300 Glen Norah illegal structures to be demolished

More than 300 illegal structures in Glen Norah face demolition. (File Pic)

More than 300 illegal structures in Glen Norah face demolition. (File Pic)

Municipal Reporter
Harare City Council will demolish more than 300 illegal structures in Glen Norah after serving settlers with 48-hour eviction notices.
The structures were built on wetland and recreational facilities.In a statement, the city’s corporate communications manager Mr Leslie Gwindi urged the illegal settlers to voluntarily leave or face evictions.

“Harare City Council on Thursday served 324 settlers in Glen Norah with 48-hour eviction notices in terms of Section 18(2) of the Urban Councils (Model) (Use and Occupation of Land and Buildings By-Laws Statutory Instrument 109/1979).

“The area adjacent Shiriyedenga and Chembira Primary Schools bounded by the following roads, Zvimba Street, Mushayabandi Street, Mutimurefu Road and Sebakwe Road is council land occupied by illegal settlers,” Mr Gwindi said.

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Government last week gave council the green-light to destroy the illegal structures. Last Friday Chitungwiza demolished illegal structures after residents defied a directive to stop building houses in undesignated places.

Council had stopped residents from developing their properties until the Urban Development Corporation finishes working on a layout plan for Chitungwiza at the end of the month.

Some of the owners defied the directive and continued to develop the properties, prompting council to demolish them. More than 14 000 residential stands in Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural District Council are illegal, according to a recent audit report.


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  • Moe_Syslack

    Driving thru Kuwadzana one can’t help but notice the impact of these illegal structures. Don’t stop with Glen Norah. Go and demolish all those zvima bhoyiskayi built on each and every open space there is. Outrageous. Vanhu vofemerepi?

  • Sabhuku

    KuGlen Norah pane mumwe Council official akatotora a very large chunk of land between Glen View 7 and Glen View 1, fenced it off and developed it into a co-op garden for his church followers. Its very easy to think of this as an initiative to alleviate poverty but it is partisan and theft of council land. I say the intervention by Council is most welcome. Better late than never. ma illegal structures and developments ashatisa the sunshine capital of Africa. I think its a wake up call to gullible and impressionable voters. Sustainable developments in metropolitans are only those that are done within the ambit of the law. otherwise how do you get title deeds (and security) for an illegal structure.
    Apa Zanu yagona, tendaiwo, kunyangwe zvayo ya turner against its supporters.
    Murambatsvina part 2 inravelling before our eyes! Inonzi Zanu iyoyo. Inozorera asi zvimwe inogonawo.

  • Tamuka

    Why did they build in the first place???

  • Hatfield

    Come also ku hatfield harare drive tanzwa ne vhanhu vanonga isa tumba twavo pese pese ,ndokuri ku gara mbavha mutumba itwotwo ,kuaita vanhu vanongo vaka pese pese hatidiba ,vanhu ngavazive pekuvaka kwete kungoti pawaona open space wakufunga imba .

  • Hacha Ndizvo

    Home seekers should safeguard themselves – council by-laws are very clear and all records are public and are available on demand. For land that was not previously designated for residential purposes the check for a new buyer is very simple as follows;
    1. See the council resolution to amend land use.
    2. See the press adverts
    3. See the authorised land use amendment
    4. Check the amended map
    this a process that may take a few hours but is worthwhile instead of crying foul because of your own lack of diligence.

  • Utsanana

    Ah i think Leslie now you are working as expected this is what you are employed for for’ business first politicas letter , we want a clean city by all standards ”PLEASE GO TO HATCLIFFE EXTENSION WHERE THERE IS 892 ILLEGAL STRUCTURES OTHERS IN WET LAND AFTER INVADING DEVELOPERS LAND THERE IS NO SEWER NO WATER” houses already built without approved plans , no plan was ever submitted to City of Harare but there stands a 9 roomed house how about that Lesliey.

  • logic

    kkkkkkk, kana nemi wo makamboonepi stand ye $30 dollars, it’s mind boggling, honesly!!!

  • Mai T

    Dai Kanzuru mauyawo kuno kuMsasa Park, kune vari kuvaka pasingaite, kurumidzai please mupwanye zvitangwena izvi ndapota!

  • denny

    Go to Kambuzuma section 5.There is a group of bogus war veterans who continue to build there despite the now and then demolitions and even at section 5 shopping centre there are so many illegal structures there.Its just a dirty there.