Sexually abused women relive experiences

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Editor Tariro Murinda (24) woke up to find a man slipping into her blankets in the bedroom she shared with her seven-year old sister. Before she could even scream for help, Tar...
Mr Mukaronda

Teacher invests in education

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Editor When Mr Charles Mukaronda was growing up, he was alarmed at the levels of poverty around him although raised in a family of academics, Mr Mukaronda neither lacked life’s...
The  proposal to amend the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform Act) (Chapter 9:33) was crafted after a public outcry over rising cases of sexual assault

Honeymoon over for rapists

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Editor Government’s proposed 60-year imprisonment for those found guilty of raping minors and the disabled is a welcome move that should address the growing problem of sexual a...
House of Hunger

Vital to honour our artists in life, death

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Editor Dambudzo Marechera was a renowned writer, who carved his own piece of history, both on the local and international literature radar as one of the best young African writ...
Elizabeth Rudo Limamu (nee Takundwa)

Limamu thrives in foreign land

Ruth Butaumocho Gender profile Zimbabwean born Elizabeth Rudo Limamu (nee Takundwa) navigates the challenges of doing business in South Africa like any other entrepreneur.
Elizabeth Vimbai Mhangami

Mhangami Bulawayo’s own nightingale

Ruth Butaumocho Gender Profile When Elizabeth Vimbai Mhangami finished her studies in the United States, she decided to retrace her footsteps to Zimbabwe and establish how best she could contribute t...
Perhaps it’s time we keep the villages as holiday houses and places to teach children about life in the past

Returning to the village for life skills

Sekai Nzenza on Wednesday On the way to the village last week, we took two 15-year-old girls and one 18-year old. They sat in the back seat of the car together, quietly watching the countryside.
Mr Jonathan Banda . . . “When something (like a building) is being designed let it be designed for all. Be it children, be it older persons, be it persons with disabilities”

‘Govt sensitive to plight of disabled’

CC: Mr Banda, there is this Leonard Cheshire situation where residents, some of them people with disabilities, were evicted from this place of residence. What is the ministry’s take on it and how has...

Jesus Christ and the case for Deific Law

Sharon Hofisi Legal Matters — For the purpose of precision, let me, with alacrity, begin by considering the basic definition of law. Professor Lovemore Madhuku, who is doubtlessly one of the be...