30 Day ultimatum for foreign shops

Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment secretary Mr George Magosvongwe gives oral evidence in Parliament yesterday flanked by director of Indigenisation Mr Godfrey Sigobodhla

Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment secretary Mr George Magosvongwe gives oral evidence in Parliament yesterday flanked by director of Indigenisation Mr Godfrey Sigobodhla

Lloyd Gumbo Herald Reporter
ALL foreigners operating retail and wholesale businesses, barbershops, hairdressings, beauty salons, bakeries, employment agencies and grain milling which are classified as reserved sectors of the economy risk being arrested next month if they continue doing business.
The other reserved sectors of the economy according to the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act are agriculture (primary production of food and cash crops), transportation, estate agencies, tobacco grading and packaging, tobacco processing, advertising agencies, milk processing and provision of local arts and crafts, marketing and distribution.

Secretary for Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Mr George Magosvongwe told legislators yesterday that the foreigners who defied the law would be prosecuted.

He made the remarks when he, together with officials from his ministry, appeared before a joint meeting of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment and the Thematic Committee on Indigenisation and Empowerment co-chaired by Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Cde Justice Mayor Wadyajena and Harare Metropolitan Senator Cde Cleveria Chizema.

“I confirm that some non-indigenous entities are still operating in the reserved sectors and there is a deadline for January 1 for them to comply with the requirement to relinguish their holdings in that sector,” said Mr Magosvongwe while responding to a question from Cde Wadyajena on what Government was doing to ensure compliance in the sectors.

“You will realise Mr Chairman that 1 January is a month to come and we are putting in place measures for enforcement in the event that they do not comply.”

Mr Magosvongwe said Government was in the process of identifying indigenous Zimbabweans who would take over ownership of those businesses in the particular sectors.

This, he said, was meant to avoid creating shortages when the foreigners leave.

“There is need to ensure that we don’t create shortages in the economy, but certainly the ministry is going to enforce the reserved sectors rule,” he said.

“And we will bring in the enforcement agencies from right across the Government departments and the local authorities to ensure that enforcement happens.”

The January 1, 2014 ultimatum was gazetted in May, making it mandatory for all locally and foreign-owned firms in reserved sectors to apply for indigenisation compliance certificates.

Only locals will be given those certificates.

Nigerians and the Chinese who flooded the country in recent years are set to be the biggest casualties as they set up shops dealing in various wares in almost every town.

The regulations stated that any person including locals who operate a business in the reserved sectors without an indigenisation compliance certificate with effect from January 1, 2014 shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding level four or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

The regulations further state that the minister may direct any licensing authority to revoke, suspend or cancel the operating licence of a business operating in contravention of the regulations.

Anyone person, according to the regulations, who interferes with the exercise would be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine, imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or both fine and imprisonment.

But the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board has already indicated that foreign-owned restaurants that do not serve local food would continue to operate, while transport companies whose headquarters are outside the country would also be considered for exemption.

Mkoba MP Mr Amos Chibaya asked what Government position was regarding the indigenisation of banks in the wake of divergent views on the issue.

Mr Magosvongwe said foreign banks operating in the country were holding money from Zimbabweans, hence there was need to guarantee citizens’ participation in the sector.

“Our position as a ministry is that the law requires the banks to indigenise,” he said. “The implementation matrix for the indigenisation of the banks is something that can then be worked upon.”

Mr Magosvongwe said banks were forthcoming with proposals that were positive, adding that they were working with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe with the intention to achieving the agenda of indigenising the sector according to the law.

Chiefs raised concern with the implementation of Community Share Ownership Schemes, saying they were not seeing the proceeds despite the fact that they sat in committees that were mandated to administer the funds.

Chief Musarurwa of Mashonaland East said they were made to sign symbolic cheques for Mashonaland East Community Share Ownership, but up to now no money had been disbursed despite claims on the ground that the money was disbursed.

Mr Magosvongwe acknowledged that some of the Share Ownership Schemes were yet to benefit since the companies had not yet disbursed the money.

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  • Masele

    It’s all very well to proclaim ultimatums, but has Government done its homework ensuring affected reserved sectors will continue to run with at least the same capacity as before the deadline, so no supplementary shortages of services are experienced by the public? Can we expect seamless replacement of foreign operators by indigenous actors with the required capital, stocks, and experience necessary?
    This leads to the inevitable question of who is really indigenous to this part of Africa, is it based on genetic makeup, colour of skin, or centuries of presence in this area? Go back 2 centuries and you can rule out the British and Ndbele ancestors, more than 6 centuries the Portuguese traders and explorers, more than 8 centuries the Arabs, more than a millenium the Bantu immigrants, colonisers and forefathers of the Shona, leaving the Khoi and finally the San who owned the land for tens of thousands of years before the current population of 99 percent foreigners who invaded this geographic location.

