2 more Airzim bosses arrested

Innocent Mavhunga

Innocent Mavhunga

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
Suspended Air Zimbabwe (Private) Limited chief executive Innocent Mavhunga (53) and his predecessor Peter Chikumba have been arrested on fraud allegations. On Wednesday, company secretary Grace Nyaradzo Pfumbidzayi (48) was also arrested on similar charges.Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday confirmed the arrests, saying they were in possession of six reports detailing alleged fraud at Airzim.

Sources told The Herald that the reports pertain to procurement, maintenance of aircraft and insurance, among others.
Potential total prejudice runs into millions of US dollars.

“The ZRP would like to confirm that Peter Chikumba and Innocent Mavhunga have been arrested in connection with the ongoing investigations into the Air Zimbabwe (Private) Limited fraud case.

“Chikumba, a former chief executive of Air Zimbabwe from September 2007 to December 2010, and Innocent Mavhunga, the suspended chief executive, are Grace Nyaradzo Pfumbidzayi’s accomplices in the fraud case,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba said.

Pfumbidzayi was arrested on Wednesday on six counts of fraud and one of criminal abuse of duty as a public officer for allegedly swindling the airline of more than €5 895 695 and US$1 298 827.

The three are assisting police with investigations and will appear in court once these are concluded.
In apparent reference to reports that police were dragging their feet on investigating corruption in public offices, Snr Asst Comm Charamba said: “The ZRP would like to put it on record that investigations are first conducted before picking up any suspects for prosecution.

“In the case of Air Zimbabwe, a report was made on January 3, 2014 with no forensic audit report available.
“When the report was later supplied, police had to expertly sift through and analyse six voluminous reports to establish a prima facie case against the accused.”

Peter Chikumba

Peter Chikumba

She said police were fully aware of their constitutional mandate and would not hesitate to arrest anyone who commits a crime.
“Inasmuch as we are all concerned with the Air Zimbabwe fraud case, police are appealing to the public and any interested parties to co-operate and allow the ongoing investigations to proceed smoothly,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba added.

Pfumbidzayi was accused of fraud in an audit report compiled by BCA Forensic Auditors last year.
The report recommended Pfumbidzayi’s arrest together with Mavhunga, human resources manager Oswald Madziwa, finance, administration manager Patience Tichagwa and strategy and economics boss Norbert Machingauta.

Acting general manager Nicholas Mujere, former finance and corporate services manager Oswell Matore, as well as Givemore Nderere (Navistar Insurance Brokers managing director), Vukile Hlupo (Navistar director) and Orton Mawire (Navistar finance director and company secretary) were also fingered.

Pfumbidzayi’s arrest came barely a week after the airline’s disciplinary tribunal, chaired by Harare lawyer Mr Wellington Pasipanodya of Manase and Manase, found her guilty of fraud and acting contrary to her contract of employment.

It was established that she played a pivotal role in facilitating that the airline pay inflated amounts to Navistar between 2009 and 2013, resulting in the airline losing €4 461 672.

According to the report, Pfumbidzayi also appointed Navistar as Airzim’s aviation insurance brokers on March 18, 2009 without following procedures prescribed by law and company policy.

In addition, she authorised payment of a fraudulent invoice valued at US$142 300 from Navistar, thereby prejudicing the already struggling airline.

Pfumbidzayi — according to the papers — was part of a fraudulent transaction that saw her authorising debit notes from Navistar amounting to US$1 062 370,52 for aviation insurance cover for two A320 airbuses from November 2011 to April 3, 2012.
But auditors found that the airbuses in question had not yet been bought and that they were only received in January and July                2012.

She was also found to be part of a fraudulent transaction in which €713 921,04 was released by the airline to pay insurance cover for three MA60 aircraft to Navistar when the planes were already covered by Colemont Insurance Brokers’ debit notes.
Mr Mavhunga is accused of theft and fraud involving US$11 460 448.

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  • joemuda

    That’s 3 airzim looters in the cage, and counting….

    • Mai D

      Gore rino tichanzwirira.


    ZANU PF administration walks the talk… Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta!

