
BIRDS OF A FEATHER . . . Raila Odinga and Morgan Tsvangirai

Democracy and political paranoia

Reason Wafawarova On Monday At the point of writing this piece, Kenya is tense and torn between celebrating election victors on one hand and protesting losers on the other.
Authors (from left) Peno Shadrick, Shalati Dondo and Marceline Kanda

College Press answers new curriculum call

Elliot Ziwira @ The Book Store Although no single definition may be said to be holistic in the explanation of the complex phenomenon known as curriculum, it can be simply referred to as a course of s...
THE MILLIONAIRES . . . . The graphic shows African footballers who have cost a fortune to sign

Sharuko on Saturday

I HAVE always had a romantic attachment to the English Premiership because, more than being just a blood-and-thunder theatre of football attrition, its fascinating adventure provides me with a tracke...
Young fathers are now spending more time with their children and even                      changing nappies

The changing role of men in parenting

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday A young couple accompanied by two children came through the arrival gate at Harare International Airport last week. They parked their luggage trolley next to us.
Musaemura Zimunye

How good when brothers dwell in unity

David Mungoshi Shelling the Nuts True life, the best teacher, is an instructive paradox. While we live on Mother Earth, we continue willy-nilly to experience and even celebrate what the erudite Profe...
Oscar Wilde

Overcoming reader’s block

Christopher Farai Charamba The Reader A couple of years ago, one came across one of those online challenges. This specific one was to read 50 books in a year. As someone who is fond of books and is r...

Sharuko on Saturday

LIKE BALOTELLI AT OLD TRAFFORD SIX YEARS AGO, WE SHOULD ASK: ‘WHY ALWAYS US?’ NO one excreted as much venom as we did in the painful soul-searching exercise that followed our first experience of deal...