    • Mbanda

      Yes if it has to be complicated but it seems clear.

      • Nays

        What are you saying. Your statement is very vague.

    • Hiechware

      Don’t forget the wave of Bantu migration that slowly swept across sub-Saharan Africa started 2000 years ago from southern Nigeria, arriving here 1000 years ago. The Nigerians are our long lost brothers!

  • zim1

    Xenophobia ochestrated from the top echelons

    • Moe_Syzlack

      Absolutely a stupid ZANU move. These guys did not steal your money to start these businesses. Now you want to reap where u did not sow. So symptomatic of everything ZANU touches. Utterly clueless

      • Nkosana

        I honestly feel these so-called foreigners are just a tiny group whose operations here have little impact whatsoever in everything.Moreover they have provided some form of employment to some Zimbabweans at a time our companies are shutting down everyday and at a time our government is failing to provide employment for its own citizens. Besides lets not forget we have a Zimbabwean population of 3 million plus that in resident abroad and what happens if they are treated the same. This country has enough opportunities in this small sector and l am yet to hear of any Zimbabwean who is crying foul. This would be disastrous. We cant have a government whose job is to sit down and formulate unpopular policies while failing to deliver tangible benefits for its people.

      • Ndombi

        Can you imagine Moe_Syzlack? Ma1

  • wonga

    This seems like protectionism taken too far. For one thing small businesses may be the only way for foreigners to earn a living and not be dependent on the state. Secondly what if Zimbabweans were to be banned from owning businesses in the rest of the world. You got it. They would run to the nearest court crying discrimination. Lastly there are reasons why Zimbabweans are not starting their own businesses and they have nothing to do with foreigners. Foreigners simply take advantage of a market Zimbabweans are unable to exploit. Just like their neighbours in South Africa they do not have a tradition of commerce that people from Somalia or west Africa which has a long tradition of markets and trade have. They should copy their small business competitors, learn their business skills and compete for a share of the market.

    • uMkhonto

      The government is its own worst enemy. The government is responsible for this mess.


      1. The government should stimulate investors into the country so as to open factories, companies for people to get employment. In turn these companies will pay tax to the government and hence be able to afford service delivery.

      2. The government should STOP SCARING AWAY INVESTORS. The government is shooting its own foot, and guess what, South Africa is benefiting from this. Now investors prefer South Africa over Zimbabwe. The government is indirectly campaining for investors to go to South Africa instead of Zimbabwe. Example, China build a huge complex to sell goods to Zimbabweans, but this complex was not build in Zimbabwe but rather in Mussina South Africa.

      3. South Africa is thriving because it does not scare investors. There are even many Zimbabwean investors in South Africa mainly because our government is scaring them with its contradicting policies. The Zim government tounge is forked like that of a reptile, it tells investor to come and voetsek (go) in the same breadth.

      4. The so called indegenisation policy is not unique to Zimbabwe, its also there in our neighbouring Botswana. The Zim government should ask itself this: Why is theindegenisation policy working nicely for the Botswana people while ours is SCARING INVESTORS. The Zim government should emulate DEBSWANA (a company partnership between DEBEERS and Botswana government).

      5. The Zim government should create an enabling working environment for business so as to maximise tax revenues.

      6. The Zim government should be open to constructive criticism.

      • observer

        You are too simplistic & academically naïve. You need to understand the political & ‘dark’ forces at play in Zimbabwe & the level of resource mobilization being done to keep people like you in a self-destructive mode. External forces are real & are only discerned by alert, sober-minded & objective people. This is not to say corruption should be condoned, no, but understand its source and suggest the best way forward otherwise you would be shocked to learn that the very foreign direct investors you are talking about are the ones who are behind the smuggling of gold, diamonds,cash & other resources. So be wary you otherwise you sell your country only to wake up when its gone.

        • anonymoose

          another brainwashed conspiracy theorist. the world is evil, so burn it down. not all foreigners come with the intention of robbing the people of zimbabwe. a lot of them sincerely try to help develop and create jobs. this can not be done for free!!! they also have families to take care of. your attitude is exactly that what scares people to invest in this beautiful country. it does not contribute to educating the locals in becoming competitive but makes them scared. and scared people do scary things.

      • Denver

        A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver (Prov 25:11). You have spoken very well here.

        Personally I believe indegenisation policy starts with education. Business is not a pleasure – it is what is says it is “business”. There are certain principles to be adhered to for any business to be viable and remain viable. These skills are rarely inherent – they are acquired.

        A good example is Tobacco farmers. A lot of them made a lot of money in the last season and spent their fortune on luxuries. Now this season we have people crossing their fingers for good rains. Many could have afforded to set up irrigation systems and improve the quality of their yield and hence their profit.


        Proverbs 24:5 – The wise prevail through great power, and those who have knowledge muster their strength.

