UK invasion plot: Nujoma speaks out

Namibia’s founding President Cde Sam Nujoma chats to Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Namibia Ms Chipo Zindoga at his residence in Etunda Village, Namibia

Namibia’s founding President Cde Sam Nujoma chats to Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Namibia Ms Chipo Zindoga at his residence in Etunda Village, Namibia

Mabasa Sasa in ETUNDA   VILLAGE, Namibia
Any attack on Zimbabwe is an attack on the entire SADC region and will warrant a military response from the bloc, Namibia’s founding president, Dr Sam Nujoma, has said.The Father of the Namibian Nation spoke in the wake of revelations that Britain, under former premier Tony Blair, approached South Africa seeking co-operation in a military invasion of Zimbabwe during Thabo Mbeki’s presidency.
South Africa rejected the overtures.

Diplomatic sources also told this paper that Britain had approached at least two other southern African countries to provide land and airspace for a possible invasion of Zimbabwe at the turn of the millennium.

This was when Zimbabwe had embarked on its revolutionary Fast-track Land Reform Programme.
It is understood that one of the countries (named) actually agreed but backtracked when Zimbabwe sent an envoy to ask the leadership of that nation why it wanted to assist in an invasion of a fellow Sadc member state.

The source said, “At least three countries were approached. One of them rejected the idea flatly, one listened to the proposal and then rejected it, and another went along and only stopped when Harare made it clear it was aware of the plot. That is where it crumbled, but this tells Zimbabwe to remain vigilant as such threats can never be consigned to history.”

In an interview in his home village of Etunda in Northern Namibia earlier this week, Dr Nujoma — who was president from Namibia’s independence in 1990 until 2005 — said while he had not been approached to assist in an invasion of Zimbabwe, it should be made clear to the whole world that such an action would never be tolerated by the region.

He said, “Namibia will never betray an African country to allow an imperialist country to use our territory as a base for aggression against any member of the African Union.

“If anyone attacks any Sadc member we will be there. These imperialists understand nothing, but the language of force. We are ready for them.

“Why all of a sudden is Renamo causing problems in Mozambique? Sadc should raise an army and wipe out the rebels who try and destabilise the region, like we did in the DRC.”

This was in reference to renewed rebel activity by Mozambique’s Renamo after having first instigated a civil war that ran from 1975 to 1992 and cost more  than one million lives and  affected its neighbour to the west, Zimbabwe.
Dr Nujoma said Africa must be prepared to confront the European Union and NATO in battle if need be.

“Member-states of the African Union must contribute to the Standing Force to defend the continent of Africa. What happened in Libya and now in Egypt should not be allowed anywhere else. No African country should  be used to harbor foreign troops on its territory, including the American AFRICOM.

“We know they are stationed in Stuttgart, Germany and they have been there since the Second World War. Now they want to come to Africa. Africa should be prepared to fight them…
“It should be clearly stated that any attack on Zimbabwe is an attack on Sadc. I can be commander myself, we are already fighters and we don’t need guns or training from anyone.”

Dr Nujoma added: “We congratulate Zanu-PF and President Mugabe for fighting the machinations of the British and neo-colonialists in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a shining example on the African continent…
“We say no to the return of imperialists in our lifetime and we follow in the footsteps of Robert Gabriel Mugabe,” he said.

Dr Nujoma urged the youth of Africa to follow in the example of the liberation movement generation that sacrificed much to achieve political independence.

Among sitting heads of state and government in the region, only Presidents Mugabe,  Jose Eduardo dos Santos (Angola), Hifikepunye Pohamba (Namibia), and Jacob Zuma (South Africa) had a direct experience of the liberation struggle.
“The youth of Africa must follow in the footsteps of their forefathers. We must start fighting to liberate our economies.”

He said Africa had won many battles against the West before and it would draw from these experiences to continue resisting oppression as it strives towards economic independence.
Dr Nujoma said empowering African people was the next logical stage in the struggle for true independence, and this battle would be premised on improving education and building capacity in the citizenry to run economies and nations in the best interests of indigenes.

There was no reason why, he noted, Africa could not industrialise within the next 10 years and become self-sufficient.
“All resources of Africa must be used in the interests of the African people. Let us produce for ourselves… We are not poor, they (Europe) are the ones who are poor.”

Dr Nujoma said Europe was vulnerable at the moment and Africa must take advantage of this to surge forward economically and in asserting sovereignty over its resources.

He said he could not understand why Europe and America were busying themselves with developments in Africa and yet they were facing immense problems of their own back home.
“In Greece, in Italy, in Portugal and all over Europe, their people are dying of hunger. They are poor, they are suffering. Why should they bother us?

“Europe and America must concentrate on supporting their own people who are dying from hunger over there.”
A fortnight ago, Cde Mbeki said Blair’s regime put pressure on Tshwane to abet an invasion of Zimbabwe.
The British wanted to depose President Mugabe unconstitutionally and impose MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai in his stead.

