30 more tollgates on cards

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MOTORISTS should brace to pay more for travelling as Government plans to establish 30 more tollgates to raise more money for road infrastructure development.
This will bring to 52, the number of tollgates countrywide.

Government collects about $3 million monthly from tollgates, a figure that it argues is not enough for road infrastructure construction and rehabilitation.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Cde Petronella Kagonye yesterday told The Herald that the $36 million being collected annually from motorists could not meet all requirements.

“An increase of about 30 more toll points is expected after consultation processes are done with stakeholders. The ministry is working on a programme to introduce more toll points on our highways, which are not being tolled and most of these roads are primary roads like Chivhu-Nyazura, Rusape-Nyanga, Bindura-Mt Darwin to mention a few. Currently, Zinara is collecting approximately $3million monthly from tollgates, which amounts to approximately $36 million per annum,” said Cde Kagonye.

Government has embarked on a massive road infrastructure development programme and has courted foreign investors to work on the projects under a build operate and transfer basis and its work in progress for the Plumtree – Harare – Mutare Highway.

Cde Kagonye said the Plumtree-Harare-Mutare Road was expected to be completed by end of year and was 82 percent complete.

“The rehabilitation of the Plumtree – Harare – Mutare road by Group Five the contractor, is expected be completed by December 2014. The project is being funded by the Development Bank of Southern Africa and the loan is being paid back by monies from toll fees, fuel levy and road transit fees,” she said.

The Cabinet, Cde Kagonye said, had approved the collection of road access fees and tolls at the new Limpopo Bridge to supplement the toll fees collected by Zinara for road rehabilitation and maintenance.

“The ministry, following the approval for the collection of road access fees and tolls at new Limpopo Bridge will utilise part of these funds to supplement the toll fees collected by Zinara for road rehabilitation and maintenance,” she said.

The country currently has 22 tolling points along major highways.

According to the 2012-2016 National Transport Policy, Zimbabwe has a 900 000 km road network of which 14000 km are surfaced, 56 000 km are weathered and the rest are gravel.

Cde Kagonye said a kilometer of tarred road costs Government $1 million to construct and this would mean that more money was needed.

“We realised that a kilometer of tarred road costs $1 million so there is need for motorists to pay a little more. The establishment of more tolling points will increase the revenue,” she said.

Zinara has collected $370 million since the introduction of tollgates in 2009.

About $29 million was disbursed to urban councils for road maintenance and $65 million to rural councils.

Recently Government increased tollfees that saw light motor vehicles being $2, up from $1, kombis $2 to $3, buses $3 to $4, heavy vehicles from $4 to $5.

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  • tallerz

    Makunyanya kukara imi where do u thnk pple will get the money to be disshing out at ur so called toll gates

  • Boss

    Saka nhai Minister, out of the $3mil each collected last year an this year, how much has gone to maintaining, not constructing, the highways?

  • tapiwa makanza

    Fund raising chaiyo! There seems to be no accountability.if the current road works are loan funded ? Why increase the toll gates

    • Swaggamorris

      To pay for the loan.Are you thick?

    • Truth seeker

      They have no sense of Duty, they are corrupt. Stealing money that could actually be used for actually repairing the roads we have, and sabotaging everything that we believe in.

  • Thetruthshallcome

    Fuel increase, more toll gates, mai wee zvangu ini! Next will toll collection munzira dzekuenda kudhibhi remombe. Am not surprised with this because politicians don’t pay any toll. They are toll-free. We will be cash squeezed until we pay no more. There is a lot of misuse of govt money because of a blotted govt cabinet, with some ministers not even knowing why they are in cabinet.

  • Truth seeker

    ….These corrupt councils of ours…

  • jedza

    Toll gate fees 100 % hike , fuel increase 5 to 6 cents per litter , airtime increase now more toll gates tell us kuti chakwira chii ipapa mercyless gvt , i think we begin to see the impact of inclusive gvt

  • timetostop

    The working class is now being used to fund the lifestyles of the rich and famous in Zimbabwe. I hope the time comes soon to put an end to this madness. It would seem that all we are working for is to financially support these ministers salaries.

  • Seke

    Is it the sole duty of motorists to construct roads?

  • TiVo

    We need more factories to manufacture bituman and mine quarry and sand to patch roads not more toll gates.

  • shedegu

    kutotenga Jet ndochikorobho


    Acknowledge source please; that poem is a sacred one

  • chiendambuya

    it shows you went to South Africa yesterday… the good road network was first put in place and the toll gates later as a way to fund the maintenance of the roads… also for your information big as it is South African has about 70 toll gates … and your analysis of saying they are more expensive than is Zimbabwe is another sign yekusaziva the exchange rates … if you do your cross rates … there isn’t much of a difference… the last point for you is also .. if you don’t have money for the toll gates you have alternative routes to your destination… In Zimbabwe these are not toll gates but roadblocks …

  • Gokwe Rinopisa

    It costs US$1 million to surface 1km with tar. Where the hell are these people getting this figures from. These are US$ not Zim dollars. The last time I did a quotation for surfacing a road in Zimbabwe in 2012, the costs was about $250,000. including the markup. Now its 2014 and cde minister you cant tell me the costs has tripled. I guess you have made to 1 million as you have included your pocket money in there as well. Pathetic people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nilsson

    How do you think the deals with the Chinese and Russians are going to be paid for? Cdes, we will be in their debt forever.

  • guest 10

    true , i think these trucks should pay more as they are in the country on the roads temporarily but the damage they cause is significant.