      • Angry

        Surely our people can run retail outlets infact most succesful retail brands in Zimbabwe are run by black Zimbabweans look at OK there are now dominating the supermarket businesses.
        Are you telling me you want a foreigner to make money from such simple businesses as running a small shop downtown, we can go to China and pick the product and resale ourselves.

        • anonymoose

          now that’s a healthy and positive attitude. i agree to this. but don’t just go and take. buy the foreigners out of their business and improve on what they have sold you. that creates already more employment

    • Sarudzai

      Its best to keep money under the bed bcoz by March 2014 they will be no money to withdraw in the Banks.

      • gerro

        Indians keep money under their beds and we are going after them

        • succuba

          Why… to steal it as usual?

        • i am

          U wish indians dont keep money under the bed most bank it or spend it who knows what will happen 2moro. We indians prefer safe then sorry not sorry then safe.

      • gerro


    • grecko

      Your facts are so simple to follow and yet that is exactly what this country needs. Promoting indigenous people into business is not an overnight things, is has to be a long term policy, changing people’d mentality and attitudes towards business, maybe starting in school curriculum so that people can be innovative and start viable businesses. If these guys are forced to close shop and go, we all know that those shops will be closed by end of same month. How about the job losses and shortage of commodities, who will close those gaps. The big businesses will be taken by the big people, of coz, but they also have a reputation of selling everything they can and pocket the cash and look for the next victim. We beg our government to be sincere and do away with this discord, if they want to nurse any chances of reviving this country, they have to stop this madness. Am already missing the unity government, stagnation was better than this backsliding

    • raza

      my friend you dnt know anything these so called foreiners are exploiting our resorces they are not helping the economy at all infact they are destroying the economy…….these people should go….and leave us alone…they come as investors and destroy the economy….

    • Son of the Soil

      Protectionism taken too far. I come across requirements on many international job vacancy announcements similar to this provision. ‘only nationals can apply for this position’ ‘you must have a permit to work in this country to apply’ and so on.
      What is even more absurd are claims that Somalis and west Africans are better businessmen. If they were why haven’t they sorted their own national economies. Would you like to go do business in Mogadishu or Lagos yourself. Zimbabweans are just as enterprising as any group. These are unfounded claims based on xenophobic and anecdotal evidence or claims by self -loathing disgruntled citizens. The notion of an untapped market is even more fallacious. At any given point in time markets are finite.
      Secondly, these policies are common. Every country has terms and conditions for immigrants. Foreigners in practically every country I know have less entitlement that the citizen. If you examine the social welfare of every country including the wealthiest countries in the world, the entitlements between foreigners and citizens differ. Zimbabweans have tapped into their infinite wisdom and spirit of innovation has decided to use a different policy to preserve the rights and dignity of its citizen. Or did you expect this to be ratified and agreed to by some global institution first.

  • zimbozvomene

    Barbershops nema hairdressers. Mazonyanya, izvi zvaakunyadzisa .

    • jokojoko

      this is just not good, indegenization does not imply destruction and descrimination Minister. im not sure if the Head of State has approved such a barbaric move

  • Yago

    Madhara aowona shaya what can they impart to te development of the economy??? Ah guys this is sickening to the core. Anyway tongai tione

  • chinabob

    stupidity personified !!

    • Jambanja paSalisbury

      Idi Amin did the same to Uganda…..rued the mistake later on! Look at the Ugandan economy now, the same pple that were chased out are back in full force! You can’t grab but groom entrepreneurship.

  • Musungwa Gava

    YOU are not attracting investors, infact you are scaring them away. Though noble we will see many shops registered on one name for a fee. CORRUPTION at its best. We want FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENTS. Vapfana vawane mabasa west ine mari yavari kushaya vo invester kupi, imi ndopamakutora Hair Saloon, kkkkkk ndokupererwa uku

  • che-gueVhara

    SERIOUSLY at this moment in history ? People are already worried about getting money out of banks etc and now you want foreigners to take their money and go. What will be left? Where is the money to finance these new businesses ?

  • KuraiMGT

    Seriously, Parliament and its committees, the new circus

  • Zimbabwe United

    So foreigners operating in Zimbabwe are being told to go and register their companies outside Zimbabwe, i.e. to be headquartered outside. Zimbabwe and then they will be allowed to do business in Zimbabwe?

    What then is the benefit to the economy of having the same transport operators doing business in Zimbabwe but registered outside our country? Where will these companies be paying their corporate annual taxes? In Zimbabwe or outside where they will be registered or headquartered?

    • goro

      they will remit all proceeds out of zimbabwe and enjoy them outside obviously , ha maone vakatogwepiko vanhu ava mazimbabweans here because they are some with some funny names

      • Zimbabwe United

        goro l looked at their names and laughed my lungs out.