Interestingly, around the time of these invasion plots, Tsvangirai told a rally in Harare that he was prepared to remove President Mugabe from office “violently”.
Before Cde Mbeki’s revelation, a senior officer in Blair’s uniformed service had also said the military option had been strongly considered.

Lord (General) Charles Guthrie, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army from 1997 to 2001, said Blair had asked him to look at an invasion of Zimbabwe.
Lord Guthrie said his response was, “Hold hard, you’ll make it worse.”

Labelled Blair’s favourite general, Lord Guthrie is credited with conniving with the then Prime Minister to send troops to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In his memoirs (“A Journey: My Political Life”), Blair said, “People often used to say to me: If you got rid of the gangsters in Sierra Leone, Milosevic, the Taliban and Saddam, why can’t you get rid of Mugabe? The answer is: I would have loved to; but it wasn’t practical (since in his case, and for reasons I never quite understood, the surrounding African nations maintained a lingering support for him and would have opposed any action strenuously).”

A number of factors are said to have weighed against an invasion of Zimbabwe.
Firstly, the Zimbabwean military is battle-hardened, having been involved in frontline action almost every year from the start of the liberation struggle in 1996 up until the deployment in the DRC war that ended in 2003. The British Military Advisory and Training Team was

in Zimbabwe from 1980 to 2000 and knew of the Zimbabwe Defence Force’s capacity.
Secondly, there were some 100 000 British white citizens in Zimbabwe at the time and London knew they would be affected by any invasion.
Thirdly, Britain was at the time over-stretched in Afghanistan and then afterwards in Iraq.

Another factor was that at the time the United States – Britain’s largest ally – appeared unconvinced about the efficacy of an invasion, especially after the experience of Somalia in the early 1990s when Zimbabwean troops essentially rescued American troops from a quagmire they had sunk themselves in.

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  • Mimi

    The revelations continue to add weight to the fact that SADC has been foresighted. This is why it has embarked on a SADC Standby Force to guard jealously the impeding intentions of the Western countries to invade Southern African countries. And we thought SADC successfully hosted the 2009 Golfinho Standby Force in SA. Why not put the trained forces to put to use what they learned during these Exercises, especially with what is happening in Mozambique at the moment. SADC countries should be aware that it is a worthwhile cause to join forces in thwarting any attempts by Western countries to destabilize the region. No doubt that this will be an expensive exercise but together SADC countries should stand and ward off any attempts at having any of its countries destabilized. It is high time that the SADC Security Organ becomes active. RENAMO’s resurgence should not be taken lightly.

    • Tracy

      I like the way u argue, U argue from an informed position, kwete vanongo wawata

    • Tendekayi Machivenyika

      Blair failed to understand why Mugabe is supported regionally. Its there in plain sight, all these leaders would like to thump their noses at the Western countries but they have failed. Carrots in the form of donor funds/investments are dangled in front of them and they buckle, afraid that the funds will dry up. I am sure countries like Botswana would have jumped at the opportunity to be used during the invasion simply for Western goodwill.
      The SADC force you have talked about is the most successful regional force in Africa. The AU has tried to establish an African Force but other regions are failing to come together like SADC to make it a reality.

  • Bvumavaranda

    Let it rest ma comrades. Munoda kugara muchingopopota nezvakapfuura. Build the country, create jobs, improve our health delivery and general infrastructure.

    • gutu chitovah

      you build an economy where you expect to reap the fruits!!! this can only be achieved with a strong national and or regional defense system . So we also need above all to protect this hardly won independence my dear friend. the imperialist dont sleep thinking and analysing their strategies to re colonise. as such we would be fools to relax and concentrate on those matters alone. its not yet over untill its over. there is renewed efforts day in day out to destabilise the region so that they create their entry points. so we wanna say to them we will remain vigilant. we dont want to go back to war No No No we should just enjoy the fruits but keeping an open eye to these blood suckers western imperialists.

      • anold

        Vakuru munenge munorasikawo imi. Hazvis kunzi dont keep your eyes open, zvirikunzi its time we focus less on the past and find solutions for our current problems. So that we can build our future. Matakadya kare haanyaradze mwana inga vakuru vakataura wani, we need to develop and improve our country kwete kungoramba tichitaura nezvanana Blair vakasobvakare pazvigaro.

        • Jotham

          You are the one who is so lost. Munotaura muripakati pesango muchakasara. The past determines the future. The enemy will never rest. Facts must be stated sezvazviri.

          • matombo

            Mukuru all the developed nations used history to improve themselves. Yes you are right to say the past determines the future but or problem is we are stark in the past, we need to develop and improve our country kwete kungoramba tichitaura nezve marimwezuro

          • zimbozvomene

            In short, gutu chitovah and Jotham stop hallucinating and smell the coffee. Otherwise we will be wasting time and effort kurwa nemibvuri.

