9th provincial chairman booted out

Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
THE Zanu-PF Mashonaland Central provincial executive committee and the Women’s League yesterday passed a vote of no confidence in provincial chairperson Cde Luke Mushore and the league’s provincial chairwoman Cde Dorothy Mashonganyika.The two were accused of fanning factionalism and planning to topple President Mugabe, with Cde Mushore becoming the ninth Zanu-PF provincial chair to face the chop.

A total of 29 provincial executive members out of 48 signed the vote of no confidence in Cde Mushore at the party’s provincial headquarters in Bindura.

The provincial women’s league saw 22 members out of 40 voting for the ouster of Cde Mashonganyika.

Other Zanu-PF provincial chairpersons deposed in recent weeks were Cdes Ray Kaukonde (Mashonaland East), Temba Mliswa (Mashonaland West), Callisto Gwanetsa (Masvingo), Jason Machaya (Midlands), Amos Midzi (Harare), Andrew Langa (Matabeleland South), Professor Callistus Ndlovu (Bulawayo) and John Mvundura (Manicaland).

The Mashonaland Central provincial committee members replaced Cde Mushore with Cde Wonder Mashange, while the Women’s League committee replaced Cde Mashonganyika with her deputy Cde Mercy Jonga.

Cde Mashange was last week appointed the acting secretary for  administration following a vote of no confidence passed in Cde Joseph Mapiki.

The provincial executive appointed Cde Batsirai Musona as the acting secretary for administration following the elevation of Cde Mashange.

Another vote of no confidence was passed in Bindura North legislator and provincial committee member Cde Kenneth Musanhi over the same allegations.

Cde Mashange, who read the statement on behalf of the executive members, accused Cde Mushore of bringing the party into disrepute by being aligned to a faction.

He said they no longer had confidence in the leadership of Cde Mushore.

“We do so freely without any form of coercion or undue influence in accordance with provisions of Chapter 4, Article 29, and Section 251 of the Zanu-PF party Constitution which states that, “A motion of no confidence shall be passed by a simple majority of all members of the appropriate organ”, which in this case is the provincial executive council,” he said.

Cde Mashange said Cde Mushore was in breach of the party’s Constitution and that he was no longer fit and deserving to lead the party.

“He was part and parcel of a secret meeting held at Cde Musanhi’s private offices in Bindura on the eve of the First Lady’s (Dr Grace Mugabe) Meet the People Rally which was opposing the candidature and planning against the success of the First Lady Dr G. Mugabe’s Meet the People Rally on the 15th of October 2014,” he said.

“The meeting went on to task (ousted provincial vice chairperson) Cde (Sydney) Chidamba to organise and allocated him two buses to ferry rowdy supporters from Chiweshe who were to be led by one Dugmore Chimukoko to disrupt, antagonise and boo the First Lady, but the plan was foiled by alert State Security agents who detained one of the hired buses from Hermain Gmeiner High School.”

Cde Mashange said since December last year, Cde Mushore had been attending factional meetings which were being held in secrey in Bindura and Harare.

“The meetings were meant to remove His Excellency Cde R.G. Mugabe from his position as the party’s First Secretary and President at the party’s Congress to be held in December 2014,” he said.

“These meetings which he attended were being held to further the interests of a certain faction which is eyeing the Presidency and contrary to the mandate and expectancy of the people who voted him for the provincial chairmanship.

“In Bindura, the meetings were being held at Cdes (Nicholas) Goche and Musanhi’s residences, while in Harare they were being held at Cdes Goche and (Ray) Kaukonde’s private offices.”

Cde Mushore was also accused of failing to respect the supreme law of the party and failure to defend and uphold the rules and regulations of the party in the province, as the provincial head of the party.

“Now, therefore, having considered all the above allegations against Cde Mushore and taking into consideration their seriousness at this decisive moment of our revolution we found him in breach of the Zanu-PF party’s constitution. We, therefore, pass a vote of no confidence in the leadership of Cde Luke Mushore.”

Cde Mashonganyika also faced the same allegations of fanning factionalism and undermining the authority of President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe.

Cde Musanhi was accused of funding factionalism and divisions in the province, providing venues at Valley Farm Services and his residence for factional meetings and undermining the authority of President Mugabe.