  • Guru

    I am a zanu boy but this has gone too far…they have now brought the economy on its knees…its so sad that these guys they know very little about economics because the extent of government interference has gone out of our imagination…our elders may you please think very well about the repacations of your actions in those policies you are implementing because they are ripping the economy…there is no future for at least 15 years from now..for you its fine you have already acquired all the wealth through these plocies but they can not be sustained for a long period…all of us can not be farmers…all of us can not be business people..please think about it…I love Zanu but this is not right my elders..i am a concerned youth ….

    • succuba

      But you keep voting them in!!

    • otilia

      u lyk zanu and this is what its saying.u cn not lyk the the devil but lyk his actions.thats zanu for u cde.

    • Petwerewolf

      Suggest you see a psychologist to check out your state of mind……can’t you take stock and move away from this destructive force. Come on Zimbabwe, wake up for crying aloud and shed the Stockholm syndrome you are suffering from.

  • Mimi

    Here the government goes again. Why concentrate on shops, sectors that the same government had allowed to escalate. Why not start giving the youths new ventures to also start their indigenization projects from scratch. Does it help anyone or anything for the government to always want to take other people’s businesses that started from scratch. We cannot be seen to be making the mistakes that almost made Zimbabwe ground to halt like the farm invasions. It will be a recipe for disaster.

    • goro

      thats true how is it identifying the indigenous people with capacity to take over once the foreigners go ….Another question so do the foreignerbats have to go , i think vamwe vanhu vari kungocatapultwa vasina chavanoziva

    • Tendekayi Machivenyika

      What will happen (or has already happened) is that these ‘foreigners’ will simply get Zim ID’s and passports.

  • Cde Mezhira mwana Masvingo

    There is noway we can have foreigners running flee markets and retail outlets in this country isu tozoitawo chii..If foreigner want to do business in this country they have to invest in capital intensive projects simple…Aluta continua Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans tichatora zvose pamberi nababa vaMugabe neChirongwa chavo cheIndigenisation…My only worry is corruption otherwise this is the best policy the president has come up with since 1980….

    • wezhira wezheve

      chana chekumusha…pane anorambidzwa here kuvhura mabusiness acho? Open your own retail shop, import from china…no one stops you, the foreigners saw a gap in the market and filled it in and we are busy saying pamberi nanhingi..pamberi nanhingi…pasi nanhingi

    • goro

      hapana nezve policy apa let it go to vote , tione ikavhoterwa yedu yavamarket economy kana usiri competitive out

    • reality

      pawakauya wachirunner mashops aya manga muripiko?ndimi vanhu varikutikanganisira nyika,unei chaunoti unodakuita?

    • Mbanda

      You can tell them again. The problem we have is that some of us are half foreigners who just want to complicate things. They are ambassadors to some unknown land and they don’t belong here. Bhora mugedhi naBaba Chatunga.

    • james joseph

      Kusvika maforeigner azoita mabhabha shopu waivepi. Unondiudza kuti unotadzawo kutenga chigero chako wogera vanhu. Kumirira kuvhurirwa tuckshop nemuforena kuti mugotora. Ndanyara fani. Ndanyara sitereki. Marombe evanhu.Iwe mukaranga iwe unosvodesa.

  • nze

    But the results might be very painful.

  • Fainos Kamunda

    Hanzi naTuku kupunza musha wangu hakuvaki wako,the locals should compete with the foreigners,competition is good for business.If the locals offer quality products and service then we will buy from them.If service is poor and prices too high then we will just cross the border and buy from other countries like Botswana and SA.ZBC thought if they are the only ones in broadcasting business then it would force us to watch their programes and pple simply resorted to dstv,I am living in the USA and operating a coffee shop and the US govt didn,t tell me i can,t operate here cause i am a Zimbabwean.

  • ian

    “Government was in the process of identifying indigenous Zimbabweans who would take over ownership of those businesses in the particular sectors” What criteria is being used in selection of the people to take over? This should be carried out in a transparent manner.

    • Cymon Simon

      have you not heard about IDG 06 ….we all witnessed those Govt employees from the Min of Youth in every neighborhood informing and registering people to partake and participate in this programme whilst some of you where busy ignoring and being political……..now you number saying transparent transparent …….people like you how do you even live..???

      • gerro

        Thanx bro too many mbokoz here

    • Sarudzai

      Once the stock is finished, the shops will close and they will be no money in the banks, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Mr Confusion

    Zvoitwa ne ZANU pf ndiwo ma**** emheni chaiwo… Kungorova zvese nezvisina nebasa . Why not concentrate on attracting FDI. Ko chiiko nhai varume. Maka **** that much if you had no clue . Mungadai maka **** zvakadzikamaka . Our future is doomed. You concentrate on trivial issues like Komichi and taking away rights of foreign owned business yet we need FDI and Rome is Burning big time,. Economy ndiyo ichakubayisai big time. Mirai muone.