    • tega zvedu

      The Herald is a newspaper not the governent. They write stories to sell their paper, they dont build anything or create jobs

  • Jigen Mambuya

    You are day-dreaming. No one will ever remove from office by force Mugabe because he never committed crimes that can be compared to those by Gaddafi and friends. Mugabe uses his mouth much than action. Zimbabweans know that and they prefer to wait for the Almighty to remove him for them.

    • punungwe

      For the record, Gadhaffi never really committed any crime except staging a coup and then never holding elections.

      Maybe my memory is faulty but I have never come across a record of where Libya under Gadhaffi has been accused of massacring, butchering people in large numbers.

      He was eliminated because he stood in the way of certain interests.

      • Jambanja paSalisbury

        Tarisa ma records. Anga achidzvanya vanhu vatema in the South of his country….yanga iri mhondi. Anga achitori in the process yekuvakira verudzi rwake dzimba in the south kuti aite subjugate vanhu vatema zvachose. Mwari akapindira saka rudzi rwedu was saved from impending attrocities.

    • observer

      Which Zimbabweans would want the Almighty to remove him for them? Is this a fact or assumption. You don’t seem to understand that western countries are not after African interests but their own. Be careful lest your hatred for Mugabe blinds you from seeing another worse enemy taking advantage of your anger to destabilize & plunge us into perpetual conflict thereby halting any progress and competition from Africa.

  • punungwe

    Nobody needs second prompting to guess which country agreed to the British rubbish proposal. It can only be a country led by one man, Ian Khama.

    He is the only man foolish enough to consider such foolish ideas.

    • mwanawevhu

      2 million jobs by the year 2018?? Talk about that.

  • JOJO


  • Chaide

    …..and then Nujoma wades in, and it just turns into a circus. Shut up Nujoma and invest your energies in improving the livelihoods of Namibians, who of course are yet to forgive you for trying to change the constitution to allow you to hang on to power like your friend Robert Mugabe.

  • jihad

    Everything is pure’s a fiction of someone’s imagination.we call t policy or politics of diversion.yu want to distract people’s attention from the economic politics n propaganda.

  • MweniTafara

    The country that accepted the schemes of the north must be Botswana, headed by the son of a a “white” woman, machinda kana muchiroora, rooranai vematongo, if are going to wed these northern harlots, their children will bond stronger with mothers’ folks.

  • RGokongo

    Day dreamers who in the entire Africa can stand to Britain and America, Munofa, that rubbish talk by Nujoma is just to buy time, look what the so called african states did in Libia, Mali, guys those guys kana vada military invasion hapana zvamunoita. Who do you think you want to fool here, I wonder if Zimbabwe has a leader cause what is really happening is just shit.

    • gman

      RGokongo you don’t know what you are talking about. All I say is google Lord Guthrie (retired Army General, who led under Blair’s regime) and hear him saying that the Zimbabwean Army is well seasoned and superior than common beliefs. The fact of the matter is the same old British lost the independence and I can almost promise you that they will lose again – even with you on their side- if they ever try it again. Coward!

      • jihad

        gman you are so myopic and blinkered to such an extent dat yu believe your own lies.there is no no grain of truth in this is only meant to divert people’s minds on the current economic downturn :retrenchments n shortage of cash.even assuming dat they wanted to invade remember we are living in a world of technology.conventional war is different from guerrilla the world of drones,tomahawk cruise missiles…m afraid

      • shitload

        Hoo nhayi vachirwa nemisewe lol

  • madondo

    Hapana nyaya apa. Blair akasiya basa kare kare. Tipeiwo budget. Handifungi kuti zvenyeya iyi zvichinebasa. Tongai tione. Kwete kungoti. Blair chino, Blair icho. Tongai tione.

  • Pablo Escobar

    How come SADAC didn,t boycott doing business with Europe and the US when they imposed sanctions on us?If you impose sanctions on a member of the EU they feel are illegal they will all boycott or retaliate.This sounds like rhetoric.

  • Thefuture


  • Japana Hapana

    Ma comrades ko madii kupedza nguva yenyu muchitivakira ma clinic nema schools. This Nujoma guy ask him why didn’t he chase the Boers from his country? He’stoo clever. Look now they export their beef to Zim. A desert country? Musango furirwa kunge makapusa. Ngatiziveyi zvemumba medu tigadzirise zviri kunetsa. Interesting point, Nujoma os resting at his village unlike some of our comrades who are much older than him.

    • $21068191

      Saka urikuda kuchegeterwa mombe nemabhunu? Iwe chinokutadzisa kuti uite mombe uexpote kuNamibia kwacho chii? Totika kusaziva nekushaiwa njere.