Last week, the party’s provincial executive passed a vote of no confidence in vice chairperson Cde Sydney Chidamba and Cde Mapiki over the same allegations.

Addressing hundreds of supporters after the vote of no confidence, Cde Mashange urged the provincial leadership to always stand guided by the party’s constitution in their day to day duties.


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  • Saka nebeat

    Saka? Nyaya yako iri papi hona space yawatora munhu 1.. nxa

  • munhu

    The incumbent is no longer enjoying the support of the party. He is imposing himself on the party apparently. How can all 9/10 chairpersons have been bought? Statistically speaking it is more probable that the incumbent is no longer popular than it is probable that all 9 of 10 were bought.

    • Makusakatara


      The issue here is not about popularity but abusing and manipulating party structures for one person’s selfish ends. You need to know that the TEAM which won the 2013 Harmonised elections was illegally and unceremoniously removed by Mai MUJURU’s faction in order to facilitate her continued holding on to the VP’s post at the December Congress.

      While the plot also involved eventually putting her name up for election against the President, that is not what people are talking about here. What is at stake is the fact that whosoever was going to be nominated VP would automatically assume the Presidency should the President decide to retire before his time and before the next Elective Congress.

      This scenario, to me, does not read like VP MUJURU had become more popular than President R.G. MUGABE in any way. The mistake that these people, being booted out today, made was to use money to get to the top of the party. As a party, ZANU-PF does not accept inculcating a culture of using filthy lucre to get to the top of the political ladder.

      People should be chosen on the basis of competency and hard work and NOTHING else. What the VP MUJURU group had done was to repeat the mistake that Cde MNANGAGWA made in 2004 of using money and manipulation to gain the support of ZANU-PF chairpersons.

      As we all know, this was thwarted when Mnangagwa was denied the opportunity to become VP in that year. Remember that Mnangagwa had secured the support of eight out of 10 provinces. That did not mean he was now more popular than President R.G. MUGABE.

      Why should Mai MUJURU who benefited from that reversal forget so easily as to do the same mistake? It shows lack of wisdom on her part and on the part of all those who were or are still backing her. ZANU-PF is a revolutionary party that fought for the liberation of this country.

      It is as simple as; “manipulation of voters is strictly prohibited in ZANU-PF”.

  • Makusakatara


    Munamato wako ndowa Satan uye ihuruva yenyika ino. Hauna kumbo siyana navose vakamboita munamato mumwe chete wakadaro asi vakapedzisira vari ivo vasangana nezuva ravo. You are no except as you can meet your marker before the man you want dead is gone.

    Take note that God does not accept you arrogating to yourself His powers to decide which life to take and which one to spare. He is the giver of life and therefore, the taker of life as well.

    For you to then pray for the death of another person – no matter how much you hate them – is a serious sin before Almighty God.

  • DollarsEventually

    @Mich. Out of 48, 19 votes do not make a majority. The same applies to 18 votes out of 40. It shows they did not campaign hard enough or that you saw the result in much the same way the MDC always views its electoral losses, i.e. yes we have a sizeable chunk of the vote but we have lost the election but we want to be the government. If our demand to let us form the next government is not met then we have been Nikuved and we will refuse to endorse the results. To most people, such warped thinking is not beholden to the principles of democracy which is all about numbers!

  • DollarsEventually

    @the bigger boss. This is not a soap opera but a good lesson on the exercise of political dexterity by a Master. This is a lesson on how to deal with choppy political waters that have been polluted by a very hostile foreign country whose deleterious interference is intended to cause conflict and confusion in the country in a bid to render it a failed state for own interests. The Master has simply sought to discredit the whole group by carrying out a flank attack from an unexpected source just like the numpties thought money would do the trick for them by corrupting all the provincial chairmen. How? Send in your better half armed with a crude slasher (zilch political ability) to cut the overgrown grass (egotistical Provincial Chairmen of a overambitious deputy now consorting with the enemy) whilst you look from the window seeing how its all going. Handy tips as to where bits of overgrown grass is still standing are ably given by hand and eye signal. When the hatchet job is done then move in with the lawnmower (Congress) to create a fine finish!

  • Joel

    CUP GAME: Dyamos vs Caps United;
    Dynamos giving Caps United players red cards before the match, zvinoita here izvozvo. Mahumbwe aya.