  • Gibbs

    Nxaa that surely a 2-cents economic strategy. Munopenga here???

  • charles

    To start with it was farms, nothing came out of it, secondly it was grabbing mines and it was zero, nw its barbershops. Last week it was operation destroy illegal structures.oooooh God forbid. Someone has lost touch with reality.the bullets are being mis directed.why pour resources and increase the capacity of industry i.e. ZISCO steel could create 5000+ jobs direct and indirect. With such populist policies no sane company will invest a cent into our economy.i thought parliament was meant to deliberate and craft socio- economic statutes but alas it has just become a play ground for the elderly. Mahumbwe chaiwo.

  • Skyview


  • Zimbo1

    D-Day has come, as much as we appreciate and need these foreign businesses for their efforts in creating employment and boosting the economy, we still have to do things by the book, most of them knew they were benefiting at the expense of locals and now they can reinvest into other sectors in which they are allowed. The government should do thorough screening of people taking over, people with experience and capability to keep the businesses running even better than before, hatidi situatuons dzakazobuda paminda when others given farms had a hole to start with, hatidi kuzoona mas/markets ave matuck-shops mavekushanda munhu 1 chete, also there must be a financing scheme for those interested in taking over.

  • goro

    seriously look at those guys , i dont think even the guys believe in the policy its being shoved down

  • Mbanda

    Where do people go with applications for indigenous certificates? What are the requirements? Who is supposed to benefit if more than half of the Zimbabweans don’t know how to go about in order to obtain such an important document? Let’s be S.M.A.R.T. gentlemen and avoid continued outcries.

  • Rumbi

    This is a good move ,because these foreigners have taken over the small shops and wholesales known as tuckshops downtown and if you want a shop they dont want any Zimbabweans to run kumatuckshops they ask for very high goodwill when you are a Zimbabwean. They are actually trying to elliminate us in our own country.

    • james joseph

      Maforeigner akauya riinhi. Maiva makavata vakaona mukana wekuita mari imi makangoti undundu zuva vhu munyika menyu. Hamuna njere kungwarira kuba zvevamwe. Mukai muvhure njere. Unotadza kutenga chigero chako nhai Rumbi.. Hindava uri dununu kudaro. Hugororo hwezanu huchakupinzai nzara.

      • gerro

        Chienda undovata

    • gotora

      I experienced that myself. I couldn’t get a shop in Harare. It wad tough to get one and if any became available the goodwill was very high. It was at least $5000 and I know someone who paid $50k and this was 3 years ago. I wonder what it’s like now.
      That’s almost like what used to happen to the white farms. A black person coild never buy a farm.The only problem I have with the government is that they don’t take over wisely.

  • hopeful

    “Mr Magosvongwe said Government was in the process of identifying indigenous Zimbabweans who would take over ownership of those businesses in the particular sectors.”

    HOW? pliz select me!!!!!

  • YOWE78

    First thing they failed with those Share ownership schemes…which was just an accounting gimmick Share Based Payments IFRS 2. A scandal involving Brainworks and Kasukuwere on how the shares were valued and how the tender was awarded ikabuda..Anti-corruption was blocked from investigating. Now they are starting this xenophobic attack when a large percentage of the population is outside the country. The simple and most effective way is to collect tax and operating fees from them .ZANU PF is useless

    • Cymon Simon

      Indigenisation is nothing to do with Politics …….Zanu Pf has its issues just like any other political party……..confuse Not politics, politicians,opportunists,corruption ,criticts .and this Policy …..this Policy is nothing to do with all these irregularities …we always had politicians,we always had corruption,we always had critics but this Policy we are just starting to have it……….participate and stop being political

      • YOWE78

        seriously you just typed that indigenisation has nothing to do with politics?? If it has nothing to do with politics why do they not engage professionals into the setting of the policy why hasnt a thorough study been done into the implications of the policy and how best it can be done for the benefit of the people? Get me right I want us as Zimbabweans to have more control of our resources and to participate more in our economy but there is a way of doing things …stop trying to reinvent the wheel and do things like thinking people…The economy has many opportunities for us as zimbo’s why not start by looking for ways to promote our own products so as to reduce imports (that is real indigenisation) kwete kundipa kashop munaRezende and i import things to sell what does that benefit the country???? .. Stop being blinkered and look at the bigger picture “wongorora chikonzero chaita musoro uteme”. All i am saying is that there are more intelligent ways of doing things and so far all i see is just politicians who are leading us into a great disaster

  • Cymon Simon

    All we need to do is simply accept this Policy and start participating, sooner all will realize the benefits of Indigenisation…….yes foreign investors plays a role..but we the Indigenous Zimbabweans plays the bigger and most important role and its everyone ‘s duty to accept and prompt this drive for Empowerment …………Indigenisation is nothing do with Politics in as much some politicians and Political parties embrace it and such political party has its people ‘s interests at heart simply because it prompts Indigenisation regardless its irregularities……..Indigenisation is intentional and its intention is to prompt the betterment of Africans and it starts with us ,with you ,with me ,with the was disadvantaged indigenous because of colonial rule ……………….Indigenisation for Africa and yes it starts here in Zimbabwe ….

