700t of maize arrive from SA

Dr Made

Dr Made

Agriculture Reporter
Zimbabwe has received 700 tonnes of non-genetically modified grain as part of the 150 000 tonnes the Government is importing from South Africa. Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Joseph Made yesterday said more grain was expected in the country soon.

“We have so far received close to 700 tonnes of maize. There will an increase in the loading and delivering of the maize because the holidays are now over in South Africa.

“The maize will be distributed to different parts of the country for cash sales while 10 percent of every delivery will be reserved for the vulnerable such as the child-headed families and the elderly,” he said.

Minister Made said for every delivery of maize, 10 percent of the grain would be forwarded to the Department of Social Welfare.
He said Government would also consider some areas where people have been displaced.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development is working with the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing and the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.

“There are places where people may be displaced by floods. Some households may lose property and food and the responsible ministries are on alert for that.

“Some areas may not be easy to access due to poor roads and rains and the three ministries are also working on this,” he said.
The minister dismissed reports that the maize being imported from South Africa was GMO.

“I would like to assure the nation that the grain we are importing is GMO free. It is the State’s position and policy that we do not accept GMOs.

“We are testing and verifying all supplies for GMOs. We have technical teams in South Africa to deal with the phytosanitary issues.
“Each consignment is tested for GMO material and our teams are carrying out the inspections,” he said.

Government is importing maize from South Africa to counter the current food deficit.
The country was also promised 150 000 tonnes of maize from Zambia under a government to government agreement.

Government is still finalising payments to Zambia for the remaining stock of above 130 000 tonnes of maize to be delivered.
Large swathes of Zimbabwe were affected by drought in the 2012-13 agricultural season resulting in poor harvests, especially in the southern provinces, leaving hundreds of thousands of households in need of food relief.

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  • taneta nazvo

    Kwanzi hatidi uye hatidyi GM, zvino ichi chii iko kurima musingagone? Zvazvinosetsa nembavha yakahwanda! Kutaurisa munonyanya. Munoti vanonyarara mapenzi?

  • Snorkeller

    How disrespectful showing a picture of a minister that has absolutely no clue about agriculture, strategic planning and yet gloats over a supply of maize from outside Zim. Ko mazipurazi amakakumba murikukavira nhoko dzembudzi here kana kuti mbanje?

    • Bhaudhi

      Taura hako Zihombe, mapurazika amakatora rimaika tione mukazvikona. Kupfeka svutu yekutaura kuti makatenga mabage kuSouth Africa. Ko zvomotengeraka varunguka vamakadzinga. Vakaenda South Africa vakandorimazve ikoko….munotinyadzisa shuwa CDE Minister

    • Chatugu

      Pakutora minda pakagonekwa 100%.Inhaka yedu ende tinodada nayo.The only problem is vanhu varipo vanoda kutsigirwa zvakakwana.Uye paonekwe vanhu vane potential.Ini ndakatoita 6 hectares dzekukumbira pane musharukwa ane munda but he doesn’t have the resources.Chishuwo nemunamato uri wekuti dai ndangowanawo wangu munda.

    • Lazurus Chikomba

      Dr Made. With all due respect, please tell the nation the truth. I am in the maize business in South Africa and there is no Non GMO maize in South Africa. Its impossible to get 5000 tons from South Africa. The people selling Non GMO maize are falsifying documents.

  • Siphathisiwe

    Glad to hear white maize will be tested to be GMO free by independent and fully qualified teams in SA, considering most SA maize is GMO, the only drawback is the significantly increased prices compared to GMO foods.
    With current reduced yield of food crops in most of southern Africa following difficult weather conditions, any further imports of maize from Zambia and SA other than those already received, will have to be paid for at premium prices from an already unavailable and stressed Government budget. Hopefully Treasury will find additions sources of funding, without once again having to rely on Western charity to replace Government responsibility in feeding the nation.

    • Nzara

      Please Mr. Minister can you ensure that this white maize is GMO free and not produced by white farmers, like the staff we used to export even in drought years. The dams were full so what of drought ?

    • YOWE78

      Seriously you feel happy to be importing something we can produce for ourselves???All that money that the treasury uses every year could have been used for the first critical step of the land reform. the Land Audit…and proper commercialization of farming in the high yield areas…Is it so hard to believe that we can actually do things ourselves if we ARE SERIOUS and stop involving politics in everything. More than 10 years after the land reform and we still cant account for what is being utilised properly.Then our great minister looking so puffed up to be importing MAIZE How ignorant can a human being be

      • Chikonzi

        Pretty obvious Siphathisiwe made sarcastic comments highlighting Government inadequacies and incompetence, just have to read between the lines. Depending on time of day and who’s the Herald moderator, people adapt their comments to pass through Herald censorship.

      • Jotham

        The minister is not happy, you are imagining things Siphathisiwe. When the drought is biting the reasonable thing is to import. The food surpluses that we have had in past was attributed to the rural or simple communal farmers. no commercial farmer has ever produced food(maize) for the Zimbabwean populace. You should research first b4 you start waffling. It is true we have the land but numerous problems do affect the agricultural sector, the biggest being the drought which has ravaged the country for over a decade now. You simple jumped with your guns blazing attacking /shooting left right and centre. Be a well informed commentator. jackass

        • YOWE78

          Unosvodesa munin’ina

  • Rindirai

    150 000 tonnes of maize from Zambia and another 150 000 tonnes from South Africa. Lots of promises, but on the ground little delivered through lack of Zimbabwe’s creditworthiness. In the event these deals fall through, as have many others, what are Government plans C, D and F to avoid widespread starvation that can’t wait during further Government indecisiveness?

  • tereskane

    Guys minda tinayo ngatirimeyi chibage chakawanda. Ngatisiyaneyi nekurima mbanje sezvo isingatipe sadza. Zvekurima mbanje nemagaka echirungu bodo. Idzo soya beans dzingadyike pasina jena here? Pamberi nesadza. Pasi necash crops.

    • Slim | C

      @ tereskane…iwe ndiwe une yese manje wangu, everyone is growing tobacco and blaming the government for lack of maize in the country….we are to blame

  • Rufaro Ndlovu

    Surely this can’t be true. I’ve just read a book by Joseph Hanlon and a recent report by Ian Schoones that suggest Zimbabwe agriculture is after land reform is a success story.

  • YOWE78

    Kutodada nekuti you are importing maize kkkkkk zvimwe zvinhu they should just do vakahwanda this is embarassing for a country which was responsible for Food Security in SADC

  • Sipu

    I believe that it is true that most of the maize coming from Zambia was grown by ex-Zimbabwean white farmers who were kicked off their farms 12 years ago Does the minister not see the irony of this?

  • Nyamuzihwa mukuru

    It is high time the government does something about maize prices. Something definitely has to give. If our government wants to have enough maize supply i guess they have to buy maize from farmers at high prices. They think by pricing maize as low as reasonable they would be guaranteeing the customers a good price for their maize meal but that is not the case. If they allow maize to be sold at high prices it can only make maize attractive to farmers. At the moment people are opting to grow other crops that give them a lot of money. I know there is also an issue of drought from time to time but in most cases it is not the reason why there is maize shortage.

  • chiendambuya

    What a shame…the only thing I now know is DNA yeZanu PF is to make the peopl of Zimbabwe suffer. There is no excuse now to be importing maize (magwere) …shame on you Made for failing us.

  • Cde T C