30 perish in horror crash

This picture shows the police and members of the fire brigade extricating survivors and the deceased from the mangled wreckage of a Pfochez bus and the commuter omnibus that was ripped apart on impact, killing 30 people near Kwekwe River along Harare-Bulawayo Highway yesterday

This picture shows the police and members of the fire brigade extricating survivors and the deceased from the mangled wreckage of a Pfochez bus and the commuter omnibus that was ripped apart on impact, killing 30 people near Kwekwe River along Harare-Bulawayo Highway yesterday

Munyaradzi Musiiwa Midlands Correspondent
Thirty people were killed — 28 of them on the spot — while 36 others were seriously injured when a Pfochez bus burst a tyre and side-swiped a Mercedes Benz Sprinter commuter omnibus at the 232km peg along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway yesterday.

Both drivers did not survive.

Two more passengers died on admission to Kwekwe District Hospital, while 32 others were in critical condition.

Police Officer Commanding Midlands Province Senior Assistant Commissioner Abigail Moyo said tragedy struck at around 1:30pm near Kwekwe River, 20km outside Kwekwe.

She said the Harare-bound Pfochez bus had over 40 passengers on board, while the number of those who were in the commuter omnibus could not be ascertained at the time of going to press.

“I can confirm that 30 people died, while 36 others were seriously injured when a Pfochez bus they were travelling in had a tyre burst before side-swiping a Mercedes Benz Sprinter commuter omnibus at the 232km peg along Harare-Bulawayo Highway. Both drivers died on impact, where the Mercedes Benz’s right side was ripped off.

“We suspect that on approaching the 232km peg, Pfochez bus burst its right front tyre resulting in the driver encroaching into the right lane ahead of an oncoming Mercedes Benz Sprinter and the two side- swiped.

“The bus fell on its left side, while the Mercedes Benz Sprinter veered off the road to the left side.”

Snr Asst Comm Moyo said 36 injured passengers were ferried to Kwekwe District Hospital, while bodies of the deceased were conveyed to the hospital’s mortuary.

“We are calling upon all relatives of people who were travelling in a Pfochez bus to come and identify their relatives. We are yet to establish how many people were aboard the Pfochez bus as well as the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.”

Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs Cde Jason Machaya said the province was deeply saddened by the tragic incident and said the relatives would be assisted by the Civil Protection Unit to ferry the bodies of the victims to their respective homes.

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  • Chinoz

    And the police and VID busy collecting bribes

    • spa

      they even delayed the vehicles to the extend that they needed to increase speed……. the operator cant do proper service to the bus coz mari yese iri kutorwa ne police ne vid……. its really sad coz increased costs are making it hard for the operator to run the companies proffesionally

    • majetsha

      does anyone need to bribe anybody n for whar on a tyre burst . even a madman cannot.

    • manhize chikapakapa

      haa ndarwadziwa ini life is precious cant afford to lose life like that

  • Nhunguru

    These YUTONG buses are becoming dangerous…. they reach speeds of 140km/hr. One overtook me when I was going at a speed of 120km/hr just imagine a bus with so many souls. They must be speed governed otherwise vanotipedza mumigwagwa. This is very sad and touching indeed.

  • nmthankyou

    Horrible accident, very very sad indeed. These drivers should desist from over speeding. 100 – 120 km/h are safe speeds. Why travel at 160 – 180 km/h?

  • nadi

    haya Mwari we todiiko nema accidents aya same road on Sunday yakauraya fut Commander Charlse nemudzimai wavo .Lord have mercy on us innocent Zimbabweans

    • vaChihera vechidiki

      Taura hako. May the souls of all the departed rest in peace. Those injured, may you be healed in Jesus’ Name!

  • http://mafaro.co.uk/ GENERAL MBEZO

    Lord have mercy! May their dear souls rest in peace!

  • chitova

    ooh Pfochez, the company was building its reputation on the route for its reliable service over the last few years. l use it frequently on my way to Gweru. lm deeply saddened by the tragedy. may the souls of the deceased rest in peace.

  • Monya

    Police and VID have nothing to do with this, Chinoz ukwane iwe kana tiri pakuchema kwakadai

    • EM

      buses are speeding excessively and you say police and VID have nothing to do with this?????????? i guess they are there to collect bribes then

      • Monya

        VID they don’t control speed and when ever you see a police ahead you reduce speed, kana vapfura then you do what you have to do. So Police and VID are out. Iyi inyaya yaDriver, Guys tisango blame POLICE or VID Guys.

        • EM

          it is within the power of VID to control the speeds why put a speed limit of 80 on buses and yet issue a fitness certificate for a bus than can go 140 . Govern the vehicle’s speed should be mandatory before certificate can be issued so dont let VID of the hook easily and why should police be visible pa road pacho obviously drivers will slow down when they see them surely they can do better

  • Nharira

    Ma YUTONG buses achapedza vanhu, how can a bus carrying so many people reach around 140km/hr. Ndoaziva mabhazi aya anomhanya zvisingadiwe paroad. Sad loss.