    • Cymon Simon

      common sense is not so common to some who say and think colonial rule ended ….if you think and say colonial rule ended then what is sanction???? Who are they to sanction us …..to decide for us ….wake up People ! what is wrong with you? so what ? you would rather have a Malawian operating a barber shop making some ,whilst you look for a piece job o get some ……a Nigerian sell cellular phones whilst you complain they are fake and you call it investment ……..emancipate yourself from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds

    • Malvin

      Simon you really spout a lot of rubbish, you are totally clueless as to his business works. Every day colonialism until when? Did Nigerians ever colonise Zimbabwe, Chinese? Indians? This is a very sad day, every day l am astounded by the policies of the ruling party.

      I am trying to set up a business in Zimbabwe and as a Zimbabwean l get concerned with lack of basic property rights in Zimbabwe, lack of clear thought out policies, no clear energy policy, banking and finance policy.

      Not everyone is cut out to do business it’s a skill set that not every one has, just as farming, banking. Communism, socialism cronyism will never develop an economy.

      What do you mean indigenisation is international? Which countries in the world have restrictions of setting up a tuck shop, a barber shop?

    • james joseph

      Cymon Simon ungabva wati pfungwa hauna apa chirungu chacho unongopwanyanisa. Nyora hako rurimi rwaamai seni. Huuindigenous hwenyu neempowerment yekuti hurumende inopindira kuti uve barber. Shame on you.

  • Zimboy

    These people believe in operations, they let things go out of control until some of us believe its normal and then they heavy handedly react. Residential stands were being allocated haphazardly, vehicles are being driven without registration, kombis have come up new driving rules, shuttle taxis are a new phenomenon, bribes are now the norm, renting out farms, ipsums, gaaias are now operating on the highways, Nigerians and Chinese started operating in restricted sectors, people sell from the street pavements and all of a sudden they have broken laws. Are we supposed to give them grace periods when they are breaking the law. Does their work permits allow them to do what they are doing. When some people there is no rule of law in Zimbabwe you just cant argue against with all these issues.

  • brooke

    who appointed these incompetent fools

    • gerro

      ‘Appointed? ‘

  • funman

    you what to chase away the Chinese when you went to loo them to this country, Gulf complex is full with Chinese and many other shops that had closed at the height of the economic melt down in 2007-2008 will close again and unemployment that you promised will be up again
    I hope you reconsider your move Mr minister because some policies that were put forward by the minister you replaced were meant to destroy the economy that every one is working hard to develop

    • Cymon Simon

      funman when you say everyone is working hard to develop who do you mean exactly You!!!!!!!!!!

    • gerro

      Oh whitey pliz this ain’t he time

  • shungudzemwoyo

    There is nothing wrong with indegenisation. The one thing that is extremely disturbing is the brutal insensitivity with which our government is doing these things.
    I have learned that in this world no wrong goes unpunished and sins eventually catch up with the perpetrator irregardless of who the sinner is.

  • collen

    A good move. thou still haunted by effects of GNU, out of the potential indigenous zimbabweans to be nominated to take these businesses to higher levels may be on the list. we need God to on our eyes that we can see the already lying opportunity. but empowerment funding should move from audio to action.

  • collen

    A good move. thou still haunted by effects of GNU, out of the potential
    indigenous zimbabweans to be nominated to take these businesses to
    higher levels may i be on the list. we need God to open our eyes that we can
    see the already lying opportunity. but empowerment funding should move
    from audio to action.

  • shapiro

    Haiwawo!if the so called indigenous people are not opening up the businesses what will make them open if you cancel foreigners licenses ?and will they be in a position to run the businesses you want them to take over when they don’t have business flair in them which should have seen them opening the shops themselves? don’t reap where you did not sow?

  • DD

    What manner of foolishness is this? If South Africa was to do the same be prepared to receive your millions back home. They are starting a war they cannot win.

  • Bryn

    Mutikwanire “This, he said, was meant to avoid creating shortages when the foreigners leave.” kuita sei kwacho. Competition haina kana kumboipa ndokuti the indegenous people vaproduce qualit products and services. shortages yacho inobvepi. some moves make them considering the generations to come not for your own selffishness interest. nxaaa. some people

  • joe

    why hate someone, because he is a doer and you are a dreamer. the two certainly need each other. notice a trend here now that we chased away the whites we are going after our brother from another mother.talk of pan-africanism. Last time we did that to Mozambicans, Zambians and Malawians we ended up at their door step with a begging bowl. We need to embrace diversity. Spend more time addressing the real issues- how to get up – we’ve been down for too long. Swallow that pride, a little diligence and transparency can also help us here.