    • gabriel

      iwe Bantu hazvibatsire kusunga tumaLightweights iwo vanhu chaiwo vanoba dzemuwando pasina zvavanoitwa unoti kumaDiamonds kwabiwa mari shoma here. Kuzoti Chombo haa hatitaure .Sungai varikumusoro first vavanemakore vachiba kwete ava vatanga ikokozvino

    • UM pensioner

      Cry the beloved airline!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madhisinyongoro

    Comrades lets go after the managers at Air Zim because they could cause our leader to fail to travel overseas for holidays and medical check ups. The looters at ZBC, ZESA, Mines Ministry etc can be left alone as our Commander in Chief doesnt need their services.

    • Bla Sidza

      Then there will be no power at the airport when he tries to land, and ZBC will fail to cover his 21st February birthday. Think before you write something iwe Madhisinyongoro.

      • chatunga

        kupiko wagona hako iwe sense of humour makaisepi

    • Jotham

      Kuchema kwengwena pafa n’ombe. You are very sarcastic. Unoita zinoirema mumoyo mako waktsamwa. Moyo wakaora.

  • zvakwana

    hamheno kuti mari yacho ichavanakira here varume vachirara vachikangwa kumanyowa nevamwe varume kuChikurubi, remember Kuruneri. Nxaa

  • Mimi

    Now ZANU (PF) is walking the talk and acting the way they were supposed to have done eversince God knows when. Senior Asst Commissioner Charamba would do well to keep her comments to herself. Zimbabweans are not foolish to believe that the ZRP Police investigations coincidentally have been finished at the same time of the unraveling of the information that Police were warned about the goings on at Air Zimbabwe long ago. Just act queitly and aim never to try and cover up for cases next time, hoping that there are not going to be other cases of this nature to be brought out in the open. These looters thought they were clever and could get away with murder. It is sad to realize that whilst civil servants are sacrificing their hearts out to work for peanuts in government, some goons have been making a killing all along. Let the game continue.

    • Ziziharinanyanga

      Selective application of law. Why are others like Chombo, Cashbert Dube not arrested?

    • Taedza J

      I totally agree with you Mimi, the Sen Asst Commissioner Charamba should just shut (the hell) up because we all know that she is not telling the truth when she says the police investigate first & make arrest latter! We all know that so many people have been arrested by the Matemas & Dowas from Law & Order just on suspicions on a late Friday kept in custody even before investigations start…those cases are just too numerous to mention. This case exposes the ZRP more than the suspects themselves!

  • Hemp

    Operation Clean-up Corruption (Murambatsvina) Part 3 is officially underway.

  • Chilo

    No point to arrest only the foot soldiers, we want to see the responsible ministers also being arrested. If they didn`t know what was going on, it is neglect ,fire them if they knew, they are also accomplices, they must be arrested as well.

  • achimwene

    ko Chikumba uyo handiti ndiye CEO we wekuchechi kwedu here ? ku Celebration Centre ..inga haatyi Mwari anga akahwanda ne church makore ese aya ..ndofunga mari dze church ma tithe dzakatobiwa futi..cde Chihuri pamberi nebasa.

    • Watchman

      Check on how clean Obert Mpofu is. From rags to riches, how come he owns 1/4 of Victoria Falls and Allied Bank? Where did he get the money. Kick back fom mines where he in all diamond mines he filled with people from Umguza. Now he want transport entities to be filled with people from Mat.

      • Chris Okochuku

        Is there anything wrong with people from Umguza or Mat. whatever getting their share of the ‘come eat’ bread crumbs? It sounds like tribalism to audit people’s home origins at work-places, especially when they happen to be from the other side of the mountain…. Back to the arrests; who is next?

        • 2Bhobho

          nothing is wrong with tribes but note Watchman clearly put it as “fill” meaning there is no equality here… HR audit are permissible when things like this happen.. filling one company with people from same area.. that point corruption in the form of nepotism…..