  • rue

    Can anyone please tell me when the bus was coming from or going to please. Shame about the lives taken so early . How many people have to die before the government fix the roads and stamp out corruption within the police.

  • Vunganai Mazhambe

    Ipapa pakasechewa munhu semunhu nepolice bhururu.

  • Chokwadi


  • Habhurakadhabhura

    Lets manufacture our own AVMs here.Yutong Card board box chaiyo kubvarurwa ne Sprinter zvakadai,kusasimba kwe bhazi iri kwa contributor damage futi ipapa.


    when an accident occurs even documents get lost making it impossible for the police to make identifications. Ministry of transport should make it mandatory for all bus companies and commuter ominbuses plying long distances to have a register with addresses and next of kin contact telephone numbers for passengers to help in identification when such happens

    • mukarambutu

      so true vanhu vakawanda vapera and the danger yekunoviga munhu asiri wenyu is very much there.

    • marshie

      I think thats quite an idea and it will go a long way in identifying vanenge vashaya. May their souls rest in peace

  • Ngwekazi

    @Chinoz you are out of topic. This is an accident. Rufu runouya se mbabva. Vanhu tinourayiwa nenguva kwete nema accidents, sickness or what. Ngatinyaradzei hama dzedu dzarasikirwa nevadikanwa than to hurt them.

    • EM

      No no no i disagree if we are going to solve issue ye road carnage lets look at issue wholistically. the police and VID have a role to play is this not the reason why you find 24 roadblocks from Hre to Byo, the buses were overspeeding and more often than not tyre burst are as a result of defective tyres chinoz is spot on. Inguva i agree but hatizorovimbwa takaviga mupinyi

  • Rawboy

    Er No!
    More than likely either,excessive speed or driver error or defective vehicle or a combination of all three.
    These sort of accidents are man made and preventable. Nothing to do with religion here.

  • Rawboy

    Agreed. Speed kills. And its quite straight forward implementing this with good old fashioned tachographs

  • rambo

    so sad may their souls rest in peace and those injured recover

  • tee

    Very sad indeed ..the defination of an accident is an unplanned, unexpected, and undesigned (not purposefully caused).These Pfochez buses over speed .Went with one to Gweru and it was going over 130km/hr…even after informing the driver about his speed he did not listen .This likes of Pfochez logistics are after out to make money disregarding passenger safety.
    May those who lost their lives Rest in Peace and a quick recovery to the injured.

  • garwe

    So sad what an epic tragedy. May the dear souls of those who perished in the accident rest in eternal peace!

  • Rawboy

    You are more than likely correct regarding fake ie sub-standard tyres. If medicines are being faked,what chances tyres hey? Trouble is,there will always be a market for cheap fake usualy expensive safety critical goods.Especially in cash poor countries like Zimbabwe.

  • my zanupf

    I had a serious dream ndichiudziwa kuti aya mabhazi ana PFOCHEZ ndea MHUNGA *(vakakura kare vanomaziva kuti aiuraya the same as emerging PFOCHEZ). Truly speaking kuitisa vanhu 30 mhiko is the worst decision to make. Kana zvikwambo zvada ropa urayai mbudzi, MOMBE,HUKU nehama kwete vatorwa. GET OFF. PFOCHEZ TO BE BANNED FROM OPERATING WITHIN THE BORDERS OF ZIMBABWE

  • Batisai

    May the souls for all who departed rest in peace. We also pray for those who survived to be healed by Jesus’ blood. To the relatives of the deceased, may you find comfort in God’s grace. Due to the heat wave which our country have seen since September last year, there is excessive heating between the road and tyres; as such all drivers should engage to the possible minimum speed to avoid such untimely deaths. Hapana chichamboshamisira paspeed mazuvano, ngatichengetedzei upenyu. Tenzi vatiwanire nyasha.

  • Wilson Magaya

    Lets take a moment of silence to reflect………It is tragic that such things continue to happen and we don’t seem to have solutions to them. Lets find a solution and lets make that solution permanent. Herein we have a highway that is not suitable for the traffic; We have a compliance system focused on meeting highway patrol ticketing targets rather than safety of passengers; We have transport operators who by the corrupt nature of the compliance system pay their way and put people’s lives at risk and we import technologies that are not suitable for our roads, our policies and our mindsets. When are we going to awaken to the systemic weaknesses and deal with them decisively. We continue to undermine ourselves by remaining indifferent to our dire situation. “Nyika Vanhu”, lets not forget that

  • sol2soul77

    solution dual carriageway people are needlessly dying or being maimed, government declaring this unfortunate and avoidable event a disaster ,and helping bury people instead of helping with improving the infrastructure to avoid these eventualities is an absolute farce, and all you people who go on about satanic behavior please do start with the government. nothing in the universe rests everything is in motion.