  • Vahaji

    The only remedy to the economic challenges we are facing as
    a country is to practice policy consistency and opening up of our economy.
    Opening up of the economy benefited countries like Singapore and China to
    develop their economies to the envy of the whole world. There is no way we are
    going to develop if we always come up with scary policies towards foreign
    investors. China opened up to the world in the 1980s and has managed to bear
    fruits out of the policy; she is almost becoming a world giant. More energy
    should be spent on finding ways to lure the much needed FDI for the
    resuscitation of our local industries. Chasing away foreigners in the retail
    sector is not the key to the problems bedeviling our great nation. If we are on
    position 170 out of 189 on the Doing Business Index, what position are we going
    to occupy after this threat to the retail sector is implemented? Its time for
    our leaders to make U-turns on some of the policies. Yeah!!!!!!

  • Vahaji

    Join the discuss

    The only remedy to the economic challenges we are facing as
    a country is to practice policy consistency and opening up of our economy.
    Opening up of the economy benefited countries like Singapore and China to
    develop their economies to the envy of the whole world. There is no way we are
    going to develop if we always come up with scary policies towards foreign
    investors. China opened up to the world in the 1980s and has managed to bear
    fruits out of the policy; she is almost becoming a world giant. More energy
    should be spent on finding ways to lure the much needed FDI for the
    resuscitation of our local industries. Chasing away foreigners in the retail
    sector is not the key to the problems bedeviling our great nation. If we are on
    position 170 out of 189 on the Doing Business Index, what position are we going
    to occupy after this threat to the retail sector is implemented? Its time for
    our leaders to make U-turns on some of the policies. Yeah!!!!!!

  • steve biko

    The only remedy to the economic challenges we are facing as
    a country is to practice policy consistency and opening up of our economy.
    Opening up of the economy benefited countries like Singapore and China to
    develop their economies to the envy of the whole world. There is no way we are
    going to develop if we always come up with scary policies towards foreign
    investors. China opened up to the world in the 1980s and has managed to bear
    fruits out of the policy; she is almost becoming a world giant. More energy
    should be spent on finding ways to lure the much needed FDI for the
    resuscitation of our local industries. Chasing away foreigners in the retail
    sector is not the key to the problems bedeviling our great nation. If we are on
    position 170 out of 189 on the Doing Business Index, what position are we going
    to occupy after this threat to the retail sector is implemented? Its time for
    our leaders to make U-turns on some of the policies. Yeah!!!!!!

  • Tefo Metsing

    Choppies retail chain stores plans to invest in Zim, so should we shelve our plans?

  • rukudzo

    It is my hope that as we consider fellow blacks to be foreigners, we realise that a lot of black Africans helped us in our quest for independence. The Nigerians, the Mozambican, the Zambians, the Ethiopians, the Tanzanians etc. At no time should a Zimbabwean worthy his salt consider those people who helped us to be foreigners. We should not behave like some of our brothers who have forgotten that a great many black Africans helped us, and should therefore be with us to enjoy the fruits of our independence. I hope Mr Editor will allow my contribution on this because it is dear to me.


    Since the government can’t make any good moves for us to create jobs or improve standard of living. They have decided to make us LAUGH at them by making such policies. God!!! Give them some brains. 90% unemployment during your ruling in our country. We don’t have our own currency, corruption, rapes, flying crime rate, no foreign investment. I think all these ministers are getting their cuts from our neighboring countries as they are promoting them by making such funny policies. The world has started laughing at as due to your circus. Wake up!!,

  • Tadzembwa Mushavi

    This is a good policy loot foreign investments again. We all know where you can by here clippers, artificial hair, shampoos etc. Why do we need to close a salon run by a Nigerian or Cameroonian and put somebody who never run a salon. There many shops looking for clients in all towns and cities. Why not those Zimbabwean who think they can make it do open their own shops. Taking a China Man’s shop with blankets does not mean the shop will continue to run. Do you think comrade will think of going to China or to Johannesburg’s China City to order those blankets?
    Lets not forget that Zimbabwe has the largest number of its citizen doing salons flair markets in the region. We have buses going DRC, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa. Do you think these people are going as tourists?-No they are doing the same thing you are trying to ban in Zimbabwe. Remember the Cross border Association you we supporting. As much as we have African and Asian foreigners doing business in Zim, we also have a lot of Zim people doing the same business activities in other countries.
    Dont cry retribution when your citizens are being victimized in other countries. We complained when our citizens were whipped for selling illegally in Botswana, but as a country which passed through liberation struggle, our memory is fading fast. Taking a Somali shop and given it kuvazukuru vedu does not solve our economic challenges. We need to just to think straight-allow those with money to bring it to the country. What we need to do is to make sure we broaden our revenue collection system. All business operators whether salons should have tax numbers and they should remit their taxes when they are due. Allow foreigners to invest in stead of chasing them away. Its up to the ruling class but all is regrettable!

