13 perish in holiday accidents

Snr Asst Comm Charamba

Snr Asst Comm Charamba

Crime Reporter

THIRTEEN people were killed, while 67 others were injured in 101 road traffic accidents that were recorded countrywide during the just-ended Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day holidays. Eight of the accidents were fatal. During the period under review, police impounded 134 defective vehicles and issued 8 377 tickets to motorists for committing various offences.During the corresponding period last year, 13 people were killed, while 51 others were injured in 123 road accidents.

A total of 209 unroadworthy vehicles were impounded, while police issued 10 805 tickets to motorists last year.

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Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba attributed this year’s accidents to speeding, lack of judgment, reversing errors and failure to give way.

“Motorists should be cautious when driving in built-up areas, especially residential, farming and major highways.

“Driving is an art and requires skills which should contribute towards safeguarding of lives on the roads. Of late, police have recorded cases of motorists speeding, where they end up losing control and killing pedestrians trying to cross the road or standing at bus stops.”

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said motorists were also failing to give way on approaching junctions or intersections.

“Police are urging drivers to be responsible and contribute towards the safety of all travellers on the road.

“The ZRP will ensure that the law takes its course on errant drivers who are recklessly causing road accidents,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba said.

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  • Ziziharinanyanga

    No need for Charamba to put a smile on her face when there is loss of life.

    • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

      Was just worried about the same ….zanu kufarira nhamo.sooka

  • shiku

    SORRY to those who lost their loved ones. Herald thank you for attaching a respectable picture for the face of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Ms Charamba.

  • Chihuta vs Bond

    nice make-up

  • Moyo

    But surely and with all due respects do we need the police spokesperson pictures , beautiful as it maybe every time when ZRP issues/ police reports come up

    • Hleki

      Its coincidental that Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba is beautiful. She had to give the statistics so that we can see if driving is improving in our country. However, she only attributed the lose of life to human error. She must should have also given us the number of fatalities caused by government error due to poor roads and pot holes.

      People are paying hard cash at the toll gates but that money is used for something else like paying civil servants. Road access fee paid at the borders is also misused. Should we call this road access fee or pot hole access feel.

      Where is Geshem Pasi with our money? If people steal public funds they are not arrested because even the top brass in government do so. They are covering for one another. Pasi nehumbavha!!!!!! Baba na mai mumba vanotsiura vana kana ivo vakachena pahunhu wavo. Imbavha dzepa musha dzasangana seri kwemva dzakabata nyama yabiwa mu kitchen.

  • Fred Moyo


  • Mukanya

    Sad indeed all this news about the loss of life. May their souls rest in eternal peace.
    About Charamba I think even the editor is fascinated by her. She is indeed a gorgeous lady who takes good care of her looks. No doubt about that!!!

  • josefa chinotimba

    Apa Charity wakabuda zvako.Ende wanga wakanaka.Ndianiko akakutorai this picture anogona zvake.

    You look so beautiful wena.

  • jojo

    we have roadblocks on every stretch of our roads and one wonders what they are for as road accidents are on the increase and not declining