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Guys. It is true that we have to fight corruption but lets not loose sight of some issues that I think require prompt action. We need to resolve the issue of e-blending. To put the matter into perspective this Air Zimbabwe case is USD10million dollar prejudice. In fact the prejudice could turn out to be less than USD2 million. The E10 blending scandal would make this scandal look like a mickey mouse game in that whereas the import bill is reduced by USD9 million monthly the total cost to the economy in terms of lost mileages alone is estimated to be close to USD21 million monthly and to think that this does not include repair costs and other inefficiences that come with a low octane fuel the costs could be close to USD300 million annually. In these calculations I have not factored in the pricing disparity. Ethanol is being sold for USD0.60 by Tongaat Hullet for export yet we are buying it at USD0.095 per litres from Green Fuels. To get an idea of the cost you multiply the difference of USD0.35 by the number of litres supplied by green fuel annually. Unfortunately I do not have the figures at the moment. This is by far a huge matter that requires urgent attention as it has huge economic effects that are ranked amongst the SMM saga that brought down a billion dollar asbetors mining industry or the Zisco Steel saga that left us with no capacity to make steel.

    • zolani banda

      nosense green fuel creates jobs ,electricty, revenues, saving foreign currency ,and will probably start exporting and you complain??? these corruption guys are just stealing money which could be used for services this is the most crucial thing that must e dealt with

  • Popiro

    some animals are more equal than others……

    No one will go to jail for fraud if the money was shared with ‘me”.

  • steve

    what happened to jonathan kadzura during his term there?

  • max

    Peter Chikumba ane gonyet redzungu but Innocent Mavunga is steady.

  • Mudakureva Zvazviri

    guys Chikumba is the chief of all looters just google the guy and you get an insight

  • macharangwanda

    Thanks for the diligent work. What about the OBSCENE SALARIES IN ZNA? Surely someone earning $10 000/month, a figure no single civil servant will make in A YEAR but GENERAL MAKING IT IN A MONTH!!! What is the truth Mr Editor, get to that uncharted area. Burden to the fiscus definitely

  • tapera

    hello were is can somebody tell us how much are zimra,netone,telone,arda,zinwa,zinara,rbz governer,national railways,posb,dairyboard,timb,zmdc,all local boards,town coucils and city councils,and i think as a citizens we should also know the ministers benefits together with the generals` for leading in transparence and a corruption free zimbabwe.pasi nekuprotector macrock.

  • tapera

    can we get an answer/explanation why are auditing firms which were involved with all these corupt officers/organisations not getting arrested or being published together with their fellow culprits that we know which auditing firms are clean and of cause the unproffessional should have their licences canncelled or suspended.

    • zimbabwe

      Tapera, you are very intelligent bro. Excellent contribution, nothing to add or subtract.

  • Batai Manzwi

    There is too much rot in Zim,just about everyone in purchasing is enriching himself/herself one way or the other.I had it on good authority that even donor funds that are channeled through church organisations are being abused by a privileged few.One good example are the Catholics through their health department where a known lady and gentleman amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars through the manipulation of invoices and connivance with dubious suppliers.No forensic audit was carried out and you wonder whether the authorities that be are part of the scam or not.

  • Sandton Mayor

    Baba Jukwa vakataura kare vakati gadzirai space ku chikurubhi wani, vaiziva maths idzi kuti dzichaitika irrespective of the election outcome!

  • farai

    ndoinofanirwa kuita chimurenga 3, Hondo necorruption, before Hondo yeminda

  • zimbabwe

    You did not disclose their monthly salaries and benefits.

  • xjap

    They should go to ZIMRA as well.

  • Sammy

    Batai vanhu, munoda kungonyanya kusimbirira vanhu vechechi

  • wasu pawatsomba nge nyakatsapa

    batai vanhu ndapota,

  • Conny Mavugara

    Too little too late. Fraying matenba ma base nema bream aripo. We will not have it

  • Conny Mavugara

    Madam Charamba, when does zrp choose to investigate to arrest and arrest to investigate

  • elizabeth

    Chikuma has always been a crook and I have known him for at least 30 years and he was on the fiddle all the time – ask the Mukiwa staff at Gatwick