  • gerro

    I think what some. people are failing to realize.is that these foreigners, esp Indians do not avail their their profits to our coutry’s supply side. They create liquidity deficits that renders them the winners.Their lack of participation in economic acitivies is thus not beneficial to us, it lives a winner.takes it all scenarioto to their benefit. An Idi Amini style of pack and go now, approach is not advisable nor is it feasible. For those worried about them creating employment..take time to visit these wholesalers and see the way they treat their native employees (servants is more appropriate) never mind the pittance they pay them

  • American

    The time has come to revisit Dr Claude Anderson lecture on youtube :Why black america is in deep economic trouble.There are important lessons to learn about black america and the importance of owning and running businesses in your own land.Case in point,the city of Detroit is now bankrupt because of the almost nonexistent black participation in business ownership.A Black majority city that saw foreigners from India,the Middle East,China and others invading the black communities and sucking them dry leaving massive black unemployment,broken infrastructure,a collapse real estate market and broken dreams.This happens when black people fail to see the importance of owning and controlling their own businesses and keeping foreigners out of these critical sectors.Zimbabweans must not and should not be ashamed to support this policy. It is exactly the same policy in India,China,the Eu,the US the Middle East and elsewhere where ownership of businesses are in the hands of the the people of the respective countries.

  • American

    This policy is not about protectionism.It is simply commonsense.

  • gerro

    Foreigners are merchants of doom and gloom, they don’t avail their profits to our financial sector thus creating a liquidity quagmire to the host country..

  • chambwe

    This is wrong, wrong, wrong, varume—- remember we also operate businesses in other people’s countries—this is an idea driven by jealous—typical Zimbabwean attitude.

  • A K

    This is taking now Zimbabwe to the grave. The same ministers used to come at my door step to beg for Milimeali…During the hard time they sent officers to beg for food as my shop was only the one open during that time now that foreigners will not be there, looting will be the next thing to come in their mind.
    Please revert your policies and let Zimbabwe prosper.

  • patriot

    why should we get the crumbs, we want big business, which seems to go to the Chinese, well that’s the pecerption,sometimes we are our own enermy,the government should do more to open up big business to us,open up government so its easier to access some these sectors, as an engineer I work in 191 countries world wide,i don’t want to come home and take over someone’s business, open a barbershop or sell tomatoes. Instead of crying foul play from the west maybe its time we create new markets, china is a good example the west had to go to china cap in hand for their business. Its very frustrating that we as Zimbabweans don’t get a look in,you can not get your foot in the at all,the country needs new ideas which we have, the gov just needs to tap into

  • http://www.gahe.co/ Gahe

    I definitely bookmark this page and share it with your friends, hopefully will be useful to them.

  • Farai

    So what sector isn’t reserved?

  • Kang Guot

    I think , what is needed in Zimbabwe now is not total Banning of foreigners traders such that they Should not runs any kinds of small business in Zimbabwe , but to insert the laws that will help and regulated such a kind of business being runs by foreigners and Zimbabwean too, because they foreigners running business in the country are contributing to the Zimbabwean Economics growth if they do pays Taxation on regular basis.

  • Raphael

    There is an article that I have just read in the Herald which is titled ‘Xenophobia Rears Ugly head in SA’ This one should also have a title ‘Xenophobia rears its ugly head in Zimbabwe’. Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

  • gerro

    Indians keep their money in their closests creating a dent in the money circulation thus resulting in the liquidity quagmire that we are witnessing. They don’t care about their host country’s ecomomic woes so they may as well be.dearly departed there won’t be any love lost..plus the way they treat their workers is deplorable never mind the pittance wages they pay them..

  • Canuck

    Look no further than East Africa in the 70s when a similar initiative was implemented
    by General Amin. While your Government & their supporters may derive some ‘short term’ feel-good, the impact of this decision will have a far reaching long lasting negative affect on your economy & a large part of your population.
    Many of us who live overseas (in my case Canada) and closely watch the situation in Zimbabwe, we wish you nothing but to see a thriving, democratic, peaceful, stable environment in Zimbabwe that benefits the majority of its citizens. Your country’s potential to provide leadership to the rest of Africa is second to none.
    What a shame!

  • LookMoo

    This is what happens if you try to run a country without competent people on key positions (White and South Asians).

  • another bear

    Foreign investment clearly not being sought for in this country.

  • gerro

    Shame stereki