  • mafikizolo

    Nonsense…you guys are busy amassing wealth and looking for scapegoats for economic mismanagement and failure…

  • Garwe

    as much as you want to put weight on the matter, its now irrelevent coz it was by the FORMER not current Prime Minister, who was there to confirm it as he dismissed it, write about our weaknesses of failing to built our national infrastructure, feeding our nation, tell us Chibage chamakapiwa paPhone naSata chiripi, pple are starving, busy telling us lies, good at creating hate, even amongest us, labelling and calling pple names. singing empty promises

  • Gweks Moyo

    Absolutely Nonsense

  • ka1

    hapana news

  • mwanawevhu

    Invasion of Zimbabwe would have been achieved in two hours tops with or without SADC help. Zimbabwe Defence Force can only defend Mugabe against his own people. If you want to have an idea of what I am talking about ask the Iraqis.

  • Mudimbu

    I bet the country that had agreed with a British invasion was….(you guessed it!!) B-O-T-S-W-A-N-A!!!!!! And the reason is the renegade at the helm of that country who is both British and happy, sorry I meant gay!

  • chatunga

    talk is cheap. people need water apa

  • Dombodema

    Come on Herald. If Botswana was supplied as the name of the country that agreed to the British invasion force, why not just say it.

  • ivor payne

    If this story is true, the UK would not have intervened without SADC support, and that was never going to be forthcoming. So Zimbabwe was never at risk of an invasion. But ZANU PF likes to create the impression that it has protected Zimbabweans against a mighty and real foe. In truth there is no such threat.

    And to respond to some of the posts about Zimbabwe’s mighty and battle hardened defence forces. If Zimbabwe had to deploy its tanks to the Botswana border they would break down before they reached Chegutu..Recall when they were deployed to prevent civil protest in Chitungwiza they hardly made it past Coke Corner. And how many fighter jets does Zimbabwe have to protect tanks against air attacks? Two? Maybe three?

  • baba baile

    Munjoma Namibian president since 1975 till 2005,during his tenure as president why didnt he talked about this invasion?Why now?He is retired and no longer Namibian president when he said we are ready for them he is saying this with no credentials but annoying hullabaloo,he is not a head of state his utterances have no deplomatic releavance!Thabo Mbeki as well.What stopped Botswana from agreeing with the British proposal?Hostility against your neighbour is very unnecessary at this point in time.Botswana have never plot anything devilish against Zanu PF.They just decided to stand firm and denounce opression and human rights abuse as well as vote rigging.Portraying Botswana as a weak state which fear Zimbabwe is myopic .Try to feed the nation with economic issues and shy away from this antiwest dillusion.Kusvikepi muchinyoreswa manyepo?

  • moriartyO

    aww, how sweet. funny how quickly they would lose

  • moriartyO

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I actually loled in a very quiet room reading this

  • Jongwe

    Zvavo vanotaura from retirement, allowing fresh minds to take the country further

  • Gona wapotera

    As I see it ladies and gentlemen we have a long way to go,”Rwendo rwacho rwunoda manyatera” Nyika takatora hongu,but we have another war to fight again for us to gain Our economic Independence. We can win this war only if Africa become United from Cape to cairo.

  • muroyi

    Botswana ndiyo tsanganyoka.Muroyi ndi Khama.

  • Said O. Ali

    Some things happen.

  • John Rambo

    I pray our leadership start fighting corruption, improve the livelihood of the electorate that put them into power instead of concentrating on hearsay, rumours this rumours that. We all know and we all knew that the imperialist was planning to use military force during that period but it was just a rumour and its still a rumour, and its making us divert from the real issues. Zimbaramabwe is a rich nation and having said that it is so obvious that vultures are dripping saliva by the corner waiting for an opportunity to pounce. Are you going to take Blair to court? So what? Fulfil your manifesto. People are dying of hunger, the rainy season has been bad, show the imperialists that you can look after your people instead of begging all the time for financial aid when we have the best diamonds and platinum but the proceeds going into individuals’ pockets. Shame on them the corrupt for their great great grandchildren will suffer the sins of their forefathers. Ndini ndadaro.

  • Moosa Qawe LaMaqawe

    But in DRC cde Kabila was leading rebels to topple a democratically elected government of Mobuto, so who decides when to intervene and how different is it from the Renamo scenario spoken about by Nujoma?

  • The Realist

    African Nations are living in a fantasy world, there is not a single or combined African force that could withstand an invasion from a Nation as militarily powerful as the UK. African Nations were no match for Rhodesia let alone one of the most powerful and technological Nations on earth. Wake up you fools!!!!

  • MweniTafara

    Racism kuita sei, hauzvizivi here kuti children in mixed marriage will
    prefer a lighter skinned parent, not because of Mweni opinion, but