$176m for civil servants bonuses

Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa presents his 2018 National Budget proposals in Parliament yesterday

Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa presents his 2018 National Budget proposals in Parliament yesterday

Livingstone Marufu Business Reporter
Government has set aside $176 million to pay civil servants their annual bonuses, Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa announced yesterday.

Presenting his 2018 National Budget proposals, Minister Chinamasa said bonuses were part of civil servants’ salaries, hence they should be paid.

He said he was working on ways to grow the economy and cut civil service budget to sustainable levels.

Minister Chinamasa said: “A provision of $176 million has been set aside for the payment of the 2017 13th cheque awards.

“Treasury will, therefore, honour the commitment already made to pay the 2017 13th cheque, but in a staggered manner.

“The bonus is part and parcel of the wage bill. It consumed between 90 and 92 percent of revenues, but an array of measures are put in place to address the situation.”

Civil servants would start receiving their bonuses next year in February on a staggered basis due to cash shortages.

Minister Chinamasa said Government was trying to reduce the wage bill through the rationalisation of civil servants jobs and abolition of some posts.

He said Government will rationalise, redeploy, retrain to achieve efficiencies in the administration of the civil service in order to create savings.

Minister Chinamasa said the only way to effectively increase the country’s revenue base was for Government to grow the economy.

Government staggered payment of 2016 bonuses because of resource challenges, but all the workers received the 13th cheque by July this year.

Initially, Government had envisaged to pay the last batch in August.

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  • Ray Mbada

    If bonus is part of their salaries, then staggering it’s payment being forced on them is robbery. We should do our best and move out of this cry-baby zone where every possible achievement is delayed under this “ZVINHU ZVAKAWOMA” national anthem.

    • Ninety Two

      Interested to hear what suggestions you could give to the minister to achieve this. Balancing the budget is a tough job.

      • Vhomoto

        Minister must harness all misdirected revenue from all performing national assets, Chiadzwa for starters, provide an effective framework for revenue collection (too much leakage of revenue at border posts for instance). Zimbabwean economy is SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) driven but there is no tax revenue captured from there. Same as agriculture which is in the hands of Zanu PF councillors, who do not pay a dime to the fiscus through taxes but milk some of the strategic SOEs like ZESA through non payment of rates,

    • chinos

      This is not bonus. It is a 13th cheque that is one’s annual salary recalculated so that it is in equal 13 portions to allow one to get a lump sum at the end of the year. In the private sector one is also allowed to request to receive it monthly. Bonus is extra money that one is paid for excellence and high performance. Its not guaranteed and is a favor that cannot be demanded. Our government finds itself in financial crisis because we are afraid to tax our economic activities but rather go for those in the periphery. Government should look at taxing all our productive sectors without fear or favor. Our farming activity should be taxed. I propose that government taxes farming land according to potential of that land ie quality of the land and size. For example those with land in Mazowe should be taxed more those in the Zambezi valley.Those that fail to pay for the taxes should be removed from the farms and allow in those willing to perform. Mining should be same. That will remove our government from the broke status it finds itself in. Mashefu anoshandisa state resources for nothing should be a thing of the past that belong to the Mugabe era who stole from the populace to deposit our national treasures everywhere in the world only to find out that (east west home is best). Is it not the same as stealing from one’s left pocket and depositing it in right one. Having police on the road to collect taxes will only produce resentment.

      • Vhomoto

        Wati roveyi dede apa

    • Bhuka

      Remove all ghost workers from the payrole immediately and pay the deserving civil servants.

  • Shaolin Kung-fu Master


  • Mungandidii

    Whilst it might make some sense to reduce the number of civil servants because of cash challenges we need to realise that we have been doing this since ESAP but we never got the desired results. More than anything else, the focus should be to increase revenue and you will realise that the government is actually understaffed. You rarely get to a government department and get served in half an hour and that is a lot of time lost. Whilst the current staff quota needs to be looked at and make some changes, we will not make any progress until we grow our cake.

  • yowe

    Apa handisi kupanzwisisa…kana pasina mari hapana why is civil service bonus mandatory?? That 176 million could be put to better use for the nation.Hameno its a sticky one

    • Diago

      Low salaries being given to civil servants justifies the bonus, let them get it, mind you its once a year so what is your problem, it will also be taxed, thus increasing the revenue collected by the taxman.

      • yowe

        What do u mean what is my problem…Government does not have the money.Increasing the budget deficit and creating fake RTGS money affects me and you!! I am not aganist people getting paid NO!! Some people actually deserve the money …

    • Trex1

      Two reasons. 1. The bonus was already promised. A Gvt that does not stick to its promises loses credibility. 2. Its election season. ED does not want to rock the boat by dissatisfying potential voters.

  • Bvunzai

    But how are you going to increase the revenue Hon Finance Minister – you actually did not say – you only gave us actions to cut back!

  • James Bhora

    The phrase Civil Servants is derogatory and must now be replaced with Government Employees