4-day shutdown at Morton Jaffray

Mr Chideme

Mr Chideme

Innocent Ruwende Senior Reporter
Harare City Council has urged residents to store bulk water for critical use as the city is set to shut down its main water treatment plant Morton Jaffray Water Works for four days.

Contractors will be working on rehabilitating the water plant under the $144 million loan from China.

Council will provide water to key institutions like hospitals and clinics using bowsers during the period. The city’s acting corporate communication manager Mr Michael Chideme said Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant will be completely shut down on February 19 from 4pm to 8am on February 22.

“We will be installing three new (major) valves at the mixing chamber. The valves regulate flow into the water treatment plant.

“This exercise is meant to improve efficiency and reliability of water supplies. Before the shutdown, customers are urged to store bulk water for critical use only,” he said.

He said while all other suburbs will not access water during the shutdown, areas such as Sunnindale, parts of Mbare, Waterfalls, Hatfield and Chitungwiza will still be receiving water at reduced pressure.

Mr Chideme said the use of hosepipes remains banned in Harare.

A fortnight ago, the city shut down Morton Jaffray to allow for the installation of valves at the trunk mains to the central business district and Lochnivar and repair leaks at the treatment plant and mains.

Harare Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni said more shutdowns are expected if the city is to be able to complete its maintenance work.

“Work is progressing well at Morton Jaffray but a lot more still needs to be done. There will be need for more shutdowns as outlined in our communications to the residents. The teams will do all that is necessary to minimise the periods of water cuts,” he said.

Harare City Council is implementing the Harare Water and Sanitation Rehabilitation Project under the $144 million Chinese facility.

Work on the project began in April 2013 and the contractor, China’ Machinery and Engineering Corporation (CMEC), has completed various works.

Upon completion of the project, water supply is expected to rise to 670 mega-litres from 400 mega-litres. Harare needs at least 1 200 mega-litres for every household to have water everyday.

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  • Taneta Nazvo Zvekugaroshaiwa M

    City of Harare, we are fed-up with your empty promises. Why can’t you sort out this water issue once and for all? To make matters worse, after the four days shut-down, still some areas in Harare will be without water.

  • Wilson Magaya

    The BACK UP is Water Bowsers. Wow, It is a sad state of affairs at the Sun Shine City. The city will technically be dry for 4 days. A city with no way of revamping and updating systems without the client feeling it is a city poorly managed. No way we will be able to attract people to visit us if we, even for a good cause, sometimes switch off a whole city of 1.5 million plus. WOW. That the city has to describe to residents in detail what the work being done is all about is unthinkable.We use all kinds of things and get all kinds of services that are delivered professionally and yet we don’t have to know what the nitty – gritty behind maintaining them is. The water issues at Harare are not about the technology used nor the age of equipment the WATER issues are a people issue and thus a security issue. We need to be BOLD to make the necessary changes in the city management. This is no Beef against anyone just that its time the residence of Harare get the service they deserve. “Nyika Vanhu, Musha Matare” Lets do what is right by the people of Harare.